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2007978-1-59687-015-4Stephen W. SearsThe Battle of the Bulge
  ''978-1-59687-019-2Judith Sachs · Sheryl KingsbergBoost Your Sexual Energy: A Guide to Peak Performance
2003978-1-59687-025-3Robin Wayne BaileyDragonkin (Volume 1)
2005978-1-59687-027-7Robin Wayne BaileyDragonkin: Talisman (Volume 2)
2003978-1-59687-030-7Poul AndersonEnsign Flandry: The Saga of Dominic Flandry, Agent of Imperial Terra (Volume 1)
2004978-1-59687-032-1Jeannie EarnstFit Forever: 30 Days to Healthy Habits You Can Handle--for Life!
2005978-1-59687-034-5Christopher J. Priest · Michael AhnGreen Lantern: Sleepers (Volume 2)
1999978-1-59687-037-6Michael P.-McDowell KubeIsaac Asimov's Robot City, Volumes 1 and 2
2005978-1-59687-040-6Stephen Dando-CollinsThe Inquest
2003978-1-59687-044-4Bruce BethkeIsaac Asimov's Robots and Aliens (Volume 3)
2007978-1-59687-045-1Angelica GorodischerKalpa Imperial: The Greatest Empire That Never Was
2002978-1-59687-052-9William M. GainesThe Brothers Mad: Mad Reader (Volume 5)
2004978-1-59687-054-3Mark W. TiedmannAsimov's Mirage: The New Isaac Asimov's Robot Mystery
  ''978-1-59687-055-0Martin H. GreenbergMy Favorite Fantasy Story
  ''978-1-59687-057-4Robert SilverbergPhases of the Moon: Six Decades of Masterpieces
2003978-1-59687-068-0Eric HammelSix Days in June: How Israel Won the 1967 Israeli-Arab War
2004978-1-59687-070-3Harlan EllisonStrange Wine
  ''978-1-59687-074-1Roger ZelaznyThis Immortal
2004978-1-59687-075-8Madison J. DavisLaw and Order: Deadline: An Original Law and Order Novel
2002978-1-59687-076-5Gary Null7 Steps to Perfect Health: A Practical and Affordable Guide to Health and Nutrition
2001978-1-59687-077-2Daniel P. MannixThe Way of the Gladiator (Adventures in History)
2004978-1-59687-079-6John Gregory BetancourtRoger Zelazny's Chaos and Amber
2003978-1-59687-081-9Michael R. BeschlossThe Presidents: Every Leader from Washington to Bush
2001978-1-59687-092-5Robert LeckieHelmet for My Pillow
2004978-1-59687-099-4Paul DowlingThe Official Forensic Files Casebook: Cases, Causes, Culprits
2005978-1-59687-101-4Tom O'NeillShark Tank: A Novel
  ''978-1-59687-102-1Madison J. DavisThe Van Gogh Conspiracy: A Novel
  ''978-1-59687-103-8Christopher J. PriestGreen Lantern: Sleepers (Volume 3)
  ''978-1-59687-104-5Robert PayneAncient Rome
  ''978-1-59687-106-9Greg BearBlood Music (Ibooks Science Fiction Classics)
2007978-1-59687-107-6Roger ZelaznyLast Defender of Camelot (Roger Zelazny Collection)
2005978-1-59687-111-3Sid JacobsenThe Ultimate Casper
2005978-1-59687-113-7Joseph H. BadalThe Pythagorean Solution
  ''978-1-59687-115-1Doug MoenchThe Forensic Files of Batman
  ''978-1-59687-116-8Philip S. DonlayCategory Five
  ''978-1-59687-117-5Michael F. HolickThe UV Advantage: The Medical Breakthrough That Shows How to Harness the Power of the Sun for Your Health
  ''978-1-59687-118-2John Gregory BetancourtShadows of Amber (Roger Zelazny's Dawn of Amber)
2005978-1-59687-119-9Richard Hatch · Brad LinaweaverBattlestar Galactica: Redemption
2007978-1-59687-120-5Robert RaymondFire and Bronze: A Novel of Carthage
2005978-1-59687-121-2Martin H. GreenbergMy Favorite Science Fiction Story
2007978-1-59687-122-9Arthur C. ClarkeAgainst the Fall of Night (Ibooks Science Fiction Classics)
2005978-1-59687-123-6Jack KerouacOrpheus Emerged
2007978-1-59687-125-0Deborah MitchellSexual Vigor for Life: The Natural Way
2005978-1-59687-126-7Patricia McKillipSomething Rich and Strange (Ibooks Fantasy Classics)
  ''978-1-59687-128-1Anne BaraouThe Skeleton Family
2007978-1-59687-131-1Gary GrossmanExecutive Actions
2005978-1-59687-132-8John Gregory BetancourtRoger Zelazny's To Rule in Amber (New Amber Trilogy)
  ''978-1-59687-133-5Russell BlackfordKong Reborn
  ''978-1-59687-134-2Steve NilesGuns, Drugs, and Monsters, Book 2: Cal McDonald, Monster Hunter (Cal McDonald Mysteries)
2007978-1-59687-135-9Christopher J. Priest · Michael AhnGreen Lantern: Sleepers (Volume 2)
  ''978-1-59687-136-6Gary GrossmanExecutive Treason: A Novel
2005978-1-59687-138-0Brian WilsonBrian Wilson's Smile
2005978-1-59687-142-7Roger ZelaznyThe Doors of His Face, The Lamp of His Mouth
  ''978-1-59687-144-1Greg BearSleepside: The Collected Fantasies
  ''978-1-59687-149-6Samuel RoenA Little Girl Is Missing
2007978-1-59687-150-2Barry OzeroffSniper Shot
2005978-1-59687-151-9Alexander C. IrvineHave Robot, Will Travel: The New Isaac Asimov's Robot Mystery
  ''978-1-59687-152-6David CianMegaWar
  ''978-1-59687-156-4David RothbartA Soldier's Journal: With the 22nd Infantry Regiment in World War II
2005978-1-59687-157-1Robert SilberbergThe Gate of Worlds (Ibooks Science Fiction Classics)
2006978-1-59687-159-5Sheryl LonginDorian Greyhound: A Novel
2005978-1-59687-160-1Maxim Jakubowski · Diana Gabaldon · Edward D. Hoch Paul C. Doherty · Steven Saylor Janet Laurence · Peter Lovesy Julian Rathbone · Susanna Gregory Molly Brown · David Howard, Kate Ross Michael Pearce · Peter Tremayne Marilyn ToddPast Poisons: An Ellis Peters Memorial Anthology of Historical Crime
  ''978-1-59687-161-8Steve LyonsThe Triangle
  ''978-1-59687-162-5Tanith LeeBlack Unicorn (Ibooks Fantasy Classics)
  ''978-1-59687-164-9Jean DufauxSwords Of Rome Vol. 2: Agrippa's Ambition
2006978-1-59687-166-3Jack WarnerManeater
  ''978-1-59687-167-0Michael MurrayRaven
2005978-1-59687-168-7Richard Hatch · Brad LinaweaverBattlestar Galactica: Destiny
2006978-1-59687-172-4Rachel HausfaterThe Little Boy Star: An Allegory of the Holocaust
2004978-1-59687-175-5Michael Patrick HearnThe Porcelain Cat
2004978-1-59687-176-2David Wiesner · Fritz LeiberGonna Roll the Bones
2005978-1-59687-177-9Barbara Brenner · William H. Hooks · Betty BoegeholdBunny Tails
2004978-1-59687-178-6Joni MitchellChelsea Morning
  ''978-1-59687-179-3Tanguy GrebanSarah So Small
2005978-1-59687-181-6Alan JardineSloop John B: A Pirate's Tale
  ''978-1-59687-182-3Norman StilesOn My Very First Day of School I Met...
2007978-1-59687-184-7Quentin GrebanMommy, I Love You
2005978-1-59687-186-1Sylvie Auzary-LutonGoing Batty!
  ''978-1-59687-189-2Grard MoncombleThe Nine Lives of the Cat
2004978-1-59687-196-0Bram StokerThe Essential Dracula
2005978-1-59687-201-1John T. CullenA Walk in Ancient Rome: A Vivid Journey Back in Time
2001978-1-59687-209-7Bruce CattonNew History of the Civil War (American Heritage)
2005978-1-59687-215-8Mark W. TiedmannAsimov's Aurora: The New Isaac Asimov's Robot Mystery (v. 1)
2003978-1-59687-218-9Joseph A. SpringerBlack Devil Brigade: The True Story of the First Special Service Force in World War II
  ''978-1-59687-220-2Poul AndersonBrainwave: His Enduring Masterpiece
2005978-1-59687-223-3Mark W. TiedmannAsimov's Chimera: The New Isaac Asimov's Robot Mystery
2002978-1-59687-233-2Byron PreissDragonworld
2004978-1-59687-240-0Jack VanceThe Gray Prince
2004978-1-59687-246-2Robert LeckieThe Battle for Iwo Jima
2006978-1-59687-249-3Howard FastThe Jews: Story of a People
2003978-1-59687-251-6Jack VanceThe Dragon Masters
2002978-1-59687-253-0James Leo HerlihyMidnight Cowboy
2001978-1-59687-265-3Stephen LeighIsaac Asimov's Robots and Aliens (Isaac Asimov's Robot City: Robots And Aliens, Bks. 1-2) (Volume 1)
2002978-1-59687-269-1John H. WatsonSherlock Holmes vs. Dracula: The Adventure of the Sanguinary Count
2007978-1-59687-272-1Fritz LeiberSwords in the Mist: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (Bk. 3 & 4)
2004978-1-59687-273-8Michael HolickThe UV Advantage: The Medical Breakthrough that Shows How to Harness the Power of the Sun for Your Health
2002978-1-59687-278-3Robert SilverbergUp the Line
  ''978-1-59687-281-3George R.R. MartinWild Cards, Deuces Down (Wild Cards Vol XVI) (Volume 16)
2001978-1-59687-282-0George R.R. MartinWild Cards
  ''978-1-59687-283-7   ''Wild Cards, Aces High (Volume 2)
2002978-1-59687-284-4George R. R. MartinWild Cards, Jokers Wild: Jokers Wild (Wild Cards, Book 3) (Volume 3)
2004978-1-59687-286-8Robert SilverbergThe World Inside
2005978-1-59687-288-2Dorothy BridgesYou Caught Me Kissing: A Love Story (Large Print)
  ''978-1-59687-290-5Marv WolfmanCrisis on Infinite Earths
  ''978-1-59687-294-3Antoine GuilloppeOne Scary Night (6-Copy Packed Counter Display)
2006978-1-59687-297-4John J. MillerGeorge R.R. Martin's Wild Cards XVII: Death Draws Five
2007978-1-59687-299-8Ken HodgsonThe Paradox Syndrome
2006978-1-59687-300-1Conor KostickEpic
2006978-1-59687-303-2Mark ThomasEvery Mother's Nightmare: The Murder of James Bulger
  ''978-1-59687-304-9Parke GodwinBeloved Exile
2007978-1-59687-307-0Jonathan StrahanModern Greats of Science Fiction: Nine Novellas of Distinction
2006978-1-59687-308-7Winifred ConklingStopping Time: Natural Remedies to Reverse Aging
  ''978-1-59687-310-0Michael MurrayThe Raven Deception
2007978-1-59687-312-4Robin Wayne BaileyDragonkin: Undersky (Volume 3)
2006978-1-59687-313-1Mark S. WeissWhen Your Wife Has Breast Cancer...: A Story of Love, Courage and Survival
2012978-1-59687-315-5Shoshana Silberman · Zion OzeriThe Jewish World Family Haggadah: The First Contemporary Passover Haggadah
2007978-1-59687-316-2John A. KernerCombat Medic: World War II
2011978-1-59687-318-6Don WardWay of the Cowboy
2006978-1-59687-319-3Fred PattenFurry!
  ''978-1-59687-322-3Maxim JakubowskiMurder Through the Ages: A Bumper Anthology of Historical Mysteries
2011978-1-59687-323-0Karen HaberScience Fiction: The Best of 2005 (Science Fiction: The Best of ... (Quality))
2006978-1-59687-331-5Emmanuel Ringelblum · Jacob SloanNotes from the Warsaw Ghetto
  ''978-1-59687-332-2Henry J., Jr. DoscherSubchaser in the South Pacific: A Saga of the USS SC-761 During World War II
2009978-1-59687-335-3Greg BearPsychlone
2011978-1-59687-342-1Yorick Brow,Yorick Brown Mike Flynn500 Best Urban Legends Ever!
2007978-1-59687-343-8Marv WolfmanCrisis on Infinite Earths
2011978-1-59687-345-2Walt Cunningham Walter CunninghamThe All-American Boys
2011978-1-59687-346-9Paul Kupperberg,Alan Kupperberg Geoff JohnsJSA: Mixed Signals
2006978-1-59687-352-0Zep · Helen BrullerWhat's Going On Down There?: All The Stuff Your Body Won't Tell You
2010978-1-59687-353-7Mike ResnickDirty Rotten Aliens
2006978-1-59687-354-4Douglas C. JonesThe Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer: A Novel
  ''978-1-59687-355-1Liza H. Leal · Duncan G. FouldsLive Well with Chronic Pain: A Journey of Discovery
2007978-1-59687-356-8Thomas FlemingWest Point Blue and Gray
2011978-1-59687-362-9Stephen Dando-CollinsThe Inquest
2008978-1-59687-365-0Michael SonbertThe Never Enders
2006978-1-59687-366-7Martin GilbertFinal Journey: The Fate of the Jews in Nazi Europe
2009978-1-59687-367-4William ChristieBlood We Shed
2007978-1-59687-368-1Philip S. DonlayCode Black
2006978-1-59687-370-4Howard FastAgrippa's Daughter
2011978-1-59687-377-3Alexa HayesVampire Beach
2007978-1-59687-379-7Chris BeakeyDouble Abduction
2011978-1-59687-380-3Thomas J. Fleming Thomas FlemingBattle of Yorktown
2009978-1-59687-384-1Robert LeckieMarines!: The Inside Story
2016978-1-59687-385-8Mitchell J. FreedmanA Disturbance of Fate, the Presidency of Robert F. Kennedy
2011978-1-59687-390-2Leonard WolfTraitor
  ''978-1-59687-392-6John Betancourt John Gregory BetancourtRoger Zelazny's Shadows of Amber
2015978-1-59687-401-5Byron Preiss · Ted Mann · Sean KellyThe Secret
2011978-1-59687-425-1Nick PollottaJudgement Night
2004978-1-59687-801-3Jimmy GownleyWhat Makes You Happy (Amelia Rules!)
2003978-1-59687-802-0Guy Davis · Gary ReedHonour Among Punks: The Complete Baker Street Graphic Novel
2004978-1-59687-803-7Moebius · Jiro TaniguchiIcaro: 2
  ''978-1-59687-804-4William M. GainesLike, Mad: Mad Reader (Mad Readers) (Volume 9)
2003978-1-59687-805-1   ''Organization Mad: Mad Reader (Mad Readers) (Volume 8)
2002978-1-59687-806-8Harvey Kurtzman · Roger PriceThe Mad Reader (Mad Readers)
2011978-1-59687-807-5William M.l GainesMad Strikes Back! (Mad Readers)
2002978-1-59687-808-2MadInside Mad: Mad Reader (Volume 3)
  ''978-1-59687-809-9William M. GainesUtterly Mad Volume 4 (Mad Readers)
2004978-1-59687-812-9David Zane MairowitzR. Crumb's Kafka
2004978-1-59687-815-0William M. GainesThe Ides of Mad: Mad Reader (Mad Readers) (Volume 10)
2003978-1-59687-816-7Ray BradburyThe Best of Ray Bradbury: The Graphic Novel
2004978-1-59687-817-4Juan Diaz CanalesBlacksad: Somewhere Within the Shadows
  ''978-1-59687-818-1Juan Diaz CanalesBlacksad, vol. 2
2008978-1-59687-819-8Jimmy GownleyAmelia Rules!, Volume 1: The Whole World's Crazy
2007978-1-59687-820-4Ron FortierAlex Ross Terminator: The Burning Earth
2005978-1-59687-821-1Henrik RehrTribeca Sunset: A Story of 9-11
2007978-1-59687-822-8Kevin J. Anderson New York Times bestselling author · Alex NinoThe Orc's Treasure
2005978-1-59687-823-5Sid JacobsonThe Ultimate Casper: Comics Collection!
  ''978-1-59687-824-2Jean Dufaux · Phillipe Delaby · Jean DufaxSwords of Rome: The Conquerors
  ''978-1-59687-826-6Joe KubertYossel
  ''978-1-59687-827-3Joe KubertJew Gangster: A Father's Admonition
2005978-1-59687-829-7Sergio SalmaPenguins on Ice
2012978-1-59687-830-3Jimmy GownleyAmelia Rules!
2007978-1-59687-831-0Jean Dufaux · Philippe DelabySwords of Rome: Agrippa's Ambition
2005978-1-59687-832-7Dean Motter · Neil Gaiman · Dave McKeanMister X: The Definitive Collection (v. 2) (Mr. X)
  ''978-1-59687-833-4Louise Simonson · Damion HendricksMagnus 1: Robot Fighter (Magnus, Robot Fighter) (v. 1)
  ''978-1-59687-834-1Pierre ChristinValerian Volume 1: The New Future Trilogy: On the Frontiers/The Living Weapons/The Circles of Power (v. 1) (Valerian: The New Future Trilogy)
  ''978-1-59687-837-2Juan Diaz CanalesBlacksad: The Sketch Files
2003978-1-59687-839-6Raymond ChandlerRaymond Chandler's Marlowe: The Authorized Philip Marlowe Graphic Novel
2005978-1-59687-840-2AngeThe Bloodline Chronicles
2008978-1-59687-844-0Jacques Tardi · Leo MaletThe Bloody Streets of Paris
1999978-1-59687-847-1Byron PreissRaymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe
2007978-1-59687-850-1Jeffrey S. StephensThe Portofino Deception
  ''978-1-59687-851-8John R. TaylorGrunt Air
2006978-1-59687-852-5Sid JacobsonThe Ultimate Hot Stuff
2011978-1-59687-866-2Roger L. JohnsonDead Man's Chest
2009978-1-59687-900-3Michael F. Holick · Mark JenkinsThe UV Advantage
2014978-1-59687-981-2Renate StoeverEscape from Plauen, a True Story
2014978-1-59687-988-1Alfred BesterThe Demolished Man