year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-59928-297-8Sue L HamiltonJohn Buscema (Comic Book Creators - 6 Titles)
  ''978-1-59928-298-5Sue L HamiltonJack Kirby (Comic Book Creators - 6 Titles)
  ''978-1-59928-299-2   ''Joe Sinnott (Comic Book Creators - 6 Titles)
  ''978-1-59928-300-5   ''Joe Simon (Comic Book Creators - 6 Titles)
  ''978-1-59928-301-2   ''Stan Lee (Comic Book Creators - 6 Titles)
2006978-1-59928-302-9Sue L HamiltonJohn Romita, Sr. (Comic Book Creators - 6 Titles)
2007978-1-59928-307-4Jill C. WheelerAndy Roddick (Awesome Athletes)
2006978-1-59928-507-8Tracy Kompelien2-D Shapes Are Behind the Drapes! (Math Made Fun)
2007978-1-59928-603-7Kelly DoudnaIt's My Pleasure to Measure the Treasure!
2006978-1-59928-622-8Kelly DoudnaWe Are Wise, Let's Hypothesize (Science Made Simple)
2007978-1-59928-712-6Julie MurrayWatermelon (Life Cycles)
  ''978-1-59928-783-6Kristin Van CleafHungary (Countries)
  ''978-1-59928-788-1Kristin Van CleafUkraine (Countries)
  ''978-1-59928-789-8Joanne MatternFirst Ladies
  ''978-1-59928-817-8Deborah ColdironStingrays (Underwater World)
2007978-1-59928-834-5Sue L HamiltonBermuda Triangle (Unsolved Mysteries)
  ''978-1-59928-846-8Susan E HamenThe Wright Brothers (Essential Lives)
  ''978-1-59928-849-9Ida WalkerThe Boston Tea Party (Essential Events)
  ''978-1-59928-864-2Lillian E FormanStem Cell Research (Essential Viewpoints)
2008978-1-59928-926-7Fran HowardDwarf Planets (The Universe)
  ''978-1-59928-960-1Adam G KleinHunting (Outdoor Adventure!)
2008978-1-59928-963-2Jill C WheelerGoldendoodles (Checkerboard Animal Library: Dogs)

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