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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-59507-047-0Virginia G. McMorrowMage Resolution
2005978-1-59507-067-8   ''Firewing's Journey
  ''978-1-59507-075-3Mel AytonA Racial Crime: James Earl Ray And The Murder Of Martin Luther King Jr.
  ''978-1-59507-087-6Robert E. GelinasAnticipation
  ''978-1-59507-094-4John DedakisFast Track
  ''978-1-59507-100-2Virginia G McMorrowMage Evolution
2006978-1-59507-112-5M. T. AcquaireMarty Boggs & the Curse of Kutkara's Tomb
2006978-1-59507-120-0Karen HallUnreasonable Risk
2007978-1-59507-165-1Sandy LenderChoices Meant for Gods
  ''978-1-59507-190-3V3imageA Beginner's Guide to Second Life version 1.1
2008978-1-59507-191-0Jack HillmanGiants Want the Lost River
2009978-1-59507-219-1Sandy LenderChoices Meant for Kings
2011978-1-59507-237-5Tony Delvecchio · Rich HerschlagSinatra, Gotti and Me