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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-59824-007-8Kosol OuchCultivating Inner Force And Reading People Like A Book
  ''978-1-59824-012-2Jamie I. VinasLa Biblia - Guia De Comprension (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-59824-042-9Alton Jr. HornsbyDictionary of Twentieth Century Black Leaders
  ''978-1-59824-049-8Milad Zekry PhiliposC. S. Lewis' Moral Argument For The Existence of God
  ''978-1-59824-051-1Lana ReddockDecorative Crocheted Design
2005978-1-59824-052-8Milad Zekry PhiliposThe Grand Miracles in Christianity & Islam
  ''978-1-59824-055-9David W. NelsonGod's Created Place of Prosperity for Me
  ''978-1-59824-067-2David W. NelsonWomen With a Jesus Purpose
  ''978-1-59824-072-6Jerry C. WhiteLet There Be No Doubt! What the Bible Says...
  ''978-1-59824-073-3Johann K. McGregorStrangers in a Foreign Land
2005978-1-59824-096-2Valeri S. MorimotoA Handbook for Medical Assistants and Medical Secretaries
  ''978-1-59824-101-3Milad Zekry PhiliposThe Philosophy of Freedom
  ''978-1-59824-105-1   ''7 Keys for Successful Counseling
  ''978-1-59824-108-2   ''God of Science
2006978-1-59824-192-1Kosol Ouch · Koeun Noun Ouch · David LowranceKosol and Koeun Noun Ouch Spherical Generator
  ''978-1-59824-279-9Dennis MurphyOne Man's Story of Divorce
2006978-1-59824-374-1Kosol Ouch · Vince Panella · David LowranceThe Rain Maker Device - A Path to Harness Mother Nature
2007978-1-59824-448-9Gregory JamesThe Way of the World - Benevolent and Malevolent Trends that Affect the Globe Today
  ''978-1-59824-461-8Kenneth R. ConklinHawaiian Apartheid - Racial Separatism and Ethnic Nationalism in the Aloha State
  ''978-1-59824-504-2Noreen MartinLife After AIDS (Restoring Health Naturally)
  ''978-1-59824-511-0Tracy Suzanne GreenA Look Inside Bipolar Disorder - One Woman's Story
  ''978-1-59824-526-4Victor GodotSerial Murder Syndrome - Multiple Personality - Arousal Disorders and Bizarre Human Behavior
2007978-1-59824-532-5Thomas E. HartDays of Vengeance
  ''978-1-59824-548-6Verdree B StanleyRobots: How Human Are We?
  ''978-1-59824-674-2Janet McCanlessBeryl's Cove and the Elvis Man
  ''978-1-59824-675-9Kosol Ouch · Koeun Noun Ouch · David LowranceTechnical Guide for RainMaker Device, Ghost Consciousness Catching Device, Zero Point Energy, Ascension Machine and Over Unity Coverage
  ''978-1-59824-700-8Peter MacCinema Salem - A Cinematic Guide to the Witch City
2007978-1-59824-701-5Peter MacCinema Salem - A Cinematic Guide to the Witch City
  ''978-1-59824-731-2Kosol Ouch · Rattana Keo Phuong · David LowranceStory of a Khmer Rouge Holocaust Survivor and the Creation of the Kosol Ouch/David Lowrance Rain Maker Device
  ''978-1-59824-753-4Christopher Van LoanWoodstock '69 Festival - 3 Days of Peace and Music
2008978-1-59824-764-0Alireza B. EsfahaneEZ Pass Step 3 CCS - The Efficient USMLE Step 3 CCS Review
  ''978-1-59824-782-4J. C. FullerThe Legends of Bycanium: The Mystical Shining Sword
  ''978-1-59824-810-4Donald R. MC KenneyGod Bless America
2008978-1-59824-824-1Kosol OuchThe Torsion Fields Wish Granting Chairs - Ailene and Elaine Lagrimas Liquete RainMaker Device
  ''978-1-59824-831-9Le Ann Goodrich EmeryMy Cherished Angels
  ''978-1-59824-833-3Spencer Apollonio · Jacob J. DykstraAn Enormous, Immensely Complicated Intervention: Groundfish, the New England Fishery Management Council, and the World Fisheries Crisis
2009978-1-59824-848-7Dan FitzpatrickVision: Evan's Book: Special Edition
2008978-1-59824-892-0Mark Pater NosterThe Submarine During the Cold War - The Men, the Pride, the Threats, and the Disasters
  ''978-1-59824-929-3Dimple McInvalePrayers - Breaking Witchcraft Curses