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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-59566-000-8Ian SmithSeasons (QEB Start Talking)
  ''978-1-59566-006-0Ian Smith · Anne FaundezWhen I'm a Grown-Up
  ''978-1-59566-007-7Anne FaundezOne, Two, Buckle My Shoe (QEB Start Talking)
  ''978-1-59566-008-4   ''Sea Creatures (QEB Start Reading)
  ''978-1-59566-010-7Verna Allette WilkinsChildren Around the World (QEB Start Reading)
2004978-1-59566-016-9Ian SmithHow Does It Grow? from Seed to Sunflower (QEB Start Writing)
  ''978-1-59566-018-3Ian Smith · Gina NuttallVolcanoes and Earthquakes (QEB Start Writing)
  ''978-1-59566-019-0Ian SmithWhat's in the Sky (QEB Start Writing)
  ''978-1-59566-022-0Clare BevanThe Wonderful Gift (QEB Start Writing)
  ''978-1-59566-049-7Sue NicholsonWorld Art: Having Fun Trying Different Art Techniques from Around the World (Qeb Learn Art)
2005978-1-59566-081-7Sue NicholsonWorld Art (Let's Start! Art)
2005978-1-59566-095-4Ann Montague-SmithUsing Numbers Book 1 (Math Club)
  ''978-1-59566-096-1Ann Montague-SmithAdding (QEB Math Basics)
  ''978-1-59566-097-8   ''Subtracting (Math Club - Kindergarten)
  ''978-1-59566-098-5   ''Adding And Subtracting: Book One (Math Club - Kindergarten)
  ''978-1-59566-112-8Anne RooneyUsing Instructions (Computer Tutors)
2005978-1-59566-113-5Ann Montague-SmithUsing Numbers: Book Two (Math Club)
  ''978-1-59566-114-2   ''Multiplying (QEB Math Club)
2005978-1-59566-115-9Ann Montague-SmithDividing (Math Club)
  ''978-1-59566-116-6   ''Adding And Subtracting Book 2 (Math Club)
2006978-1-59566-211-8Kanwaljit SinghSikhism (Qeb World of Faiths)
2009978-1-59566-247-7Joe FullmanCelts (Hands-On History)
2007978-1-59566-344-3Wes MageePoems (How to Write. . .)
2009978-1-59566-538-6Sally MorganFrogs and Toads (Qeb Animal Lives)
2008978-1-59566-597-3John MalamFrancis Drake and the Sea Rovers of the Spanish Main (Pirates)
  ''978-1-59566-598-0John MalamWilliam Kidd and the Pirates of the Indian Ocean
  ''978-1-59566-602-4Ian GrahamCommunication (Inventions in. . .)
2009978-1-59566-875-2Caroline CastleThe Big Fuzzy
  ''978-1-59566-970-4Holly WallaceWorld Picture Atlas
2009978-1-59566-973-5Angela RoystonWhy Do I Brush My Teeth? (My Body)
  ''978-1-59566-990-2Amanda AskewVet (People Who Help Us)
  ''978-1-59566-992-6Amanda AskewFirefighter (People Who Help Us)