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2006978-1-59932-011-3Keith AyersEngagement Is Not Enough
2007978-1-59932-012-0Les BrownUp Thoughts for Down Times: Encouraging Words for Getting Through Life
  ''978-1-59932-030-4Rick SessinghausGolf: The Ultimate Mind Game
2006978-1-59932-031-1Tom JenkinsWhen a Child Struggles in School: Everything Parents + Educators Should Know about Getting Children the Help They Need
2007978-1-59932-032-8Allyson TomkinsExperiencing Joy
  ''978-1-59932-033-5Miles KiersonThe Transformational Power of Executive Team Allignmen
  ''978-1-59932-035-9Bob Ingram · Bruce VogtMarketing by Delight
  ''978-1-59932-037-3Cathy NewtonLiving in Full Swing: Enjoy the Thrill of a New Life Mindset, Get the Most Out of Your Relationships, Go Ahead...You Can Risk It!
2007978-1-59932-049-6Val GokenbachTap Dancing Through Life
2008978-1-59932-071-7David BenzelFrom Chump to Champ Workbook: The Workbook for How Individuals Go from Good to Great
  ''978-1-59932-081-6Craig BallantyneJust Say No to Cardio: Burn Belly Fat in Half the Time Using Research Proven Turbulence Training
  ''978-1-59932-082-3J W Dicks Esq. · Nick NantonCelebrity Branding You: A Revolutionary System for Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Become the Go-To-Expert, Dominate Your Field and Eliminate the Competition
  ''978-1-59932-094-6Karen PhelpsUltimate Guide to Direct Selling: Simple Ideas to Increase Sales and Recruiting
2009978-1-59932-096-0Scott TuckerMarketing for Mortgage Brokers: A How-To on Trackable Direct Response Marketing Systems
  ''978-1-59932-107-3Nick Nanton · JW Dicks · America’s PremierExperts · Nigel WorrallBig Ideas for Your Business
2009978-1-59932-109-7Dan KennedyMy Unfinished Business
  ''978-1-59932-110-3Dan KennedySecrets of Peak Performers: Wealth Creating Strategies for the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs
  ''978-1-59932-136-3Dan Kennedy · Bill Glazer · Lee Milteer · Marlene GreenSecrets of Peak Performers (Wealth Creating Strategies from the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs)
  ''978-1-59932-137-0Bill Glazer · Lee Milteer · Dan S. KennedySecrets of Peak Performers
2010978-1-59932-149-3Jennifer Nicole LeeThe Mind, Body & Soul Diet: Your Complete Transformational Guide to Health, Healing & Happiness
2009978-1-59932-161-5Linda FranklinDon't Ever Call Me Ma'am: The Real Cougar Woman Handbook
2010978-1-59932-178-3Jennifer Nicole LeeThe Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet: JNL's Super Fitness Model Secrets To A Sexy, Strong, Sleek Physique
  ''978-1-59932-205-6Brian T EvansHow To Make Money In Your Local Real Estate Market: Start Investing Without Money, Credit or Experience
2010978-1-59932-210-0Pat Williams · Tommy FordBear Bryant On Leadership: Life Lessons from a Six-Time National Championship Coach
  ''978-1-59932-220-9James BillmaierJOLT!: The Impending Dominance Of The Electric Car And Why America Must Take Charge
2012978-1-59932-224-7Jennifer Nicole LeeThe Jennifer Nicole Lee Fun Fit Foodie Cookbook: JNL's Secret Super Fitness Model Fat Blasting & Muscle Fueling Recipes
2011978-1-59932-259-9Matt Zagula · Dan S. KennedyCreating Trust: In An Understandably Un-Trusting World
2012978-1-59932-286-5Tonya ShadoanDon't Let The Blonde Hair Fool You: From Status Quo to Here We Go: A Womanpreneur's Guide To Finding Purpose & Passion
  ''978-1-59932-305-3Jim BlackHappily Ever After: Retirement doesn't have to be just a fairytale
2013978-1-59932-317-6Tim ThayneNot by Chance: How Parents Boost Their Teen's Success In and After Treatment
2012978-1-59932-327-5Austin McGhieBRAND is a four letter word: Positioning and The Real Art of Marketing
  ''978-1-59932-329-9Edward C Kondrot10 Essentials to Save Your SIGHT (Healing the Eye Wellness Series)
2014978-1-59932-421-0John H FisherThe Power Of A System: How To Build the Injury Law Practice of Your Dreams
2013978-1-59932-427-2John BlyCracking The Code: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Growing Your Business Through Mergers And Acquisitions For Pennies On The Dollar
2014978-1-59932-438-8Jack DalyHyper Sales Growth: Street-Proven Systems & Processes. How to Grow Quickly & Profitably.
2017978-1-59932-440-1Scott East · Ivan AguilarThe Cuttlefish Marketer: The Five Essential Traits Of A Modern Marketer
2014978-1-59932-455-5Allan Milham · Kimberly RoushWho Are You...When You Are BIG?
  ''978-1-59932-461-6Shannon Byrne SuskoThe Metronome Effect: The Journey To Predictable Profit
2015978-1-59932-470-8John Patrick DolanNegotiate Like The Pros: The Essential Guide to Effective Negotiating
2014978-1-59932-479-1Adam Witty21 Ways to Build Your Dental Practice With a Book: How To Stand Out In A Crowded Market And Dramatically Differentiate Yourself As The Authority, Celebrity and Expert
2014978-1-59932-481-4Nancy K. EberhardtUncommon Candor: A Leader's Guide To Straight Talk
2017978-1-59932-494-4Darshan ShahMaking The Cut: Ten Things You Should Consider Before Having Plastic Surgery
  ''978-1-59932-497-5Felice DouglasHow To Get Your Child Into College: The Parents' Guide To College Planning
2014978-1-59932-504-0Salvatore M. BuscemiMaking The Yield: Real Estate Hard Money Lending Uncovered
2018978-1-59932-519-4Matt GarrettThe TGG Way: The Numbers Aren't The Most Important Thing For A Business, They Are The Only Thing
2015978-1-59932-521-7David MoffetHow To Build The Dental Practice Of Your Dreams: (Without Killing Yourself!) In Less Than 60 Days
  ''978-1-59932-525-5Susan A. LundIgnite Your Selling Potential: 7 Simple Accelerators to Drive Revenue and Results Fast
2014978-1-59932-526-2John D. DoehringFast Future!: Ten Uber-Trends Changing Everythingin Business and Our World
2015978-1-59932-528-6Anne Brennan MalecMarriage in Modern Life: Why It Works, When It Works
2017978-1-59932-529-3Harold HudsonAsset Protection: Planning for Business Owners, Real Estate Operators, Professionals, and Investors in Georgia
2014978-1-59932-535-4Bernie CroninIf You Can't ACT, You Can't Sell: Captivate Your Audience by Connecting Theatre to Business to Life
2017978-1-59932-536-1Mark DeutschmannOne Mile Radius: Building Community From The Core
  ''978-1-59932-543-9Rajesh JyotishiThe Money Talk: Retirement & Estate Planning For Indian Americans
2015978-1-59932-545-3Randy H. NelsonThe Second Decision:: the QUALIFIED entrepreneur TM (Decision Series for Entrepreneurs)
  ''978-1-59932-551-4Steve LishanskyThe Ultimate Sales Revolution: Sell Differently. Change The World
2015978-1-59932-554-5Bruce DouglasAn Entrepreneur is for All Seasons: A complete guide for using entrepreneurship to grow and succeed in all areas of your life.
  ''978-1-59932-559-0Deborah BedorGetting IN by Standing OUT: The New Rules for Admission to America's Best Colleges
  ''978-1-59932-568-2Dave Denniston CFAFreedom Formula For Physicians: A Prescription for First-Class Financial Health for Doctors
2014978-1-59932-574-3Dan LokF.U. Money: Make As Much Money As You Damn Well Want And Live Your LIfe As YOu Damn Well Please!
2016978-1-59932-589-7Art Saxby · Pete HayesThe Growth Gears: Using A Market-Based Framework To Drive Business Success
2017978-1-59932-595-8Corey KupferAuthentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment, & Equilibrium The Three Keys To True Negotiating Success & How To Achieve Them
2016978-1-59932-602-3Maili Wong CFASmart Risk: Invest Like The Wealthy To Achieve A Work-Optional Life
  ''978-1-59932-611-5Mark MosesMake Big Happen: How To Live, Work, and Give Big
2015978-1-59932-613-9Randy H. NelsonThe Second Decision: the QUALIFIED entrepreneur TM (Decision Series for Entrepreneurs)
  ''978-1-59932-619-1Michael F. Sciortino Sr/Gratitude Marketing: How You Can Create Clients For Life By Using 33 Simple Secrets From Successful Financial Advisors
2017978-1-59932-620-7Don Gilman Ed. D.Outsmarting VUCA: Achieving Success in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, & Ambiguous World
2015978-1-59932-623-8Randy H. NelsonThe Second Decision: the QUALIFIED entrepreneur TM
2015978-1-59932-627-6Willie MirandaHow To Not Get Your Ass Kicked In The Real Estate Business
2016978-1-59932-629-0Kathleen Quinn VotawSolve The People Puzzle: How High-Growth Companies Attract & Retain Top Talent
  ''978-1-59932-641-2Jack Daly · Dan LarsonThe Sales Playbook: for Hyper Sales Growth
  ''978-1-59932-647-4Daniel Morgan · David MorganChasing The White Rabbit: A Discovery Of Leadership In The 21st Century
2017978-1-59932-649-8Matt Lindsay · Xavier Van Leeuwe · Matthijs Van De PeppelHow To Succeed in the Relationship Economy: Make Data Work for You, Empathise with Customers, Grow Valuable Relationships
2016978-1-59932-652-8Jack LittleThe Winds of Change: How One Organization Turned A Hurricane Into A Better World
  ''978-1-59932-657-3Robert Kratzer EverettRetirement Saving Made Simple: The 401(k) (Sage Advice to Create Wealth in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s)
2015978-1-59932-664-1Amy A. Pearl · Stephanie D. Phibbs · Diane RoeschThe Collaboration Breakthrough: Think Differently. Achieve More.
  ''978-1-59932-669-6David J. RendallThe Freak Factor: Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness
2015978-1-59932-679-5Caryn Kopp · Carl GouldBiz Dev Done Right: Demystifying The Sales Process And Achieving The Results You Want
2016978-1-59932-681-8Trey Smith CFP® CIMA® CPWA® ChFC®Money Does Grow On Trees: The Family Tree: Financial Wisdom For Intergenerational Growth
2017978-1-59932-683-2Andy BaileyNo Try Only Do: Building A Business On Purpose, Alignment, And Accountability
2016978-1-59932-688-7Chuck GarciaA Climb to the Top: Communication & Leadership Tactics to Take Your Career to New Heights
2015978-1-59932-690-0Bob Crosetto · Rick Bailey · Thomas BenoOrchestrate Your Legacy: Advanced Tax & Legacy Planning Strategies
2016978-1-59932-691-7Nicole SmarttFrom Receptionist to Boss: Real-Life Advice for Getting Ahead at Work
  ''978-1-59932-704-4Douglas B. Gross CFP®The Power of Persistent Planning: A Review of Successful Financial Planning Strategies
  ''978-1-59932-706-8L. T. GibsonThe Story Of Us: How the Culture at U.S. LBM is Changing the Distribution Industry
2015978-1-59932-709-9Govindh Jayaraman · Jack DalyPaper Napkin Wisdom: Your Five Step Plan For Life and Business Success
2016978-1-59932-711-2Ron LeGrandThe Less I Do, The More I Make: Automate or Die: How to Get More Done in Less Time and Take Your Life Back
2017978-1-59932-712-9Marc BérubéGoing The Distance: Low-Risk Strategies For Protecting & Growing Your Wealth
  ''978-1-59932-713-6Albert J. Zdenek Jr CPA/PFSForbesBooks: Master Your Cash Flow: The Key To Grow And Retain Wealth
2016978-1-59932-714-3Jennifer BrownInclusion: Diversity, The New Workplace & The Will To Change
2017978-1-59932-717-4James Weiss ChFC® RICP® · Loren Merkle CFP®The New Retirement Standard: Powerful Planning Techniques To Live Financially Free In Retirement
2016978-1-59932-722-8John Burns · Chris PorterBig Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity For Business
  ''978-1-59932-731-0Bob McCallZero Accidents & Injuries: Are You Willing To Pay The Price?
2017978-1-59932-756-3Mike SudermannThe Executive Leap
2016978-1-59932-760-0T. J. JonesThe Caring Warrior: Awaken Your Power To Lead, Influence, and Inspire
2016978-1-59932-763-1Dave Hopson Ph. D.Surviving The Business Storm Cycle: How To Weather Your Business's Ups and Downs
2017978-1-59932-764-8Dana Picore Ph. D.Hope In The Darkness: The 10-Point Threat Assessment Model
2016978-1-59932-767-9Scott JelinekWork Just Gets In The Way Of Making Money: Simple Prosperity Through Real Estate Investing
  ''978-1-59932-771-6Dan KennedySpeak To Sell: Persuade, Influence, And Establish Authority & Promote Your Products, Services, Practice, Business, or Cause
2017978-1-59932-772-3Dennis J. CourtneyRestore Your Lost Vision: The Three-Step Program To Regain Your Sight
2016978-1-59932-774-7Lee HicksWinning Adaptive Sales: Accelerate Your Success by Leading With Insights
2017978-1-59932-779-2Todd Wylie ODIf Your Eyes Could Talk: They Would Tell Of Their Involvement In Reading Problems, Anxiety, Head Trauma, Fatigue, and Much More...
  ''978-1-59932-783-9Raymond BoydGod Bless Crime: It's Been Good To Me
  ''978-1-59932-785-3A. Sophie WadeEmbracing Progress: Next Steps For The Future Of Work
  ''978-1-59932-786-0Paul FeldmanIgnite!: The Burning Secrets Of Exponential Growth From The Greatest Experts On The Planet (Insurance & Financial Advisor Edition)
2017978-1-59932-787-7Steve MillerUncopyable: How To Create An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition
  ''978-1-59932-797-6Mark FriedRoad Rules for Retirement: Set Your Destination Enjoy The Journey
  ''978-1-59932-804-1Charles MokTESTOSTERONE
2016978-1-59932-812-6Kurt D. LloydKurt D. Lloyd On Jury Selection: A Trial Lawyer's Manual For Illinois
  ''978-1-59932-814-0Dustin S. BurlesonThe Ortho Manifesto: How to Inspire Your Team to Greatness, Grow an Orthodontic Practice You Love and Live a Life of Meaning
2018978-1-59932-823-2Dave DeeSales Stampede: How To Sell More Of Your Products Or Services In 75 Minutes Than You Now Do All Year
2017978-1-59932-826-3Danielle Howard CFP® QKA®Your Financial Revolution: Time To Recognize, Revitalize & Release Your Financial Power
2016978-1-59932-827-0Andrew J. ShermanCRISIS OF DISENGAGEMENT
2017978-1-59932-836-2Alex LehrThe Unexpected Sale: Guidance for the Executor/Administrator Of An Estate
  ''978-1-59932-841-6Ann S. GreenTrue Spin: The Industrial Manager's Guide To Effective, Honest Public Communication
2017978-1-59932-846-1Sue Hawkes · Alexandra StieglbauerChasing Perfection--: Shatter The Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success
  ''978-1-59932-847-8Andrew J. ShermanCrisis of Disengagement: How Apathy, Complacency, And Selfishness Are Destroying Today's Workplace
  ''978-1-59932-848-5Patrick LeClaireTaxation With Representation: Advice From A Tax Resolution Specialist
2018978-1-59932-856-0Ray F. LedonA Cold July In Cuba: Recollections Of My Father, The Revolutionary
2017978-1-59932-861-4Mark RutkiewiczMedical Device Company In A Box: The Case For Consiliso
2018978-1-59932-867-6Sanda MoldovanHeal Up!: Seven Ways To Faster Healing And Optimum Health
2017978-1-59932-868-3Calvin Lipscomb CFP® EAPath To Abundant Living (Financial Truths for Christians)
2018978-1-59932-872-0Dennis SchimpfFinding Beauty: Think, See And Feel Beautiful
  ''978-1-59932-876-8Rebecca LitwinRoll Into A Perfectly Made Bed: All You Need To Know About The Art Of Bedmaking
  ''978-1-59932-885-0Shelly L. Henderson · Phil HendersonStarting From Scratch: One Woman's Pursuit Of Family, Business And The American Dream
2018978-1-59932-892-8Jacob MalherbeThe Facebook Effect For Lawyers: Advertising For The Digital Age
  ''978-1-59932-900-0Lance TysonSelling Is An Away Game: Close Business And Compete In A Complex World
2017978-1-59932-908-6Jay M. GeierNew Patients Now: Regain Control Of Your Practice And Double Your Profits
2018978-1-59932-914-7Joseph S. GalatiEating Yourself Sick: How To Stop Obesity, Fatty Liver, And Diabetes From Killing You And Your Family
  ''978-1-59932-921-5Kimberly TownsendLifecircle Leadership: How Exceptional People Make Every Day Extraordinary
  ''978-1-59932-923-9Jim CumbeeHome Run, A Pro's Guide To Selling Your Business: 7 Principles To Make Your Company Irresistible
  ''978-1-59932-926-0Peter HorstMarketing In The #Fakenews Era: New Rules For A New Reality Of Tribalism, Activism, And Loss of Trust
2018978-1-59932-933-8Bill Martin Dr.The Ultimate Guide To Braces: A Parent's Guide To The New Orthodontics
  ''978-1-59932-942-0Eric R. Turke DDSChanging Lives--One Smile At A Time: What Every Parent Needs to Know about Orthodontics
2019978-1-59932-956-7Mart McClellan DDS MS · Tim Streid CLUYour Retirement Smile: The Treatment Plan For Pay-Cut Prevention In Your Golden Years
  ''978-1-59932-958-1Scott Billings · Christopher MurphyWorry-Free Dentistry At Last: A Patient's Guide To Anxiety-Free Dentistry