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2005978-1-59756-001-6Robert Thayer SataloffProfessional Voice: The Science and Art of Clinical Care, Third Edition (3-Volume Set)
  ''978-1-59756-002-3Debra M. DwightHere's How to Do Therapy: Hands-On Core Skills in Speech Language Pathology
2007978-1-59756-004-7Dennis C. Tanner · Stephanie S. CottonSurviving Traumatic Brain Injury and Communication Disorders: A Professional and Family Guide
2005978-1-59756-011-5Joseph Kalinowski · Tim SaltuklarogluStuttering
2006978-1-59756-012-2Sandy Hirsch, and Michelle Mordaunt Richard K. AdlerVoice And Communication Therapy for the Transgender/transsexual Client: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide
  ''978-1-59756-013-9Mary Ellen Nevins Patricia M. ChuteSchool Professionals Working With Children With Cochlear Implants
2005978-1-59756-015-3Janice ChapmanSinging and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice
  ''978-1-59756-019-1M. N. HegdeTreatment Protocols for Language Disorders in Children, Vol. 1: Essential Morphologic Features
  ''978-1-59756-020-7Sadanand Singh · Kala SinghPhonetics: Principles and Practices, Third Edition
2005978-1-59756-023-8Raza PashaOtolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery--A Clinical & Reference Guide, Second Edition
  ''978-1-59756-026-9William R. Culbertson · Stephanie S. Cotton · Dennis C. TannerAnatomy and Physiology Study Guide for Speech and Hearing
2006978-1-59756-027-6Ken Mitchell BleileInternational Directory of Communication Disorders
  ''978-1-59756-028-3Steven A. Bielamowicz Albert L. MeratiTextbook of Laryngology
  ''978-1-59756-029-0Jean AbitbolOdyssey of the Voice
  ''978-1-59756-031-3Michael S. Benninger · Thomas MurryThe Performer's Voice
2008978-1-59756-033-7Steven KramerAudiology: Science To Practice
2009978-1-59756-035-1Linda C. Badon and Stephen D. Oller JohnCases: Introducing Communication Disorders Across the Life Span
2006978-1-59756-037-5Richard Carrau Thomas MurryClinical Management of Swallowing Disorders
2005978-1-59756-043-6Brenda Smith · Robert Thayer SataloffChoral Pedagogy
2005978-1-59756-045-0M.N. HegdeTreatment Protocols for Language Disorders in Children Two Volume Set (Protocols Series)
2006978-1-59756-047-4Mary Hawkshaw, and Robert Eller Robert T. SataloffAtlas of Laryngoscopy, Second Edition
2007978-1-59756-048-1Alison Behrman · Ph.D.Speech and Voice Science
  ''978-1-59756-049-8Audrey L. HollandCounseling in Communication Disorders: A Wellness Perspective
2006978-1-59756-050-4M.N. HegdeTreatment Protocols for Stuttering (Plural Protocols)
2009978-1-59756-053-5A. Embry Burrus and William O. HaynesProfessional Communication in Speech Language Pathology: How to Write, Talk, and Act Like a Clinician
2006978-1-59756-056-6Frank E. Musiek and Gail D. ChermakHandbook of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders, Vol. 1: Auditory Neuroscience and Diagnosis
  ''978-1-59756-057-3Gail D. Chermak and Frank E. MusiekHandbook of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder, Vol. 2: Comprehensive Intervention
2007978-1-59756-060-3Vijay K. Anand and Theodore H. SchwartzPractical Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery
2006978-1-59756-061-0Elizabeth C. Ward · Corina J. van As BrooksHead and Neck Cancer: Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Outcomes
2008978-1-59756-062-7Marvin P. Fried · MD · Alfio FerlitoThe Larynx, Third Edition, Volume 1 and 2
2007978-1-59756-063-4Howard C. Shane and Sharon Weiss-KappVisual Language in Autism
978-1-59756-066-5Genomics and Proteomics for Clinicians and Scientists
2006978-1-59756-068-9Mythri S. MenonForeign Accent Management
2007978-1-59756-069-6Mary Pannbacker, Norman J. Lass David IrwinClinical Research Methods in Speech-language Pathology And Audiology
2006978-1-59756-070-2Roberta J. ElmanGroup Treatment of Neurogenic Communication Disorders: The Expert Clinician's Approach
2011978-1-59756-074-0Gregory S. Weinstein and Bert O'MalleyTransoral Robotic Surgery (TORS)
2008978-1-59756-075-7Lisa OrloffHead and Neck Ultrasonography
2007978-1-59756-076-4Kathryn KohnertLanguage Disorders In Bilingual Children and Adults
978-1-59756-077-1Bopanna BallachandaAudiology Basics: Introduction to Audiological Tests and Interpretation
2006978-1-59756-082-5Ken BleileThe Late Eight
  ''978-1-59756-084-9M.N. Hegde and Adriana Peña-BrooksTreatment Protocols for Articulation and Phonologic Disorders
2008978-1-59756-086-3Jen Hirschberg · Tamás Szende · Peter Koltai · Andras IllenyiPediatric Airway: Cry, Stridor, and Cough
2007978-1-59756-089-4Celeste · Ph.D. Roseberry-McKibbinIncreasing Language Skills of Students from Low-Income Backgrounds: Practical Strategies for Professionals
2006978-1-59756-091-7Anne van KleeckSharing Books and Stories to Promote Language and Literacy (Emergent and Early Literacy)
  ''978-1-59756-092-4Laura M. JusticeClinical Approaches to Emergent Literacy Intervention (Emergent and Early Literacy)
2007978-1-59756-094-8Mary Lou Cancio and Sadanand SinghFunctional Phonetics Workbook
2007978-1-59756-097-9Khara PenceAssessment in Emergent Literacy (Emergent and Early Literacy)
2008978-1-59756-100-6Gary P., Ph.d. Jacobson · Neil T., Ph.D. ShepardBalance Function Assessment And Management
2007978-1-59756-104-4David M. Baguely and Gerhard AnderssonHyperacusis: Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Therapies
  ''978-1-59756-105-1Robert G. Glaser and Robert M. TraynorStrategic Practice Management
  ''978-1-59756-107-5Donna Geffner and Deborah Ross-SwainAuditory Processing Disorders: Assessment, Management and Treatment
  ''978-1-59756-109-9Donna LandsmanEducating Children with Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome (Genetics and Communication Disorders Series)
  ''978-1-59756-111-2Kathryn A. Bayles · Cheryl K. TomoedaCognitive-Communication Disorders of Dementia
2006978-1-59756-112-9Morag ClarkA Practical Guide to Quality Interaction with Children who Have a Hearing Loss
2006978-1-59756-114-3Gene J. Brutten · Martine VanryckeghemThe Behavior Assessment Battery for School-Age Children Who Stutter
  ''978-1-59756-115-0Gary WeismerMotor Speech Disorders
  ''978-1-59756-117-4Martine Vanryckeghem and Gene J. BruttenKiddyCat: Communication Attitude Test for Preschool and Kindergarten Children who Stutter
2007978-1-59756-120-4Lynn S. AlvordFalls Assessment and Prevention: Home, Hospital, and Extended Care
2006978-1-59756-137-2Albert L. Merati and Steven A. BielamowiczTextbook of Voice Disorders
2016978-1-59756-139-6Todd A. Ricketts · H. Gustav MuellerModern Hearing AIDS: Function, Features, and Advanced Algorithms: Features and Fitting
2008978-1-59756-142-6Christine Sapienza · Bari Hoffman RuddyVoice Disorders
2006978-1-59756-144-0Joseph C.Vocal Function Exercises
2007978-1-59756-153-2Rebecca Leonard and Kathy KendallDysphagia Assessment and Treatment Planning: A Team Approach, 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-59756-154-9James A. Henry · Dennis R. Trune · Michael J.A. Robb · Pawel J. JastreboffTinnitus Retraining Therapy: Clinical Guidelines
  ''978-1-59756-155-6James A. Henry · Dennis R. Trune · Michael J.A. Robb · Pawel J. JastreboffTinnitus Retraining Therapy: Patient Counseling Guide
2007978-1-59756-156-3University of Queensland Through the SchEarly Literacy Foundations (Elf)
  ''978-1-59756-158-7Elizabeth B. Cole and Carol A. FlexerChildren with Hearing Loss: Developing Listening and Talking Birth to Six
2008978-1-59756-159-4University of QueenslandPhonological Awareness for Literacy - Pal
2010978-1-59756-160-0Julie V MarinacPhonological Awareness Training for High Schools Paths: Support Program Manual: for Speech Pathologists & Learning Support Staff
2008978-1-59756-161-7Gary RanceThe Auditory Steady-State Response: Generation, Recording, and Clinical Application
2007978-1-59756-162-4Cynthia K. Thompson and Linda Worrall Nadine MartinAphasia Rehabilitation: The Impairment and Its Consequences
2000978-1-59756-168-6Plural PublishingVocal Parts
2007978-1-59756-174-7University of Queensland through the School of Health and Rehabilitative SciencesEarly Literacy Foundations (ELF) (Australian Version)
2020978-1-59756-177-8Ramesh BettagereClinical Audiology for Slps
2008978-1-59756-178-5Christopher J. Hartnick · Mark E. · M.D. BoseleyPediatric Voice Disorders
  ''978-1-59756-179-2Trici SchraederA Guide to School Services in Speech-Language Pathology
  ''978-1-59756-182-2Thomas J. Hixon · Gary Weismer · Jeannette D. HoitPreclinical Speech Science: Anatomy, Physiology, Acoustics, Perception
  ''978-1-59756-183-9HixonClinical Evaluation of Speech Production Mechanisms: Principles and Methods
2011978-1-59756-184-6Linda S. CarozzaScience of Successful Supervision and Mentorship
2011978-1-59756-186-0Michael L., Ph.D. KimbarowCognitive Communication Disorders
2007978-1-59756-190-7Jan E. BickelVocal Technique: A Physiological Approach for Voice Class and Studio
2008978-1-59756-193-8Judith M. WingateHealthy Singing
2010978-1-59756-194-5Leonard L. LaPointe · Bruce Murdoch · Julie A. G. StierwaltBrain-Based Communication Disorders
2008978-1-59756-196-9Stephanie K. Daniels and Maggie Lee HuckabeeDysphagia Following Stroke (Plural Clinical Dysphagia Series)
  ''978-1-59756-199-0Teri A. Hamill · Lloyd L. PriceThe Hearing Sciences
2007978-1-59756-200-3Jerry L. CranfordThe Healthcare Professional's Guide to Human Research
2012978-1-59756-202-7Kelly Tremblay · Robert BurkardTranslational Perspectives in Aduitory Neuroscience: Normal Aspects of Hearing
2009978-1-59756-203-4Betsy VinsonWork-Place Skills and Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology
2008978-1-59756-206-5Janet M. FeindelThought Propels the Sound
2006978-1-59756-214-0Acoustical Society of AmericaSpeaking and Singing on Stage: A Performance Demonstration
2009978-1-59756-230-0Harrison N. Jones and John C. RosenbekDysphagia in Rare Conditions: An Encyclopedia (Clinical Dysphagia Series)
2008978-1-59756-231-7John HaskellExercises of Voice Therapy
2009978-1-59756-237-9Kenan Haver · Matthew Brigger · Steve Hardy · Christopher J. HartnickPediatric Aerodigestive Disorders
2008978-1-59756-239-3Nancy E. Leupold · James J. SciubbaMeeting the Challenges of Oral and Head and Neck Cancer: A Survivor's Guide
2020978-1-59756-240-9Theodore H. SchwartzPractical Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery
2008978-1-59756-243-0Nola T. RadfordSmooth Talking: A Curriculum for School-Age Children Who Stutter
978-1-59756-244-7Resident's Dissection Manual for Endoscopic Sinus Skull Base Surgery
2010978-1-59756-245-4Richard Seewald · Anne Marie TharpeComprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology
2008978-1-59756-246-1Lauren K. NelsonResearch in Communication Sciences and Disorders: Methods for Systematic Inquiry
2009978-1-59756-247-8Robert Thayer Sataloff · Alice G., M.D. Brandfonbrener · Richard J. LedermanPerforming Arts Medicine
  ''978-1-59756-249-2Rhea Paul · Jr. Peter FlipsenSpeech Sound Disorders in Children, In Honor of Lawrence D. Shriberg
  ''978-1-59756-250-8Joseph J. Montano · Jaclyn B. SpitzerAdult Audiologic Rehabilitation
  ''978-1-59756-251-5PhD Laurie S. EisenbergClinical Management of Children with Cochlear Implants
2007978-1-59756-257-7Marvin P. Fried and Alfio FerlitoThe Larynx, Third Edition, Volume 2
2008978-1-59756-258-4Nathaniel H. RobinMedical Genetics: Its Application to Speech, Hearing, and Craniofacial Disorders (Genetics and Communication Disorders)
2010978-1-59756-262-1De Wet Swanepoel · Brenda LouwHIV/AIDS Related Communication, Hearing, and Swallowing Disorders
2009978-1-59756-281-2Ray H. Hull · PhDIntroduction to Aural Rehabilitation
2010978-1-59756-283-6Lise MennPsycholinguistics: Introduction and Applications
2009978-1-59756-289-8Lynn AdamsParenting on the Autism Spectrum: A Survival Guide
2009978-1-59756-290-4PhD Lyn RobertsonLiteracy and Deafness: Listening and Spoken Language
2008978-1-59756-291-1M. N. Hegde · Frances PomavilleAssessment of Communication Disorders in Children: Resources and Protocols
2020978-1-59756-292-8Hortencia KayserSecond Language Acquisition and Bilingualism: An Introduction for Speech Language Pathologists
  ''978-1-59756-293-5Lucian Sulica · Markus Hess · Mark CoureyColor Atlas and Synopsis of Laryngology
2009978-1-59756-296-6Betty Loy · Peter RolandCochlear Implants: What Parents Should Know
2012978-1-59756-297-3Weismer Gary G.Introduction to Communicative Disorders
2008978-1-59756-299-7Steven Kramer · Lesli GuthrieAudiology Workbook
  ''978-1-59756-301-7Sonia Q. Cabell · Laura M. Justice · Joan Kaderavek · Khara Pence Turnbull · Allison Breit-SmithEmergent Literacy: Lessons for Success (Emergent and Early Literacy)
2020978-1-59756-303-1Mary AndrianopolousNeurological Bases of Speech, Language, and Hearing
2012978-1-59756-304-8McMurtrie HogieMcMurtrie's Speech and Hearing Coloring Book
978-1-59756-305-5Anatomy and Physiology for Practitioners in Communication Sciences and Disorders
2008978-1-59756-312-3Katherine Verdolini AbbottLessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy (Package)
2009978-1-59756-313-0Alfio Ferlito · MD · K. Thomas Robbins · Carl E. SilverNeck Dissection
  ''978-1-59756-314-7Marvin P. Fried · Alfio Ferlito · Alessandra, M.D. Rinaldo · Richard V. SmithCancer of the Larynx
  ''978-1-59756-315-4   ''Pediatric Laryngology
2008978-1-59756-317-8James M. KatesDigital Hearing Aids
2020978-1-59756-320-8Sharon A. Sandridge · Sharon A. Lesner · Craig W. NewmanAudiology Preceptor Handbook
2009978-1-59756-321-5Debby Waldman · Jackson RoushYour Child's Hearing Loss: A Guide for Parents
2008978-1-59756-322-2Sharynne McLeod · Sadanand SinghSeeing Speech: A Quick Guide to Speech Sounds
2008978-1-59756-324-6Melissa Malde · MaryJean Allen · Kurt-Alexander ZellerWhat Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body
  ''978-1-59756-325-3Dennis C. TannerCase Studies in Dysphagia Malpractice Litigation
2020978-1-59756-326-0Lahey Clinic · Peter J. CatalanoMinimally Invasive Surgery of the Head and Neck
978-1-59756-330-7The Nose
2010978-1-59756-334-5Carol LaSasso · Kelly Lamar Crain · Jacqueline LeybaertCued Speech and Cued Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
  ''978-1-59756-339-0Michael P. RobbINTRO: A Guide to Communication Sciences and Disorders
2009978-1-59756-340-6Maureen Valente · Ph.D.Pure-Tone Audiometry and Masking (Core Clinical Concepts in Audiology)
2020978-1-59756-341-3Myles KesslerEar Canal Assessment and Management
2011978-1-59756-342-0Sumitrajit Dhar · James W. Hall IIIOtoacoustic Emissions: Principles, Procedures, and Protocols (Core Clinical Concepts in Audiology)
2018978-1-59756-343-7Paul R. KilenyThe Audiologist's Handbook of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring
2009978-1-59756-344-4Joseph C. Stemple · Lisa Thomas FryVoice Therapy: Clinical Case Studies
2011978-1-59756-347-5Brian Taylor · H. Gustav MuellerFitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids
2009978-1-59756-348-2Joseph C. Stemple · Leslie Glaze · Bernice KlabenClinical Voice Pathology: Theory and Management
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2010978-1-59756-354-3Christopher Hartnick · Mark BoseleyClinical Management of Children's Voice Disorders
2020978-1-59756-359-8Alfredo Quinones-HinojosaContemporary Skull Base Surgery: 1
2009978-1-59756-360-4Christine Sapienza · Bari Hoffman RuddyVoice Disorders Workbook
2010978-1-59756-363-5Robert J. ShprintzenGrowth Velocity, Weight Gain & Growth Charts for Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome: Management of Feeding and Swallowing Problems
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  ''978-1-59756-372-7Jace Wolfe · Erin SchaferProgramming Cochlear Implants (Core Clincal Concepts in Audiology) (Core Clinical Concepts in Audiology)
2012978-1-59756-377-2Susan Rvachew · Francoise Brosseau-LapreDevelopmental Phonological Disorders: Foundations of Clinical Practice
2010978-1-59756-379-6Elizabeth Cole · Carol, Ph.D. FlexerChildren With Hearing Loss: Developing Listening and Talking, Birth to Six
2020978-1-59756-382-6William W. ClarkHearing Conservation: Preserving and Protecting Hearing and Communication Through the Lifespan
2012978-1-59756-383-3Jennifer J. Shin · Michael J. CunninghamOtolaryngology Prep and Practice
2010978-1-59756-387-1Raza PashaOtolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery: Clinical Reference Guide
2021978-1-59756-389-5Carolyn W. HigdonHandbook of Augmentative and Alternative Communication
2009978-1-59756-390-1Joseph C. Stemple and Lisa Thomas FryClinical Voice Pathology and Voice Therapy Bundle
2010978-1-59756-393-2Jeannette Hoit · Gary WeismerPreclinical Speech Science Workbook
2011978-1-59756-411-3Bre Lynn MyersVestibular Learning Manual (Core Clinical Concepts in Audiology)
  ''978-1-59756-414-4M. N. Hegde · Don FreedAssessment of Communication Disorders in Adults
2012978-1-59756-425-0Thomas Murry · Ricardo L. CarrauClinical Management of Swallowing Disorders
2011978-1-59756-426-7Janice ChapmanSinging and Teaching Singing, 2nd Ed.
2014978-1-59756-431-1Brian FligorClassic in Audiology: 1950-2010
2014978-1-59756-433-5Eiki SatakeStatistical Methods and Reasoning for the Clinical Sciences: Evidence-Based Practice
2012978-1-59756-434-2Carole R. RothMild Traumatic Brain Injuries: Serving Our Wounded Warriors
2015978-1-59756-449-6John W. McCarthy · Aimee DietzAugmentative and Alternative Communication: An Interactive Clinical Casebook
2017978-1-59756-457-1Daniel AlamOperative Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
2014978-1-59756-458-8Wendy D. Leborgne · Marci RosenbergThe Vocal Athlete
2018978-1-59756-464-9Christy L. Ludlow · Raymond Kent · Lincoln C. GrayMeasuring Voice, Speech, and Swallowing in the Clinic and Laboratory
2013978-1-59756-471-7Kenny Pang · Brian Rotenberg · Tucker WoodsonAdvanced Surgical Techniques in Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
2012978-1-59756-478-6Leonard L. LaPointePaul Broca and the Origins of Language in the Brain
  ''978-1-59756-481-6Alison BehrmanSpeech and Voice Science
2014978-1-59756-484-7Anthony DiLollo · Robert A. NeimeyerCounseling in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology: Reconstructing Personal Narratives
2012978-1-59756-485-4Thomas MurryClinical Management of Swallowing Disorders Workbook
2020978-1-59756-486-1AllenFrom Assessment to Intervention: A Guidebook for the Auditory Perception Test for the Hearing Impaired
2012978-1-59756-487-8M. N. Hegde · Frances PomavilleAssessment of Communication Disorders in Children: Resources and Protocols
  ''978-1-59756-493-9Christine Sapienza · Bari Hoffman RuddyVoice Disorders
  ''978-1-59756-494-6Melissa Malde · Kurt-Alexander Zeller · MaryJean AllenWhat Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body
  ''978-1-59756-496-0William R. Culbertson · Stephanie C. Christensen · Dennis C. TannerAnatomy and Physiology Study Guide for Speech and Hearing
2014978-1-59756-509-7Marina GilmanBody and Voice: Somatic Re-education
2013978-1-59756-520-2Thomas J. Hixon · Gary Weismer · Jeannette D. HoitPreclinical Speech Science: Anatomy, Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception, Second Edition
2013978-1-59756-521-9Jeannette D. Hoit · Gary WeismerPreclinical Speech Science Workbook, Second Edition
  ''978-1-59756-522-6Robert G. Glaser · Robert M. TraynorStrategic Practice Management, Second Edition (Audiology)
  ''978-1-59756-525-7Rebecca, Ph.D. Leonard · Katherine A., M.D. KendallDysphagia Assessment and Treatment Planning: A Team Approach
2014978-1-59756-528-8Sanjay R. ParikhPediatric Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery: Clinical Reference Guide
2013978-1-59756-529-5Joseph Montano · Jaclyn SpitzerAdult Audiologic Rehabilitation, Second Edition (Audiology)
  ''978-1-59756-530-1Alison, Ph.D. Behrman · John HaskellExercises for Voice Therapy
  ''978-1-59756-532-5Raza Pasha · Justin S. GolubOtolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery: Clinical Reference Guide
2013978-1-59756-535-6Brenda Smith · Robert T. SataloffChoral Pedagogy, Third Edition
2014978-1-59756-555-4Michael L. Hinni · David G. LottContemporary Transoral Surgery for Primary Head and Neck Cancer
  ''978-1-59756-556-1Joseph C. Stemple · Nelson Roy · Bernice KlabenClinical Voice Pathology: Theory and Management
2013978-1-59756-559-2Ken M. BleileThe Late Eight
  ''978-1-59756-561-5Frank E. Musiek · Gail D. ChermakHandbook of Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Volume I: Auditory Neuroscience and Diagnosis
  ''978-1-59756-562-2Gail D. Chermak · Frank E. MusiekHandbook of Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Volume II: Comprehensive Intervention
  ''978-1-59756-564-6Kathryn A. Bayles · Cheryl K. TomoedaCognitive-Communication Disorders of Dementia: Definition, Diagnosis, and Treatment
2014978-1-59756-572-1Evan J. Propst · Yamilet Tirado · Faisal I. Abdulkader · Marvin Estrada · Paolo Campisi · Vito ForteAirway Reconstruction Surgical Dissection Manual
2015978-1-59756-611-7Henriette W. Langdon · Terry I. SaenzWorking with Interpreters and Translators: A Guide for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
2016978-1-59756-615-5Anne Marie TharpeComprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology
2016978-1-59756-616-2Seth M. Brown · Kimberley J. Pollock · Michael Setzen · Abtin TabaeeThe Essential Guide to Coding in Otolaryngology: Coding, Billing, and Practice Management
2015978-1-59756-617-9Margaret FishHere's How to Treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Second Edition (Here's How Series)
  ''978-1-59756-618-6Lissa A. Power-deFurCommon Core State Standards and the Speech-Language Pathologist: Standards-Based Intervention for Special Populations
2016978-1-59756-654-4Michael P. Platt · Kenneth M. GrundfastScary Cases in Otolaryngology
2014978-1-59756-656-8Marie R. KerinsChild and Adolescent Communication Disorders: Organic and Neurogenic Bases
2017978-1-59756-709-1Robert T. SataloffProfessional Voice: The Science and Art of Clinical Care, Three-Volume Set, Fourth Edition
2016978-1-59756-713-8Erna AlantAugmentative and Alternative Communication: Engagement and Participation
2015978-1-59756-714-5Robert A. DobieMedical-Legal Evaluation of Hearing Loss
2018978-1-59756-716-9Sujana S. Chandrasekhar · Hosakere K. ChandrasekharTemporal Bone Histology and Radiology Atlas
2016978-1-59756-730-5Ricardo L. Carrau · Rebecca J. HowellComprehensive Management of Swallowing Disorders
2015978-1-59756-786-2Joshua K. Harrower · Louis G. Denti · Marcia Weber-OlsenEducating Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Model for High-Quality Coaching
2016978-1-59756-790-9Melissa Malde · Maryjean Allen · Kurt-alexander ZellerWhat Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body
  ''978-1-59756-791-6Irene W. Leigh · Jean F. Andrews · Raychelle HarrisDeaf Culture: Exploring Deaf Communities in the United States
2015978-1-59756-793-0Betholyn F. Gentry · Pamela Wiley · Jamie Torres-FelicianoAutism: Attacking Social Interaction Problems: A Therapy Manual Targeting Social Skills in Children 10-12
2019978-1-59756-854-8Ashok R. ShahaSurgical and Medical Management of Diseases of the Thyroid and Parathyroid
2017978-1-59756-855-5Chris De Souza · Peter Roland · Debara L. TucciImplantable Hearing Devices
  ''978-1-59756-858-6Lisa A. OrloffHead and Neck Ultrasonography: Essential and Extended Applications, Second Edition
  ''978-1-59756-859-3Robert T. SataloffClinical Assessment of Voice, Second Edition
2017978-1-59756-860-9Robert T. SataloffVocal Health and Pedagogy: Science, Assessment, and Treatment, Third Edition
  ''978-1-59756-861-6   ''Treatment of Voice Disorders, Second Edition
  ''978-1-59756-862-3   ''Voice Science, Second Edition
2019978-1-59756-864-7Jay Paul Willging · Claire Kane Miller · Aliza P. CohenPediatric Dysphagia: Etiologies, Diagnosis, and Management
2018978-1-59756-889-0Richard D. AndreattaNeuroscience Fundamentals for Communication Sciences and Disorders
  ''978-1-59756-892-0Jace WolfeCochlear Implants: Audiologic Management and Considerations for Implantable Hearing Devices
2016978-1-59756-934-7Thomas Murry · Ricardo L. Carrau · Karen ChanClinical Management of Swallowing Disorders, Fourth Edition
2017978-1-59756-935-4Alison BehrmanSpeech and Voice Science
2019978-1-59756-936-1Jean AbitbolThe Female Voice
2016978-1-59756-939-2Stephanie D. SandersThe FILTER Approach: Social Communication Skills for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  ''978-1-59756-941-5Lydia A. Kopel · Elissa KilduffIEP Goal Writing for Speech-Language Pathologists: Utilizing State Standards
2017978-1-59756-942-2Lenwood Gibson · Festus ObiakorComputer-Based Technology for Special and Multicultural Education: Enhancing 21st Century Learning
2016978-1-59756-959-0Jeannette D. Hoit · Gary WeismerFoundations of Speech and Hearing: Anatomy and Physiology
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