year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-59526-003-1John ChungAmerican Dream
  ''978-1-59526-018-5Owen J. McNamaraA Test of Wings
2012978-1-59526-020-8Christopher ProulxBuilding a Beautiful, Inexpensive Stone House
2005978-1-59526-027-7Dana AtkinsonDomestic Departures: A Midlife Crisis Safari
  ''978-1-59526-030-7Dan VertonThe Insider: A True Story
  ''978-1-59526-031-4Mitchell L. AngellThe Victorian Ghost
  ''978-1-59526-033-8Joyce L. HanselThe Chronic Disease/ PollutionConnection: How to Stop the Spread of Chronic Disease Clusters
2012978-1-59526-037-6Karl E. GeisTwelve Winds: An Aikido Master's Life Strategy
2005978-1-59526-051-2Kelly M. VelayasThe Book of Pure Poetry
2005978-1-59526-054-3Ruby Moon-HouldsonSmart Tool for Nursing School
2006978-1-59526-062-8S. A. ErdélyiPeace, War and The Aftermath
2011978-1-59526-068-0Lucia GoreaESL Games and Classroom Activities
2005978-1-59526-075-8R.J RummelNever Again: Genocide
  ''978-1-59526-086-4Noe TorresGhost Leagues: A History of Minor League Baseball in South Texas
  ''978-1-59526-095-6Rebecca Freeman · J.F. LeahyLost at Sea: An Enlisted Woman's Journey
  ''978-1-59526-096-3Rebecca Freeman · J.F. LeahyLost at Sea: An Enlisted Woman's Journey
2011978-1-59526-101-4Alan S. GoldbergSports Slump Busting
2005978-1-59526-103-8Authur R. HamillAcross the Saltwater Bridge
2012978-1-59526-108-3Lazer BrodyThe Trail To Tranquility
2011978-1-59526-109-0M. Catherine BuntonStar Girl
2005978-1-59526-114-4Ivan BrackinManchu
2004978-1-59526-122-9Tony WalkerSnides
2005978-1-59526-137-3R.J RummelNever Again: Never Again Series Supplement
  ''978-1-59526-138-0   ''Never Again: Never Again Series Supplement
2005978-1-59526-142-7Norman BeaupreMarginal Enemies
  ''978-1-59526-144-1Norman R. BeaupreMarginal Enemies
  ''978-1-59526-162-5R.D Todd PhillipsThe Dietitian's Diet
  ''978-1-59526-166-3Franesca BoringCoyote Dance
  ''978-1-59526-169-4MD Craig H. CollisonTattered Flesh, Resilent Spirit
2005978-1-59526-171-7Harold A. Gram · James P. GramThe Devil Never Walks Alone
  ''978-1-59526-173-1Betty Ann FisherPlease Delay Departure
  ''978-1-59526-174-8   ''Please Delay Departure
  ''978-1-59526-177-9Vito MagliGiovinazzo: The City That Never Fell
2004978-1-59526-193-9Christopher LudmerTrail of the Giant
2011978-1-59526-200-4Barbara L. MintonDividend Capture
  ''978-1-59526-206-6Jun TsujiThe Soul of DNA
2005978-1-59526-207-3Anita M. WarnerMind Matter
2004978-1-59526-218-9Paul DavisRestoring The Five Fold Ministry
2005978-1-59526-224-0Robert ZieveHealthy Medicine: A Guide Emergence Sensible. Comprehensive Care
2005978-1-59526-225-7Aryella JupiterThe Great Encyclopedia Of Angels: The Truth about Angels
  ''978-1-59526-226-4   ''The Great Encyclopedia of Angels: The Truth About Angels
  ''978-1-59526-239-4PHD Dan J Kramer · Mary Lou McCoy · Sharon HolcombViolated? Patient Health Care Privacy At Risk
2004978-1-59526-253-0Wayne BrownLifetime Of A Chance
  ''978-1-59526-260-8Grahame Warby · Martin CunninghamSeptember 11 2001: Kindling the Debate
  ''978-1-59526-294-3Ken SchimanskiThe Book on Fantasy Football: Fantasy Football Strategy
2004978-1-59526-302-5PetroniusThe Satyricon: The Morazla Scrolls
2005978-1-59526-314-8PH.D Randy GrahamLaw School Libertine
2011978-1-59526-317-9Paul HarrisonElements of Pantheism
2004978-1-59526-320-9Robert Jr. SaundersEmployment Survival Guide: How to Get a Job in Las Vegas
2013978-1-59526-348-3Jane E. CunninghamThe Rings Of My Tree: A Latvian Woman's Journey
2004978-1-59526-349-0Butler D. Shaffer · Butler ShafferCalculated Chaos: Institutional Threats to Peace and Human Survival
2006978-1-59526-365-0Alan James O'ReillyDesired Haven
  ''978-1-59526-391-9MD PhD Billy C JohnsonPrescription for Healthy Weight Loss and Optimum Health
  ''978-1-59526-414-5Bahaudin Mujtaba · Timothy McCartneyManaging Workplace Stress and Conflict Amid Change
2013978-1-59526-440-4Gary FallonSeparated...but Not Divorced
2006978-1-59526-441-1Rita UngorNo Nana's for Hannah
  ''978-1-59526-443-5Bahaudin MujtabaMentoring Diverse Professionals
  ''978-1-59526-444-2   ''Mentoring Diverse Professionals
2007978-1-59526-475-6Brandon TremanHow to Start and run a Painting Business
2011978-1-59526-482-4A. R. HomerThe Sobs of Autumn's Violins
2005978-1-59526-487-9Mitchell LeveneHard to Swallow
2011978-1-59526-503-6A. R. HomerThe Devil's Alchemists
2006978-1-59526-545-6Bill McCutchenThe Tree Talker
2006978-1-59526-548-7Bahaudin MujtabaWorkforce Diversity Management: Challenges, Competencies and Strategies
  ''978-1-59526-579-1Noe TorresBaseball's First Mexican-American Star: The Amazing Story of Leo Najo
2011978-1-59526-606-4Tracie SchrandA Day at the Playground: A Food Allergy Awaremess Book for the Young
2007978-1-59526-616-3David N. DonchBeast
2006978-1-59526-617-0Kara M. FerrisBattle for Sanity: My Journey with Fibromyalgia
2007978-1-59526-636-1ArushGarden of Emuna
2012978-1-59526-654-5Frederick E. DodsonParallel Universes of Self
2011978-1-59526-746-7Bruce BradleyHugh Glass
2012978-1-59526-762-7Daniel MorgensternErnie, The Sailing Cat
2007978-1-59526-772-6Robert C. PreziosiTHE LEADERSHIP ROAD
2011978-1-59526-780-1Lorraine DonlonThe Other Kid: A Draw It Out Guidebook For Kids Dealing With A Special Needs Sibling
2007978-1-59526-826-6George SopasakisThe Thread of Ariadne
  ''978-1-59526-829-7David PresuttaThe Biblical Cosmos Versus Modern Cosmology: Why the Bible Is Not the Word of God
2012978-1-59526-859-4Leroy SeatFed Up with Fundamentalism
2008978-1-59526-926-3Grant KarcichThe History & Families of Unije: A Compiled History and Family Genealogies for Island of Unije, Croatia

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