Teach Me Tapes

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-59972-060-9Anna Maria MahoneyFeliz Navidad: Learning Songs and Traditions in Spanish (Teach Me) (Book & Audio CD) (Teach Me) (Spanish Edition) (Spanish and English Edition)
2007978-1-59972-063-0Linda RauenhorstFrohliche Weihnachten: Learning Songs & Traditions in German Book & Audio CD (Teach Me) (Teach Me Series) (German and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-067-8Sophia RossiBuon Natale: Learning Songs & Traditions in Italian (Christmas) Teach Me Tapes (Italian and English Edition)
2008978-1-59972-101-9Judy MahoneyTeach Me Everyday French (English and French Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-102-6   ''Teach Me Everyday Spanish (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-103-3   ''Teach Me Everyday German (Teach Me Series) (English and German Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-104-0   ''Teach Me Everyday Japanese (Teach Me Series) (English and Japanese Edition)
2009978-1-59972-105-7   ''Teach Me Everyday Hebrew: 1 (Teach Me Series) (Hebrew and English Edition)
2008978-1-59972-106-4Judy MahoneyTeach Me Everyday Russian: 1 (English and Russian Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-107-1   ''Teach Me Everyday Italian (English and Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-109-5   ''Teach Me Everyday Chinese (Teach Me Series) (Chinese and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-110-1   ''Teach Me Everyday Korean (English and Korean Edition)
2009978-1-59972-201-6   ''Teach Me Everyday French Volume 2 - Celebrating the Seasons (French Edition) (Teach Me Everyday Language) (French and English Edition)
2010978-1-59972-203-0Judy MahoneyTeach Me Everyday German: Celebrating the Seasons (German and English Edition)
2009978-1-59972-601-4   ''Teach Me French & More French, Bind Up Edition (French Edition) (Teach Me Series) (French and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-602-1   ''Teach Me Spanish & More Spanish, Bind Up Edition (Spanish and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-604-5   ''Teach Me Japanese & More Japanese, Bind Up Edition (Japanese Edition) (Japanese and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-606-9   ''Teach Me Russian & More Russian, Bind Up Edition (Teach Me) (Russian and English Edition)
2009978-1-59972-609-0Judy MahoneyTeach Me Chinese & More Chinese (Mandarin), Bind Up Edition (Chinese Edition) (Teach Me Series) (Chinese and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59972-610-6   ''Teach Me Korean & More Korean, Bind Up Edition (Korean Edition) (Teach Me) (Korean and English Edition)
2007978-1-59972-907-7Teach Me TapesTeach Me Buon Natale CD (English and Italian Edition)