year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-59748-010-9Kailin GowBlood Legacy (PULSE Vampire Series #6)
2012978-1-59748-012-3Kailin GowImmortal Devices (Steampunk Scarlett Novel #2)
  ''978-1-59748-036-9   ''Spring Frost: Bitter Frost Series
2013978-1-59748-080-2   ''Devour Me (Master Chefs Series #1): an erotic contemporary romance about food, love, and travel (Volume 1)
2011978-1-59748-460-2   ''The Fire Wars
2005978-1-59748-589-0   ''Real Estate Auctions 101: What You Should Know About Auctioning Your Home or Business (Home Harmony Series)
2010978-1-59748-631-6Kailin GowWicked Woods (Wicked Woods #1)
  ''978-1-59748-632-3   ''Shimmer (Wicked Woods #2)
2011978-1-59748-633-0   ''Silver (Wicked Woods #3)
  ''978-1-59748-634-7   ''Silence (Wicked Woods #4)
  ''978-1-59748-680-4   ''Immortal Darkness (Phantom Diaries #3)
2012978-1-59748-681-1Kailin GowDark Phantom (Phantom Diaries Beginnings #2)
2005978-1-59748-814-3Editors at Sparklesoup LLC · Sophie Kim-YorkCareer KNOWtes Personal Shopping (How to Have Fun and Make Money)
  ''978-1-59748-821-1Kailin GowCareer Knowtes: Mystery Shopping, Third Edition (How to Have Fun and Make Money in the Career You Love Series)
  ''978-1-59748-822-8Editors at Sparklesoup LLC · Patti SchultzCareer KNOWtes: Tour Operator (How to Have Fun and Make Money)
2010978-1-59748-898-3Kailin GowBitter Frost (Bitter Frost Series: Book 1)
  ''978-1-59748-899-0   ''Forever Frost: Bitter Frost (Volume 2)
  ''978-1-59748-900-3   ''Silver Frost (Bitter Frost #3 of the Frost Series)
2011978-1-59748-901-0   ''Frost Kisses (Bitter Frost #4 of the Frost Series)
2011978-1-59748-902-7Kailin GowMidnight Frost (The Frost Series)
  ''978-1-59748-903-4   ''Frost Fire (Frost Series #6) (Bitter Frost)
2010978-1-59748-912-6Kailin GowThe Phantom Diaries (Volume 1)
  ''978-1-59748-913-3   ''Dark Memories (The Phantom Diaries, #2)
  ''978-1-59748-941-6   ''Pulse (Pulse, Book #1)
  ''978-1-59748-942-3   ''Life's Blood (Pulse Vampire Series, Book 2)
  ''978-1-59748-943-0   ''Blood Burned (Pulse Book 3)
2011978-1-59748-944-7Kailin GowBlue Blood (Pulse, Book 4)
  ''978-1-59748-945-4   ''Blood Bond (Pulse, Book 5)
2010978-1-59748-947-8   ''The Stoker Sisters: Daughters of Dracula
2011978-1-59748-971-3   ''Dark Beginnings (Phantom Diaries Beginnings)