year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-59971-022-8Josh ShippStraight Jacket (Empower Films)
  ''978-1-59971-023-5Cleaves M. BennettIn 12 weeks You Can Control Your High Blood Pressure Without Drugs
  ''978-1-59971-218-5Mario TestinoOut of Fashion
  ''978-1-59971-252-9Linda Abbott TrappOrnamental Plants and Flowers of Tropical Mexico
  ''978-1-59971-274-1Wil SchroterGo BIG or Go HOME
2005978-1-59971-293-2Laura MansfieldInshallah: My Journey Into the World of Islam, and My Escape
2006978-1-59971-298-7Joel HarrisBreakthrough Dental Marketing
2006978-1-59971-340-3Travis JeppesenPoems I Wrote While Watching Tv
2005978-1-59971-341-0Water Well Drilling Troubleshooting Guide (
  ''978-1-59971-342-7Portable Water Well Drilling Rig Plans Book (
2006978-1-59971-362-5Java WeathersbyCrazy Men Can Make You Do Crazy Things
2004978-1-59971-383-0Marc PollardIn Small Doses: A Memoir About Accepting and Living with Bipolar Disorder
2006978-1-59971-404-2Shaahin CheyeneSalvia Divinorum: Shamanic Plant Medicine
  ''978-1-59971-456-1Keri GlassmanThe Sardine Diet
  ''978-1-59971-535-3Zach KeyerReiki Marketing: Step By Step Marketing for Your Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki Classes, and Reiki Workshops
  ''978-1-59971-560-5Marie KliewerBlessings in Your Name: The Book Is All about You! (Women)
2006978-1-59971-628-2Mike GearyThe Truth about Six Pack Abs
  ''978-1-59971-646-6Caroline Klebl2007 Ashtanga Yoga Calendar
  ''978-1-59971-690-9Scavman PoesyAbusing Eminent Domain: Homeowner's and Property Owner's Rights Unlawfully Lost to Banks and Associates, M-O-N-E-Y is the Judge in Court(s)
2007978-1-59971-736-4Shubha B. SubbaraoHindu Wedding Rituals - Symbolism and Significance
2006978-1-59971-758-6R. PrinceHow to Roll a Blunt for Dummies!
  ''978-1-59971-848-4Rainer Maria RilkeRoses & Windows: Selected French Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke (English and French Edition)
2000978-1-59971-909-2Ray HaywardTai Chi Chuan: Lessons with Master T.T. Liang
2003978-1-59971-910-8VariousString of Pearls
2006978-1-59971-939-9Cap'n Bartholomew Roberts via V'leOnica RobertsThe True & Complete Memoirs of Pirate Captain Bartholomew Roberts aka Black Bart
  ''978-1-59971-963-4Paul DonoghueFred Dibnah: A Much-loved Steeplejack
2006978-1-59971-999-3Rachel CecereCeltic Knotwork and Other Designs for Stained Glass

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