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  ''978-1-59789-033-5Kim Vogel SawyerDear John (Kansas Weddings, Book 1)
  ''978-1-59789-043-4Dave EarleyThe 21 Most Encouraging Promises of the Bible
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2006978-1-59789-062-5Kim Vogel SawyerThat Wilder Boy (Kansas Weddings Series #2) (Heartsong Presents #709)
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2006978-1-59789-086-1Callie Smith GrantJanie's Freedom: African Americans in the Aftermath of the Civil War (1867) (Sisters in Time #14)
  ''978-1-59789-093-9Complied StaffCongratulations
  ''978-1-59789-098-4   ''One-of-A-Kind Mom
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2006978-1-59789-103-5Veda Boyd JonesLaura's Victory: End of the Second World War (1945) (Sisters in Time #24)
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1999978-1-59789-139-4Barbour PublishingOLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS,
2006978-1-59789-192-9   ''365 Days of Wisdom for the Workplace: (365 Days Perpetual Calendars)
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2005978-1-59789-223-0Pamela Griffin · Gail Sattler · Sandra Petit · Tamela Hancock MurrayAngels for Christmas: Strawberry Angel/An Angel for Everyone/Angel on the Doorstep/Angel Charm (Inspirational Christmas Romance Collection)
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2007978-1-59789-226-1Wanda E. BrunstetterA Sister's Secret (Sisters of Holmes County, Book 1)
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2007978-1-59789-297-1R. K. MortensonLandon Snow & The Auctor's Kingdom # 5
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2006978-1-59789-307-7Incorporated Barbour PublishingJoyous Holiday Season: (Goodnews Greetings)
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2006978-1-59789-355-8Christine LynxwilerPromise Me Always (The Pinky Promise Sisterhood, Book 1) (Truly Yours Romance Club #6)
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2007978-1-59789-357-2   ''Lightning & Lace (Texas Legacy, Book 3) (Truly Yours Romance Club #9)
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2007978-1-59789-360-2Marylu TyndallThe Reliance (Legacy of the King's Pirates, Book 2) (Truly Yours Romance Club #7)
2007978-1-59789-361-9Marylu TyndallThe Restitution (Legacy of the King's Pirates, Book 3)
2006978-1-59789-362-6Janet Lee BartonNew Mexico: A Promise Made/A Place Called Home/Making Amends (Heartsong Novella Collection)
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2007978-1-59789-370-1Cathy Marie HakeTexas Brides: To Love Mercy/To Walk Humbly/To Do Justice (Heartsong Novella Collection)
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2008978-1-59789-406-7   ''Blessings: Sommerfeld Trilogy #3 (Truly Yours Romance Club #19)
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2006978-1-59789-416-6John FoxeFoxe's Christian Martyrs
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2007978-1-59789-820-1Debby Mayne · Lena Nelson Dooley · Kim Vogel Sawyer · Lisa HarrisMontana Mistletoe: Return to Mistletoe/Christmas Confusion/All I Want for Christmas is...You/Under the Mistletoe (Heartsong Novella Collection)
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