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2009978-1-59797-274-1Jr. Samuel W. MitchamDefenders of Fortress Europe: The Untold Story of the German Officers during the Allied Invasion
  ''978-1-59797-276-5Douglas Scott · Lawrence Babits · Charles HaeckerFields of Conflict: Battlefield Archaeology from the Roman Empire to the Korean War
  ''978-1-59797-277-2Jane Mersky LederThanks for the Memories: Love, Sex, and World War II
2011978-1-59797-278-9Matthew J. Flynn · Stephen E. GrffinWashington and Napoleon: Leadership in the Age of Revolution
  ''978-1-59797-279-6Jacques L. Fuqua Jr.Korean Unification: Inevitable Challenges
2010978-1-59797-280-2Bruce E. JohansenHard Science and Hot Air: Dissecting the Global Warming Debate
2009978-1-59797-285-7Jack JacobsonIntroducing the Sky Blazers: The Adventures of a Special Band of Troops That Entertained the Allied Forces During World War II
  ''978-1-59797-287-1James L. NewmanPaths Without Glory: Richard Francis Burton in Africa
2009978-1-59797-290-1Howard J. WiardaDivided America on the World Stage: Broken Government and Foreign Policy
2010978-1-59797-291-8Benerson LittlePirate Hunting: The Fight Against Pirates, Privateers, and Sea Raiders from Antiquity to the Present
2009978-1-59797-293-2Howard J. WiardaDivided America on the World Stage: Broken Government and Foreign Policy
2012978-1-59797-294-9Victoria A. HardenAIDS at 30: A History
2009978-1-59797-296-3Emmy E. WernerPassages to America: Oral Histories of Child Immigrants from Ellis Island and Angel Island
2011978-1-59797-298-7Allen C. LynchVladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft (Shapers of International History)
2009978-1-59797-300-7Peter J. MunsonIraq in Transition: The Legacy of Dictatorship and the Prospects for Democracy
2011978-1-59797-302-1Chris HeffelfingerRadical Islam in America: Salafism's Journey from Arabia to the West
2009978-1-59797-304-5Gary Kulik"War Stories": False Atrocity Tales, Swift Boaters, and Winter Soldiers_What Really Happened in Vietnam
  ''978-1-59797-307-6Colin S. GrayFighting Talk: Forty Maxims on War, Peace, and Strategy
  ''978-1-59797-356-4Dennis A. HeniganLethal Logic: Exploding the Myths That Paralyze American Gun Policy
2011978-1-59797-361-8Raymond HolcombEndless Enemies: Inside FBI Counterterrorism
2009978-1-59797-364-9Anat BerkoThe Path to Paradise: The Inner World of Suicide Bombers and Their Dispatchers
  ''978-1-59797-366-3Sara HornWeekend Warrior No More: Help and Hope for Reserve and Guard Families During Deployment
  ''978-1-59797-367-0Louie McKinneyOne Marshal's Badge: A Memoir of Fugitive Hunting, Witness Protection, and the U.S. Marshals Service
2009978-1-59797-371-7James MorrisonAfter the Bounty: A Sailor's Account of the Mutiny, and Life in the South Seas
  ''978-1-59797-373-1Richard A. GabrielThutmose III: The Military Biography of Egypt's Greatest Warrior King
  ''978-1-59797-381-6Elena Mastors · Jeffrey H. NorwitzBreaking Al-Qaeda: The Political Psychology and Operational Tactics Necessary to Combat Terrorism
  ''978-1-59797-385-4Nancy K. LoaneFollowing the Drum: Women at the Valley Forge Encampment
  ''978-1-59797-387-8Christopher PyleGetting Away with Torture: Secret Government, War Crimes, and the Rule of Law
2009978-1-59797-406-6James L. Schoff · Marina TravayiakisIn Times of Crisis: U.S.-Japan Civil-Military Disaster Relief Coordination (Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis)
  ''978-1-59797-407-3Amitai EtzioniNew Common Ground: A New America, A New World
2011978-1-59797-409-7Carol Madison GrahamCoping with Anti-Americanism: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Studying Abroad
2009978-1-59797-412-7Michael K. BohnHeroes and Ballyhoo: How the Golden Age of the 1920s Transformed American Sports
  ''978-1-59797-414-1Central Intelligence AgencyThe World Factbook: 2009 Edition (CIA's 2008 Edition)
2010978-1-59797-415-8Virginia Smith WatkinsWomen's Quest for Power: History, Perception, and Reality
2009978-1-59797-417-2Leslie CarboneSlaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform
  ''978-1-59797-419-6Fred LucasBorder Justice: How the Government Betrayed Two Border Agents and Ignited a Political Firestorm
  ''978-1-59797-421-9Fred SchreierWMD Proliferation: Reforming the Security Sector to Meet the Threat
2009978-1-59797-422-6Fred SchreierWMD Proliferation: Reforming the Security Sector to Meet the Threat
  ''978-1-59797-423-3Franklin Kramer · Stuart H. Starr · Larry WentzCyberpower and National Security
  ''978-1-59797-424-0Curt SmithPull Up a Chair: The Vin Scully Story
  ''978-1-59797-425-7Col. Timothy J. GeraghtyPeacekeepers at War: Beirut 1983_The Marine Commander Tells His Story
  ''978-1-59797-427-1Ronald E. NeumannThe Other War: Winning and Losing in Afghanistan
2010978-1-59797-428-8Bruce FlemingBridging the Military-Civilian Divide: What Each Side Must Know About the Other - And About Itself
2010978-1-59797-430-1John C. GreenThe Faith Factor: How Religion Influences American Elections
2009978-1-59797-431-8Steven TraversA Tale of Three Cities: The 1962 Baseball Season in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco
2010978-1-59797-433-2John Andreas OlsenA History of Air Warfare
2009978-1-59797-434-9Andrea B. RughSimple Gestures: A Cultural Journey into the Middle East
  ''978-1-59797-435-6Bruce Boudreau · Tim LeoneGabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer
2010978-1-59797-436-3E. Leigh ArmisteadInformation Operations Matters: Best Practices
  ''978-1-59797-437-0Jeffrey RecordWanting War: Why the Bush Administration Invaded Iraq
  ''978-1-59797-438-7Victor D. ComrasFlawed Diplomacy: The United Nations & the War on Terrorism
  ''978-1-59797-439-4Rich WilesBehind the Wall: Life, Love, and Struggle in Palestine
2010978-1-59797-440-0John Andreas OlsenA History of Air Warfare
  ''978-1-59797-441-7Michael Clemens · Christopher GravelineThe Secrets of Abu Ghraib Revealed: American Soldiers on Trial
  ''978-1-59797-486-8Larry MinearThrough Veterans' Eyes: The Iraq and Afghanistan Experience
2012978-1-59797-487-5Phillip Thomas TuckerFather of the Tuskegee Airmen, John C. Robinson
2010978-1-59797-488-2Robert G. FolsomThe Money Trail: How Elmer Irey and His T-Men Brought Down America's Criminal Elite
2011978-1-59797-489-9John McAdamsJFK Assassination Logic: How to Think about Claims of Conspiracy
2010978-1-59797-490-5Larry MinearThrough Veterans' Eyes: The Iraq and Afghanistan Experience
2012978-1-59797-492-9Richard Sobel · Peter Furia · Bethany BarrattPublic Opinion and International Intervention: Lessons from the Iraq War
  ''978-1-59797-493-6Richard Sobel · Peter Furia · Bethany BarrattPublic Opinion and International Intervention: Lessons from the Iraq War
2009978-1-59797-495-0Nat'L Defense Univ FoundationFighting Chance: Global Trends and Shocks in the National Security Environment (National Defense University)
2011978-1-59797-496-7Daniel Allen ButlerShadow of the Sultan's Realm: The Destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East
2010978-1-59797-497-4Joseph P. MccallusThe MacArthur Highway and Other Relics of American Empire in the Philippines
2011978-1-59797-498-1Arsalan T. IftikharIslamic Pacifism: Confessions of a Muslim Gandhi
2010978-1-59797-499-8Heather Gregg · Hy S. Rothstein · John ArquillaThe Three Circles of War: Understanding the Dynamics of Conflict in Iraq
  ''978-1-59797-500-1Heather Gregg · Hy S. Rothstein · John ArquillaThe Three Circles of War: Understanding the Dynamics of Conflict in Iraq
2010978-1-59797-503-2Deepak TripathiOvercoming the Bush Legacy in Iraq and Afghanistan
  ''978-1-59797-504-9Nancy Hartevelt KobrinThe Banality of Suicide Terrorism: The Naked Truth About the Psychology of Islamic Suicide Bombing
  ''978-1-59797-505-6Sydney SchanbergBeyond the Killing Fields: War Writings
  ''978-1-59797-507-0Stephen J. CimbalaThe George W. Bush Defense Program: Policy, Strategy, and War
  ''978-1-59797-508-7Stephen J. CimbalaThe George W. Bush Defense Program: Policy, Strategy, and War
2010978-1-59797-509-4Beau DureLong-Range Goals: The Success Story of Major League Soccer
  ''978-1-59797-510-0Marjorie Hallenbeck-HuberCelebrities' Most WantedTM: The Top 10 Book of Lavish Lifestyles, Tabloid Tidbits, and Other Superstar Oddities
  ''978-1-59797-511-7Yaakov LappinVirtual Caliphate: Exposing the Islamist State on the Internet
2011978-1-59797-512-4John WrightThe Obama Haters: Behind the Right-Wing Campaign of Lies, Innuendo and Racism
  ''978-1-59797-513-1Joseph RussomannoTortured Logic: A Verbatim Critique of the George W. Bush Presidency
2010978-1-59797-515-5Sue DiazMinefields of the Heart: A Mother's Stories of a Son at War
2011978-1-59797-516-2Brooke C. StoddardWorld in the Balance: The Perilous Months of June-October 1940
2010978-1-59797-517-9Eric G. SwedinWhen Angels Wept: A What-If History of the Cuban Missile Crisis
  ''978-1-59797-519-3Richard A. GabrielPhilip II of Macedonia: Greater Than Alexander
2012978-1-59797-521-6Robert W. SmithAmid a Warring World: American Foreign Relations, 1775-1815 (Issues in the History of American Foreign Relations)
978-1-59797-523-0Mack Ott James LyonNation Building: The World's Unfinished Business
2011978-1-59797-525-4David AxeFrom A to B: How Logistics Fuels American Power and Prosperity
2011978-1-59797-526-1Michael J. Nojeim · David P. KilroyDays of Decision: Turning Points in U.S. Foreign Policy
  ''978-1-59797-528-5Todd M. MasseNuclear Jihad: A Clear and Present Danger?
  ''978-1-59797-530-8Deepak TripathiBreeding Ground: Afghanistan and the Origins of Islamist Terrorism
2010978-1-59797-531-5Bruce E. Bechtol Jr.Defiant Failed State: The North Korean Threat to International Security
2012978-1-59797-532-2Marcus G. Raskin · Gregory D. SquiresWarfare Welfare: The Not-So-Hidden Costs of America's Permanent War Economy
2010978-1-59797-534-6Jeffrey RecordA War It Was Always Going to Lose: Why Japan Attacked America in 1941
2011978-1-59797-535-3J.B.E. HittleMichael Collins and the Anglo-Irish War: Britain's Counterinsurgency Failure
  ''978-1-59797-537-7James GannonObama's War: Avoiding a Quagmire in Afghanistan
2010978-1-59797-540-7Scott L. MalcomsonGeneration's End: A Personal Memoir of American Power After 9/11
  ''978-1-59797-541-4Central Intelligence AgencyThe World Factbook: 2010 Edition (CIA's 2009 Edition)
2011978-1-59797-543-8Mel AytonDark Soul of the South: The Life and Crimes of Racist Killer Joseph Paul Franklin
2011978-1-59797-544-5Jason WhiteleyFather of Money: Buying Peace in Baghdad
  ''978-1-59797-545-2Victoria Tepe · George Mastroianni · Barbara Palmer · David PenetarA Warrior's Guide to Psychology and Performance: What You Should Know about Yourself and Others
  ''978-1-59797-546-9Bob LukeThe Most Famous Woman in Baseball: Effa Manley and the Negro Leagues
2013978-1-59797-547-6Dan Bavly · As'ad GhanemOne State, Two Peoples: Restoring Hope for Palestinian-Israeli Peace
2011978-1-59797-548-3Patrick T. DunleavyThe Fertile Soil of Jihad: Terrorism's Prison Connection
  ''978-1-59797-549-0Adam T. Heath · David L. Hudson Jr.Mixed Martial Arts' Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Crazy Combat, Great Grappling, and Sick Submissions
  ''978-1-59797-550-6Susan Yoshihara · Douglas A. Sylva · Nicholas EberstadtPopulation Decline and the Remaking of Great Power Politics
2012978-1-59797-551-3P.H. Liotta · James F. MiskelThe Real Population Bomb: Megacities, Global Security & the Map of the Future
2013978-1-59797-553-7Nicholas MurrayThe Rocky Road to the Great War: The Evolution of Trench Warfare to 1914
2011978-1-59797-555-1John Andreas OlsenGlobal Air Power
2011978-1-59797-556-8James W. CortadaModern Warfare in Spain: American Military Observations on the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
2012978-1-59797-557-5Tom MascaroInto the Fray: How NBC's Washington Documentary Unit Reinvented the News
  ''978-1-59797-586-5Michael A. InnesMaking Sense of Proxy Wars: States, Surrogates & the Use of Force
2010978-1-59797-661-9Curt SmithPull Up a Chair: The Vin Scully Story
  ''978-1-59797-662-6Bruce Boudreau · Tim LeoneGabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer
2012978-1-59797-663-3Mark T. MitchellThe Politics of Gratitude: Scale, Place & Community in a Global Age
2011978-1-59797-664-0Sarwar A. KashmeriNATO 2.0: Reboot or Delete?
  ''978-1-59797-665-7Joshua L. GleisWithdrawing Under Fire: Lessons Learned from Islamist Insurgencies
2012978-1-59797-666-4Joshua WoodsFreaking Out: A Decade of Living with Terrorism
  ''978-1-59797-667-1Francis H. MarloPlanning Reagan's War: Conservative Strategists and America's Cold War Victory
2012978-1-59797-668-8Yaakov Katz · Yoaz HendelIsrael vs. Iran: The Shadow War
2011978-1-59797-670-1Curt SmithA Talk in the Park: Nine Decades of Baseball Tales from the Broadcast Booth
  ''978-1-59797-671-8Orlando J. RodriguezVote Thieves: Illegal Immigration, Redistricting, and Presidential Elections
  ''978-1-59797-672-5Peter J. VernezzeSocrates in Sichuan: Chinese Students Search for Truth, Justice, and the (Chinese) Way
  ''978-1-59797-673-2Mohamed El-BendaryThe "Ugly American" in the Arab Mind: Why Do Arabs Resent America?
  ''978-1-59797-674-9William NesterThe Revolutionary Years, 1775-1789: The Art of American Power During the Early Republic
2012978-1-59797-675-6William NesterThe Hamiltonian Vision, 1789-1800: The Art of American Power During the Early Republic
2012978-1-59797-677-0Thomas A. ReppettoBattleground New York City: Countering Spies, Saboteurs, and Terrorists since 1861
2011978-1-59797-678-7Laura L. EnrightVampires' Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Bloodthirsty Biters, Stake-wielding Slayers, and Other Undead Oddities
  ''978-1-59797-679-4Edmund J. Hull · Marc GrossmanHigh-Value Target: Countering al Qaeda in Yemen (ADST-DACOR Diplomats and Diplomacy)
  ''978-1-59797-680-0John Andreas OlsenGlobal Air Power
  ''978-1-59797-681-7Barry A. SandersAmerican Avatar: The United States in the Global Imagination
2012978-1-59797-682-4Peter P. HillJoel Barlow, American Diplomat and Nation Builder
2011978-1-59797-683-1Kathleen McChesney · William Gavin · Tom PetersPick Up Your Own Brass: Leadership the FBI Way
  ''978-1-59797-684-8Bruce HenslerCrucible of Fire: Nineteenth-Century Urban Fires and the Making of the Modern Fire Service
2011978-1-59797-685-5Andrew M. HomanLife in the Slipstream: The Legend of Bobby Walthour Sr.
  ''978-1-59797-686-2Richard A. GabrielHannibal: The Military Biography of Rome's Greatest Enemy
  ''978-1-59797-687-9Scott C. Patchan BSSecond Manassas: Longstreet's Attack and the Struggle for Chinn Ridge
2012978-1-59797-688-6Thomas W. LippmanSaudi Arabia on the Edge: The Uncertain Future of an American Ally (Council on Foreign Relations Books (Potomac Books))
  ''978-1-59797-690-9Gerry SouterAmerican Shooter: A Personal History of Gun Culture in the United States
  ''978-1-59797-692-3Adam GoldsteinTailgate to Heaven: A British NFL Fan Tackles America
2011978-1-59797-693-0J. M. BergerJihad Joe: Americans Who Go to War in the Name of Islam
2011978-1-59797-694-7Daniel R. GreenThe Valley's Edge: A Year with the Pashtuns in the Heartland of the Taliban
  ''978-1-59797-697-8Jack RossRabbi Outcast: Elmer Berger and American Jewish Anti-Zionism
2012978-1-59797-698-5Sara Mansfield TaberBorn Under an Assumed Name: The Memoir of a Cold War Spy's Daughter
  ''978-1-59797-701-2Steven O'hernIran's Revolutionary Guard: The Threat That Grows While America Sleeps
  ''978-1-59797-704-3Jon B. Perdue · Stephen JohnsonThe War of All the People: The Nexus of Latin American Radicalism and Middle Eastern Terrorism
  ''978-1-59797-709-8Christian GiudiceBeloved Warrior: The Rise and Fall of Alexis Argüello
2014978-1-59797-710-4Thomas CarterBeachhead Normandy: An LCT's Odyssey
2012978-1-59797-712-8Rob MorrisThe Wild Blue Yonder and Beyond: The 95th Bomb Group in War and Peace
2011978-1-59797-713-5Alan ReifmanHot Hand: The Statistics Behind Sports' Greatest Streaks
2012978-1-59797-714-2Anthony R. CarrozzaWilliam D. Pawley: The Extraordinary Life of the Adventurer, Entrepreneur, and Diplomat Who Cofounded the Flying Tigers
2011978-1-59797-715-9Tom WolfeOut of Uniform: Your Guide to a Successful Military-to-Civilian Career Transition
2012978-1-59797-721-0Dietrich EichholtzWar for Oil: The Nazi Quest for an Oil Empire
2012978-1-59797-725-8Carolyn HanWhere the Paved Road Ends: One Woman's Extraordinary Experiences in Yemen
  ''978-1-59797-726-5Carolyn HanWhere the Paved Road Ends: One Woman's Extraordinary Experiences in Yemen
2011978-1-59797-729-6Raymond F. SmithThe Craft of Political Analysis for Diplomats (Adst-decor Diplomats and Diplomacy)
  ''978-1-59797-731-9Claude SalhaniIslam Without a Veil: Kazakhstan's Path of Moderation
  ''978-1-59797-735-7David L. Hudson Jr.Horse Racing's Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Derby Delights, Frenetic Finishes, and Backstretch Banter
978-1-59797-742-5Francis H. MarloPlanning Reagan's War: Conservative Strategists and America's Cold War Victory
2011978-1-59797-763-0Central Intelligence AgencyThe World Factbook: 2011 Edition (CIA's 2010 Edition)
2012978-1-59797-833-0Carol GeldermanA Free Man of Color and His Hotel: Race, Reconstruction, and the Role of the Federal Government
  ''978-1-59797-836-1Jim DucibellaKing of Clubs: The Great Golf Marathon of 1938
2011978-1-59797-848-4Richard A. GabrielMan and Wound in the Ancient World: A History of Military Medicine from Sumer to the Fall of Constantinople
2013978-1-59797-851-4Robert C. OwenAir Mobility: A Brief History of the American Experience
2012978-1-59797-857-6David LuhrssenHammer of the Gods: The Thule Society and the Birth of Nazism
2012978-1-59797-883-5William NesterThe Hamiltonian Vision, 1789-1800: The Art of American Power During the Early Republic
  ''978-1-59797-935-1Curt SmithMercy!: A Celebration of Fenway Park's Centennial Told Through Red Sox Radio and TV
2013978-1-59797-938-2Eldon L. HamAll the Babe's Men: Baseball's Greatest Home Run Seasons and How They Changed America
2012978-1-59797-944-3William NesterHaunted Victory: The American Crusade to Destroy Saddam and Impose Democracy on Iraq
2011978-1-59797-982-5James P. FarwellThe Pakistan Cauldron: Conspiracy, Assassination & Instability