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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2005978-1-59781-092-0Tina M EllisPregnancy = 40 Weeks of Preparation
  ''978-1-59781-093-7Tina M. EllisPregnancy = 40 Weeks of Preparation
  ''978-1-59781-095-1Carolyn B AndersonStanding in These Last Days
  ''978-1-59781-097-5Arlene StarrAnd She Kept All These Things in Her Heart
  ''978-1-59781-103-3Roger N McNamara · Ken DavisThe Y-B-H Handbook of Church Planting (Yes, But How?)
2005978-1-59781-104-0Roger N McNamara · Ken DavisThe Y-B-H Handbook of Church Planting (Yes, But How?)
  ''978-1-59781-110-1Herbert W ByrneSelected Biblical Privileges, Attitudes and Activities for Christian Living
  ''978-1-59781-114-9Devan C MairWhat If God Is Not Happy With Your Praise?
  ''978-1-59781-117-0   ''Come Unto Me
  ''978-1-59781-118-7   ''Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord. I Want To See You!
2005978-1-59781-119-4Stephen M ScrimentiCatholic Social Ethics Second Edition
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  ''978-1-59781-122-4Sebastian Seet365 Prophetic Promises & Blessings for Your Children
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  ''978-1-59781-130-9   ''Been Wronged Lately?
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  ''978-1-59781-167-5David HarrellOut of the Depths
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2005978-1-59781-247-4Rosezine B WallaceDivorced...By Surprise
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2005978-1-59781-266-5Tasso QuideraFrom Here To Eternity
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2005978-1-59781-327-3Arnita C WrightThe Journey
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