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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-59886-019-1L. F. ShannonKaleidoscope: Poetry of Life
  ''978-1-59886-026-9Birdie L. JonesBirdie: The Girl Next Door
  ''978-1-59886-028-3Teresa BettinoDegen and Me
2006978-1-59886-029-0Korie D. CarterConnected Words: A Collection of Poems & Photography
2005978-1-59886-042-9Juliana M. PelcMorning Cries
  ''978-1-59886-049-8Howie GardnerThe Church and Terri Schiavo: Living the Truth in a Culture of Death
2006978-1-59886-065-8Marilyn DeveauxExercising Kingdom Dominion in Dance: What Christian Dancers Bring to the Stage That Worldly Dancers Cannot
  ''978-1-59886-076-4Walker YoungA Bruised Child: A Story of Emotional Child Abuse and the Courage to Heal
2006978-1-59886-090-0John HalajianArmenian Church Architecture: From Dormancy to Revival
  ''978-1-59886-099-3Oni VitandhamOn the Wings of a White Horse: A Cambodian Princess's Story of Surviving the Khmer Rouge Genocide
  ''978-1-59886-102-0Glenn BargerKill on Command
  ''978-1-59886-111-2Margaret GomezYes Mother
  ''978-1-59886-114-3Lydia A. ClarkeCan't Keep Silent: A Woman's 22-Year Journey of Post-Abortion Healing
2006978-1-59886-118-1Andrea English · Elaine ShepherdMillion Dollar Mom: No Sweepstakes Necessary to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom
2005978-1-59886-138-9Tammy Manlove · Jenny MalineHandbook on How to Be My Boyfriend
2012978-1-59886-144-0Sherri SmithBitter Water
2006978-1-59886-153-2Martin BertramVanity of Vanities
  ''978-1-59886-161-7Michael HendricksonThe Word of Love
  ''978-1-59886-230-0Clinton BlandAmerican Epidemic: High Maintenance Women
  ''978-1-59886-245-4W. E. BrooksWhen Mercy Meets Misery
  ''978-1-59886-253-9Joye Jeffries PughEden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666
2006978-1-59886-280-5Craig A. MillerWhen Your Mate Has Emotionally Checked Out: Radical Steps to Transform Your Relationship
  ''978-1-59886-293-5B. Ann NicholsTithes: The Extortion of the Body of Christ
  ''978-1-59886-304-8Collin ThomasThe 100 Inspirational Quotes of Millionaires
  ''978-1-59886-349-9Mark TaylorI Asked, God Answered- A Columbine Miracle
  ''978-1-59886-386-4Frederick E. LewisUnderstanding the Bible and End Times: Series: Biblical Advanced Basics
2006978-1-59886-398-7Ava SturgeonA Daughter's Worth: A Bible Study for Teenaged Girls
  ''978-1-59886-406-9R. S. RalstonIdols in High Places
  ''978-1-59886-446-5Ken HalloranTravel Tales. . .: An Old Retiree, His RV, His Dog, and His Woman (not necessarily in order of preference) HIT THE ROAD
  ''978-1-59886-451-9Mavis Duke HintonI Am Shadow... One Dog's Story (Shadow Adventures)
  ''978-1-59886-455-7Larry TollerMy Story Your Story His Story: A Memory Journal
2007978-1-59886-457-1Jeanne G. MillerHidden in Pain: A Life Story of Personal Transformation
2006978-1-59886-464-9Doug MorrisMe, Jeff, and Goo
2006978-1-59886-485-4John R. BuriHow to Love Your Wife
2007978-1-59886-488-5Lily DolanFire in the Bible: Genesis-Daniel
  ''978-1-59886-507-3Jane WilderLiving Single One Day at a Time: An Honest Look at the Single Woman's Daily Battles
2006978-1-59886-527-1Marc CarrierThe Values-Driven Family: A Proactive Plan for Successful Biblical Parenting
2007978-1-59886-532-5Mike WhitmoreAccountable to God: Biblical Stewardship
2006978-1-59886-536-3Sharon FiekerI Choose This Day: Mournings and Miracles of Adoption
  ''978-1-59886-552-3Tabi RaeFlowers on the Milkstool: The Diary of Mary Lawson
  ''978-1-59886-563-9Kathy MedinaFinding God in Autism: A Forty Day Devotional for Parents of Autistic Children
  ''978-1-59886-581-3Moran MichelleNana's Secret Christmas Room
2007978-1-59886-594-3Michael C. HodgesA Doctor Looks at War: My Year in Iraq
2006978-1-59886-611-7Rick EichornFunny 4 God: A Variety of Christian Comedy Skits
2007978-1-59886-619-3Charlotte PhillipsLa Dolce Vita (the Sweet Life) in Cortona, Tuscany Italy
2007978-1-59886-629-2Beverly GuilmetteThere's More to Life Than Just Living: A Personal Story about Cancer Survival
2006978-1-59886-634-6Kimberly DavidsonI'm Beautiful? Why Can't I See It?: Daily Encouragement to Promote Healthy Eating & Positive Self-Esteem
2007978-1-59886-653-7Ted RogersMoments in Time: A Journal Into the World of Hospice
2006978-1-59886-677-3Nancy DaneWhere the Road Begins (Tattered Glory)
  ''978-1-59886-690-2Tabby HoltThe Henhouse Gang
2007978-1-59886-721-3Gerard BrookerA Gathering of Doves
2006978-1-59886-723-7Glenn NorfleetYour Child and Santa
2007978-1-59886-739-8Mark AlbertsonU.S.S. Connecticut: Constitution State Battleship
  ''978-1-59886-756-5Lorna C. ShepherdThe Shepherd's Diet Plan
  ''978-1-59886-761-9Daniel AliOut of Islam: Free at Last
2006978-1-59886-798-5Ruben KatzMy Book, My Life: A Book of Memoirs
2007978-1-59886-829-6David MaxfieldDoes It Really Matter What I Believe about God?
2008978-1-59886-837-1S. J. DavisThe Facade
2007978-1-59886-900-2Scott MurrayTrucker's Tales
  ''978-1-59886-971-2Kenneth G. OldRoses for a Stranger: The Not-So-Quiet Life of a Quiet American in Pakistan and Other Places
2007978-1-59886-974-3Beka DeWittHolding His Hand: A Devotional for Teen Girls
2008978-1-59886-981-1John PinkstonOur Lost National Identity: Tracing the Lineage of Israel's Lost Ten Tribes