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2004978-1-59622-009-6Joseph I. RosenbaumOutsourcing Agreements Line By Line: A Detailed Look At Outsourcing Agreements & How To Change Them To Fit Your Needs
  ''978-1-59622-011-9Edwin L. Miller Jr. · Peter Banres-Brown · Jeffrey P. SteeleThe Lifecycle of a Technology Company: Financing Options - The Best Ways to Secure Funding for an IT Venture
2005978-1-59622-025-6Aspatore BooksTelecom Leadership Strategies: The World's Top Telecommunications CEOs on Revenue Generation, Sales Strategies, and the Future of the Industry Back ... on Keys to Success (Inside the Minds)
2004978-1-59622-029-4Brandon BaumNon-Disclosure Agreements Line by Line
2005978-1-59622-032-4Kari RussInside the Minds: Public Relations Best Practices--Industry Insiders Offer Proven Tips for the Most Effective Communications Strategies
  ''978-1-59622-033-1Aspatore BooksThe Art & Science of Legal Recruiting: Legal Search Experts on What Recruiters, Clients, & Candidates Need to Know to Win Successful Placements in Todayæs Legal Market (Inside the Minds)
2004978-1-59622-089-8Howard M. WeissThe 100-Year Wealth Management Plan
  ''978-1-59622-090-4Gregory J. NowakHedge Fund Disclosure Documents Line by Line: A User's Guide to Private Placement Memoranda for Funds Formed as Limited Liability Companies
2005978-1-59622-092-8Aspatore Books Staff · aspatore.comDeveloping an IP Strategy for Your Company: Leading Lawyers on Intellectual Property Portfolio Capitalization (Inside the Minds)
2004978-1-59622-108-6Joseph F. Savage Jr. · Kimberly C. Nuzum · Dawn M. PerlmanThey Are Coming for You: Dangers for Corporate Executives in the Expanding World of Financial Crime
2005978-1-59622-109-3Aspatore BooksOpen C-Suite Doors: Communication Keys from the Lumin Collaborative
  ''978-1-59622-112-3Mike Dettorre · James R. Kalyvas · Kirk N. SullivanNegotiating Telecommunications Agreements Line by Line
2005978-1-59622-113-0David A. GurwinInformation Technology Consulting and Other Professional Services Agreements Line by Line
  ''978-1-59622-115-4Aspatore Books StaffCMO Leadership Strategies: Top Executives from ABC, Time Warner, and more on Creating & Delivering Successful Marketing Campaigns That Impact the Bottom Line (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-116-1   ''CEO Best Practices: Skills, Values, & Strategies for Successful CEOs (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-117-8   ''CEO Leadership Strategies: Key Methods & Traits for Business Success (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-118-5   ''Software Leadership Strategies: CRM, Integration, ERP, & Storage Solutions CEOs Offer Best Practices & Keys to Success in the Software Industry (Inside the Minds)
2005978-1-59622-119-2Aspatore Books StaffGetting Your Message Across: IR & PR Executives Offer Leadership Strategies & Keys to Success (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-120-8   ''Pharmaceutical Leadership Strategies: Top CEOs on Growth, Profitability, & Achieving Success in the Future (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-121-5Aspatore BooksSales Leadership Strategies: Top Vps On Increasing Sales & Inspiring Your Team (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-122-2Thomas AnninoVenture Debt Alternatives & Evaluation Guidelines: A Detailed Look at Senior Debt Products Available to Emerging Growth Companies (Alternatives to Venture Capital)
  ''978-1-59622-133-8Aspatore Books StaffBiotechnology Deals: Key Strategies for M & A, Financings, and Partnerships in the Biotech Industry (Inside the Minds)
2005978-1-59622-137-6Aspatore Books StaffCTO Leadership Strategies: CTOs from Dow Corning, Travelocity, and more on Aligning Technology with Business & Impacting the Bottom Line as a Chief Technology Officer (Inside the Minds)
2005978-1-59622-138-3Aspatore Books StaffHuman Resources Leadership Strategies: 15 Ways to Enhance HR Value in Your Company (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-139-0Aspatore Books Staff · aspatore.comThe Art and Science of Securities Law: Leading Lawyers on Securities Litigation, Enforcement, and Regulation (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-153-6   ''HR Best Practices: Top Human Resources Executives from Prudential Financial, Northrop Grumman, and more on Hiring the Right People & Enhancing Corporate Culture (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-174-1Todd D. Bramson · Marshall W. GiffordReal Life Financial Planning for the Young Dental Professional: A Dental Professionals Guide to Financial Security
  ''978-1-59622-175-8Frederick L. Feldkamp;Bryan Jung · Patricia J. LaneThe Law and Economics of Financial Markets: Lessons of History That Assure Success in the Future
2005978-1-59622-194-9Aspatore Books Staff · aspatore.comAdvertising & Marketing Law: Leading Lawyers on Strategies for Structuring Agreements & Transactions, Handling IP Matters, and More (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-195-6Lester L. HewittPatent Infringement Litigation: Step by Step from Dispute Through Trial for Executives, Witnesses, and In-House Counsel
  ''978-1-59622-226-7Aspatore BooksThe Role of a Ceo: Strategies for Being a Successful Leader (Inside the Minds)
2006978-1-59622-228-1Aspatore Books StaffInside the Minds: International Joint Venture Law--A Country-by-Country Look at Joint Venture Regulations and Best Practices in Major Markets around the Globe
2005978-1-59622-265-6Aspatore Books Staff · aspatore.comInformation Technology Leadership: Industry Insiders on the Effective Implementation and Management of IT Resources (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-270-0Aspatore BooksThe Role of Human Resources: Top Executives on Using Hr to Drive Business Results And Add Value to a Company (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-273-1Top CEOs on Staying Ahead in the Health Care IndustryHealth Care Leadership Strategies (Inside the Minds)
2005978-1-59622-289-2Aspatore Books Staff · aspatore.comThe Successful HR Executive: Top Human Resources Professionals on Strategies for Managing Costs, Promoting Profitability, and Knowing the Business (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-292-2Marshall W. Gifford · Todd D. BramsonReal Life Financial Planning for the New Physician: A Resident, Fellow, and Young Physician's Guide to Financial Security
  ''978-1-59622-294-6Aspatore Books Staff · aspatore.comWinning Legal Strategies for Biotech Companies: Intellectual Property Protection, FDA Approval, and Board Management for the Biotech Industry (Inside the Minds)
2006978-1-59622-295-3Aspatore Books StaffInside the Minds: Energy Venture Capital Best Practices: Leading VCs on Spotting Opportunity, Assessing Risk, and Exiting the Investment
  ''978-1-59622-299-1   ''Inside the Minds: Mergers & Acquisitions Best Practices: Leading M&A Lawyers on the Due Diligence Process, Structuring the Deal, and Negotiating Purchase Prices
2005978-1-59622-321-9Multiple AuthorsThe Role of a CTO/CIO: Leading Technology Executives on Setting Goals, Building a Strong (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-328-8James M. Hill and John S. GambacciniWinning Legal Strategies: Implementing a Successful Management Buyout (MBO) (Inside the Minds)
2006978-1-59622-345-5Aspatore Books StaffLeadership Strategies for Charitable Organizations And Foundations: Leading Ceos on Organizing, Funding, And Strengthening Your Team (Inside the Minds)
2005978-1-59622-356-1   ''Exit Strategies for Life Sciences Ventures (Executive Reports)
2005978-1-59622-359-2Lin Hong WongVenture Capital Fund Management: A Comprehensive Approach to Investment Practices & the Entire Operations of a VC Firm
2006978-1-59622-360-8Aspatore BooksBiotechnology Venture Capital Valuations: Leading Vcs on Deal Structures, Negotiations, And Best Practices for Current And Future Rounds of Financing (Inside the Minds)
2005978-1-59622-389-9Aspatore Books StaffExecutive Reports: Establishing ESOPs: Determining the Best Plan and Implementing It Successfully - The Over-Arching Issues You Need to Know
  ''978-1-59622-394-3   ''Making Critical Technology Decisions: Leading CTOs & CIOs on Identifying Opportunities, Calculating Return on Investments, and Aligning Technology with Business Goals (Inside the Minds)
2006978-1-59622-407-0Aspatore Books StaffTechnology Management Strategies: Industry Leaders on Establishing Organizational Goals, Building the Right Team, And Making Critical Decisions (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-431-5   ''Executive Reports: Building a Solid Electronics Company to Attract Venture Dollars - The Over-Arching Issues You Need to Know (Execreports)
  ''978-1-59622-434-6   ''Improving Marketing Roi: Leading Cmos on Adding Value, Calculating Return on Investments, And Creating a Financial Impact (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-437-7   ''Insurance Settlements and Negotiations: Leading Lawyers on Structuring Insurance Contracts, Negotiating Policy Disputes, and Formulating Litigation Strategies (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-488-9Aspatore BooksGoing Public: The Financial, Legal, and Communications Aspects of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) (Executive Reports)
2006978-1-59622-490-2Aspatore Books StaffMaximizing the Value of Trusts & Estates: Leading Lawyers on Wealth Preservation and Minimizing Tax Liabilities for Clients
  ''978-1-59622-508-4   ''The Raising Venture Capital for Biotechnology Companies Collection
2006978-1-59622-509-1Aspatore Books StaffThe Raising Venture Capital for Software Companies Collection
  ''978-1-59622-547-3   ''Public Relations Leadership Strategies: Leading CEOs on Developing a Leadership Plan, Making a Direct Financial Impact, and Adding Value for a Company (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-554-1Multiple AuthorsCreating a Strategic Technology Plan for Your Company: Leading CTOs and CIOs on Budgeting, Analyzing Financial Goals, and Developing a Companywide Vision (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-586-2Aspatore Books StaffManaging the Executive Team: Top CEOs on Working with Board Members, Leading Team Meetings, and Implementing a Companywide Vision (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-597-8Eric Furman · Kerry TaylorExecutive Reports: Approaching Intellectual Property Protection for Biotechnology Companies in an Increasingly Competitive Market - the Over-arching Issues You Need to Know
2006978-1-59622-626-5Aspatore Books staffStructuring Patent Licensing Transactions: Leading Lawyers on Structuring Terms, Negotiating License Agreements, and Closing Deals (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-627-2   ''The Business of Toys and Games: Top Executives on Launching New Products, Developing a Recognizable Brand, and Competing for Shelf Space (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-634-0   ''Complying with the Laws Behind Direct Marketing and Telemarketing - The Over-Arching Issues You Need to Know (Executive Reports)
2007978-1-59622-691-3Aspatore Books Staff"The Business of Membership Organizations: Industry Leaders on Achieving Successful Stewardship, Establishing Financial Goals, and (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-756-9   ''White Collar Law Defense Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Preparing for Trial, Offering Evidence, and Overcoming the Challenges of a White Collar Crime Case (Inside the Minds)
  ''978-1-59622-853-5Kelly L. Frey Sr. · Thomas J. HallApplication Service Provider and Software as a Service Agreements Line by Line: A Detailed Look at ASP and Saas Agreements and How to Change Them to Meet Your Needs
2007978-1-59622-858-0An Immediate Look at the Legal and Industry Ramifications of Virgin Records America, et al. V. Jammie Thomas