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2007978-1-59904-309-8   ''Knowledge Management Systems in Law Enforcement: Technologies and Techniques
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2006978-1-59904-396-8Mehdi Khosrow-PourCases on Information Technology And Business Process Reengineering
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2006978-1-59904-412-5Mehdi Khosrow-Pour · Mehdi KhosrowpourCases on Information Technology And Organizational Politics & Culture
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978-1-59904-638-9Best Practices for Online Procurement Auctions
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2008978-1-59904-699-0Pierre F. TiakoDesigning Software-Intensive Systems: Methods and Principles
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2008978-1-59904-753-9Kara L. OrvisComputer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Best Practices and Principles for Instructors
2008978-1-59904-755-3Kara L. OrvisComputer-supported Collaborative Learning: Best Practices and Principles for Instructors
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2008978-1-59904-786-7Mary KirkGender and Information Technology: Moving Beyond Access to Co-Create Global Partnership
2007978-1-59904-801-7Tim RobertsStudent Plagiarism in an Online World: Problems and Solutions
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  ''978-1-59904-990-8Min SongHandbook of Research on Text and Web Mining Technologies

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