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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-59606-315-0Robert McCammonThe Wolf's Hour
  ''978-1-59606-317-4Ted ChiangThe Lifecycle of Software Objects
  ''978-1-59606-318-1Connie WillisBlackout
2011978-1-59606-319-8Robert SilverbergTimes Three
2010978-1-59606-321-1Robert SilverbergThe Palace at Midnight (The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Vol. 5)
  ''978-1-59606-323-5Elizabeth BearThe White City
  ''978-1-59606-324-2Fritz LeiberStrange Wonders: A Collection of Rare Fritz Leiber Works
2010978-1-59606-325-9Kage BakerNell Gwynne's Scarlet Spy
  ''978-1-59606-327-3K. J. ParkerBlue and Gold
  ''978-1-59606-328-0Kelley ArmstrongCounterfeit Magic (Otherworld)
  ''978-1-59606-329-7Philip Jose FarmerUp the Bright River
  ''978-1-59606-330-3Joe R. LansdaleDeadman's Road
2010978-1-59606-331-0Larry NivenThe Best of Larry Niven
  ''978-1-59606-332-7Robert E. HowardThe Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard
  ''978-1-59606-333-4Peter F. HamiltonThe Neutronium Alchemist (The Night's Dawn Trilogy)
  ''978-1-59606-338-9Lewis ShinerFrontera
  ''978-1-59606-340-2Philip K. DickThe King of the Elves (The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick)
2011978-1-59606-341-9Robert McCammonThe Five
2011978-1-59606-348-8Brian LumleyThe Fly-By-Nights
2010978-1-59606-351-8Lewis ShinerGlimpses
2011978-1-59606-353-2Paolo BacigalupiThe Alchemist
  ''978-1-59606-354-9Tobias S. BuckellThe Executioness
  ''978-1-59606-356-3Joe R. LansdaleHyenas
  ''978-1-59606-359-4Jack VanceDangerous Ways
2012978-1-59606-360-0Glen CookWinter's Dreams
2011978-1-59606-362-4Carlos Ruiz ZafonThe Angel's Game
  ''978-1-59606-363-1Peter V. BrettBrayan's Gold
2011978-1-59606-365-5James P. BlaylockThe Affair of the Chalk Cliffs (Langdon St. Ives Adventures)
  ''978-1-59606-367-9Stephen R. DonaldsonThe Best of Stephen R. Donaldson
  ''978-1-59606-368-6William K. SchaferSubterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy 2
2012978-1-59606-374-7Michael BishopThe Door Gunner and Other Perilous Flights of Fancy: A Michael Bishop Retrospective
2011978-1-59606-375-4Steven R. BoyettMortality Bridge
  ''978-1-59606-376-1Alastair ReynoldsTroika
  ''978-1-59606-391-4Caitlin R. KiernanTwo Worlds and In Between: The Best of Caitlin R. Kiernan (Volume One)
2011978-1-59606-395-2Philip K. DickAdjustment Team (The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume Two)
  ''978-1-59606-396-9Lewis ShinerDark Tangos
  ''978-1-59606-402-7Robert SilverbergMultiples
2012978-1-59606-404-1Bruce SterlingGothic High-Tech
2011978-1-59606-405-8Kelley ArmstrongBecoming (Otherworld)
2012978-1-59606-406-5Neal Barrett · Jr.Other Seasons: The Best of Neal Barrett, Jr.
2011978-1-59606-407-2Robert McCammonBaal
2012978-1-59606-408-9Glen HirshbergThe Janus Tree and Other Stories
2011978-1-59606-409-6Thomas LigottiGrimscribe: His Lives and Works
  ''978-1-59606-412-6Allen SteeleAngel of Europa
  ''978-1-59606-413-3Robert McCammonThe Hunter from the Woods
2012978-1-59606-416-4Dan SimmonsPhases of Gravity
2012978-1-59606-417-1Joe R. LansdaleAct of Love
2011978-1-59606-420-1Peter F. HamiltonThe Naked God (Night's Dawn)
  ''978-1-59606-421-8Charles StrossPalimpsest
  ''978-1-59606-423-2Kelley ArmstrongHidden (Otherworld)
  ''978-1-59606-424-9Robert BlochYours Truly, Jack the Ripper
2012978-1-59606-432-4Joe R. Lansdale · John L. LansdaleShadows West
  ''978-1-59606-434-8Brian LumleyNo Sharks in the Med and Other Stories
2012978-1-59606-435-5Mike ResnickThe Incarceration of Captain Nebula and Other Lost Futures
  ''978-1-59606-439-3Alan CampbellDamnation for Beginners
  ''978-1-59606-441-6Peter StraubThe Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine
  ''978-1-59606-442-3Kage BakerThe Best of Kage Baker
  ''978-1-59606-451-5Jack VanceDream Castles: The Early Jack Vance, Volume Two
2012978-1-59606-452-2Connie WillisAll About Emily
  ''978-1-59606-454-6James P. BlaylockZeuglodon
2011978-1-59606-455-3Barry HughartThe Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox
2012978-1-59606-456-0Lucius ShepardThe Dragon Griaule
  ''978-1-59606-461-4Tad WiliamsA Stark and Wormy Knight
  ''978-1-59606-463-8Jack VanceDesperate Days: Selected Mysteries, Volume Two
  ''978-1-59606-464-5Kage Baker · Kathleen BartholomewNell Gwynne's On Land and At Sea
2012978-1-59606-466-9Robert McCammonThe Providence Rider
  ''978-1-59606-470-6Thomas LigottiNoctuary
  ''978-1-59606-471-3Philip Jose Farmer · Christopher Paul CareyGods of Opar
  ''978-1-59606-473-7Caitlin R. KiernanConfessions of a Five-Chambered Heart
  ''978-1-59606-485-0Brandon SandersonLegion
2012978-1-59606-489-8Lawrence BlockStrange Embrace/69 Barrow Street (A Hard Case Double)
  ''978-1-59606-494-2Jonathan CarrollThe Woman Who Married a Cloud: The Collected Short Stories of Jonathan Carroll
2011978-1-59606-495-9Cherie PriestClementine
2013978-1-59606-505-5Kasey LansdaleImpossible Monsters
2012978-1-59606-507-9Robert SilverbergTo Be Continued (Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg)
  ''978-1-59606-508-6   ''To the Dark Star (Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg)
  ''978-1-59606-509-3   ''Something Wild is Loose
2013978-1-59606-515-4Tim PowersSalvage and Demolition
  ''978-1-59606-541-3Dan SimmonsThe Guiding Nose of Ulfant Banderoz
2013978-1-59606-544-4Robin HobbThe Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince
  ''978-1-59606-552-9Catherynne M. ValenteSix-Gun Snow White
  ''978-1-59606-568-0Jack CampbellThe Last Full Measure
  ''978-1-59606-582-6Catherynne M. ValenteThe Bread We Eat in Dreams
  ''978-1-59606-597-0Philip K. DickThe Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick
2013978-1-59606-599-4Joe R. LansdaleBleeding Shadows
  ''978-1-59606-603-8Robert SilverbergThe Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume 4: Trips
  ''978-1-59606-604-5   ''The Palace at Midnight
  ''978-1-59606-616-8Kelley ArmstrongBrazen (Otherworld)
2014978-1-59606-618-2Joe R. LansdaleThe Ape Man's Brother
2013978-1-59606-619-9Patrick RothfussThe Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Dark of Deep Below
  ''978-1-59606-625-0Robert SilverbergMultiples
2014978-1-59606-650-2Thomas LigottiThe Spectral Link
2014978-1-59606-664-9Charles StrossEquoid: a Laundry Novella (Laundry Files)
  ''978-1-59606-667-0Lawrence BlockDefender of the Innocent: The Casebook of Martin Ehrengraf
2015978-1-59606-691-5Kelley ArmstrongForsaken (Women of the Otherworld)
2014978-1-59606-693-9Robert SilverbergWe Are for the Dark
  ''978-1-59606-698-4Peter V. BrettMessenger's Legacy (Demon Cycle)
  ''978-1-59606-700-4Kelley ArmstrongBounty Hunt
2015978-1-59606-703-5Robert McCammonThe Border
2014978-1-59606-705-9Robert SilverbergHot Times in Magma City
2015978-1-59606-717-2Joe R. LansdaleFender Lizards
  ''978-1-59606-730-1Jim ButcherWorking for Bigfoot
2015978-1-59606-744-8Robert McCammonThe Hunter from the Woods
2016978-1-59606-757-8Kelley ArmstrongDriven
2017978-1-59606-786-8John ScalziThe Dispatcher
2018978-1-59606-864-3Aliette de BodardThe Tea Master and the Detective
  ''978-1-59606-868-1Harlan EllisonBlood's a Rover
  ''978-1-59606-890-2Joe R. LansdaleDriving to Geronimo's Grave and Other Stories
2019978-1-59606-919-0Neal StephensonAtmosphæra Incognita
2020978-1-59606-963-3Connie WillisJack
  ''978-1-59606-972-5Lois McMaster BujoldThe Orphans of Raspay
  ''978-1-59606-983-1Octavia E. ButlerUnexpected Stories