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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-60047-232-9Ludwik KowalskiHELL ON EARTH: Brutality and Violence Under The Stalinist Regime
2009978-1-60047-273-2Sol TetelbaumThe Door Slammed in Ladispoli: Unknown Pages of the Soviet Immigration to America
  ''978-1-60047-302-9Michael ScottLords of Lawndale
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2018978-1-60047-487-3Niccolo MachiavelliThe Prince
2011978-1-60047-542-9Stephan Kurr007 on the Rocks: A Guide to the Drinks of James Bond
2011978-1-60047-543-6Stephan Kurr007 on the Rocks: A Guide to the Drinks of James Bond
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2013978-1-60047-909-0Kathryn BurnhamFinding Christ in Cancer: A Guidebook and Devotional