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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-59485-000-4Jim Dutcher · Helen Cherullo · James ManfullLiving With Wolves
2007978-1-59485-001-1Nancy LordBeluga Days: Tracking the Endangered White Whale
  ''978-1-59485-003-5Mary JaschBest Hikes with Dogs New Jersey
2008978-1-59485-004-2Jim Dutcher · Jamie DutcherLiving With Wolves
2006978-1-59485-005-9David RobertsSandstone Spine: Seeking the Anasazi on the First Traverse of the Comb Ridge
2007978-1-59485-006-6Craig LuebbenRock Climbing Anchors: A Comprehensive Guide (The Mountaineers Outdoor Experts Series)
2009978-1-59485-007-3Langdon CookFat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager
2005978-1-59485-008-0John M. KauffmannAlaska's Brooks Range: The Ultimate Mountains (Second Edition)
2006978-1-59485-009-7Bill IngersollSnowshoe Routes: Adirondacks & Catskills
2005978-1-59485-010-3Karsten HeuerBeing Caribou
2006978-1-59485-011-0Buck TiltonTent and Car Camper's Handbook: Advice for Families & First-Timers (Backpacker Magazine)
  ''978-1-59485-017-2Stephen R. Whitney · Elizabeth BriarsMac's Pocket Guide: Southwest Park & Garden Birds
  ''978-1-59485-018-9Stephen Whitney · Elizabeth BriarsMac's Pocket Guide: Southwest, Things That Bite & Sting
  ''978-1-59485-019-6Stewart AitchisonMac's Pocket Guide Grand Canyon National Park Geology (Mac's Pocket Guides)
2006978-1-59485-020-2Stephen R Whitney · Elizabeth Briars HartMac's Pocket Guide Grand Canyon National Park Birds & Mammals (Mac's Pocket Guides)
2005978-1-59485-021-9Stephen Whitney · Elizabeth BriarsMac's Pocket Guide: Isle Royal National Park (Mac's Pocket Guides)
  ''978-1-59485-022-6   ''Mac's Pocket Guide: Glacier National Park, Trees & Flowers (Mac's Pocket Guides)
  ''978-1-59485-023-3   ''Mac's Pocket Guide: Glacier National Park, Birds & Mammals (Mac's Pocket Guides)
2008978-1-59485-024-0Scott Warren100 Classic Hikes Colorado
2007978-1-59485-025-7Scott S. Warren100 Classic Hikes in Arizona
2011978-1-59485-026-4Bonnie HendersonDay Hiking Oregon Coast (Done in a Day)
2005978-1-59485-027-1Stephen WhitneyMac's Pocket Guide: Grand Canyon National Park, Trees, Flowers, & Cacti (Mac's Pocket Guides)
2006978-1-59485-028-8Dave SmithBackcountry Bear Basics: The Definitive Guide to Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics)
  ''978-1-59485-030-1Lino Lacedelli · Giovanni CenacchiK2: The Price of Conquest
2007978-1-59485-032-5Philip JonesCanoe and Kayak Routes of Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington: Including Southwest Washington
  ''978-1-59485-034-9Outward Bound USALeadership the Outward Bound Way: Becoming a Better Leader in the Workplace, in the Wilderness, and in Your Community
2007978-1-59485-038-7Martin Volken · Scott Schell · Margaret WheelerBackcountry Skiing: Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)
  ''978-1-59485-039-4GristWake Up and Smell the Planet: The Non-Pompous, Non-Preachy Grist Guide to Greening Your Day
2006978-1-59485-040-0Melissa GaskillBest Hikes with Dogs Texas Hill Country and Coast
2007978-1-59485-041-7Stephen ArnoNorthwest Trees: Identifying and Understanding the Region's Native Trees
2008978-1-59485-042-4Paul Richins Jr.Mount Whitney: The Complete Trailhead to Summit Guide
2007978-1-59485-043-1Betty Pratt-Johnson151 Dives in the Protected Waters of Washington State and British Columbia: The Complete Trailhead to Summit Guide
  ''978-1-59485-044-8Tammy McCarleyBest Hikes With Dogs: New York City & Beyond
  ''978-1-59485-045-5Dan NelsonDay Hiking South Cascades
2011978-1-59485-046-2Dan NelsonDay Hiking: Snoqualmie Region (Done in a Day)
2007978-1-59485-047-9Craig RomanoDay Hiking Olympic Peninsula (Done in a Day)
2008978-1-59485-048-6   ''Day Hiking North Cascades: Mount Baker, Mountain Loop Highway, San Juan Islands
  ''978-1-59485-049-3Linda Mullally · Dave MulallyBest Hikes with Dogs Central California
2008978-1-59485-052-3Jenna RingelheimBest Hikes with Dogs Boston & Beyond
2007978-1-59485-054-7Joe Miller100 Classic Hikes in North Carolina
  ''978-1-59485-055-4Karen ChavezBest Hikes with Dogs North Carolina
2008978-1-59485-056-1Rich Landers · Dan Hansen · Verne Huser · Douglass NorthPaddling Washington: 100 Flatwater and Whitewater Routes in Washington State and the Inland Northwest
2006978-1-59485-057-8Dean LittlepageSteller's Island: Adventures of a Pioneer Naturalist in Alaska
2008978-1-59485-059-2Steven KazlowskiThe Last Polar Bear
  ''978-1-59485-060-8Dan NelsonDay Hiking: Mount Rainier National Park Trails
2010978-1-59485-061-5Northern Forest Canoe TrailNorthern Forest Canoe Trail Guidebook: Enjoy 740 Miles of Canoe and Kayak Destinations in New York, Vermont, Quebec, New Hampshire, and Maine
2008978-1-59485-062-2John Soares · Marc Soares100 Classic Hikes in Northern California: Sierra Nevada / Cascade Mountains / Klamath Mountains / Coast Range & North Coast / San Francisco Bay Area
2009978-1-59485-063-9Ron C. JuddThe Winter Olympics: An Insider's Guide to the Legends, Lore and Events of the Games Vancouver Edition
2007978-1-59485-064-6Helen ThayerWalking the Gobi: 1,600 Mile-trek Across a Desert of Hope and Despair
  ''978-1-59485-065-3Steph DavisHigh Infatuation: A Climber's Guide to Love and Gravity
2008978-1-59485-066-0Allen Riedel100 Classic Hikes in Southern California: San Bernardino National Forest, Angeles National Forest, Santa Lucia Mountains, Big Sur and the Sierras
2007978-1-59485-068-4Erika DillmanOutdoors Online: An Internet Guide to Everything Wild & Green (Keep It Clean, Keep It Green)
  ''978-1-59485-070-7Jennifer WorickBackcountry Betty: Roughing It in Style
2007978-1-59485-071-4Christopher Van TilburgThe Don't Die Out There Deck
2008978-1-59485-074-5Lou BendrickEat Where You Live: How to Find and Enjoy Fantastic Local and Sustainable Food No Matter Where You Live
2009978-1-59485-075-2E. Dan Klepper100 Classic Hikes in Texas: Panhandle Plains/Pineywoods/Gulf Coast/South Texas Plains/Hill Country/Big Bend Country/Prairies and Lakes
2010978-1-59485-076-9James A. Wilkerson · Ken Zafren M.D. FAAEM FA · Ernest MooreMedicine for Mountaineering & Other Wilderness Activities
2007978-1-59485-077-6Keith BowdenThe Tecate Journals: Seventy Days on the Rio Grande
2010978-1-59485-078-3Craig Martin100 Hikes in New Mexico: 3rd Edition
2008978-1-59485-079-0Amy Duncan · Beth Evans-Ramos · Lisa HilderbrandThe Salvage Studio: Sustainable Home Comforts to Organize, Entertain, and Inspire
  ''978-1-59485-080-6Shannon Borg · Lora Lea Misterly · Karen JurgensenChefs on the Farm: Recipes and Inspiration from the Quillisascut Farm School of the Domestic Arts
  ''978-1-59485-082-0Jennifer Lowe-AnkerForget Me Not: A Memoir
  ''978-1-59485-084-4Bruce TremperStaying Alive in Avalanche Terrain
2009978-1-59485-085-1James MartinPlanet Ice: A Climate for Change
2011978-1-59485-086-8Langdon CookFat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager
2007978-1-59485-087-5James MartinDigital Photography Outdoors: A Field Guide for Travel and Adventure Photographers
2008978-1-59485-088-2Shannon OkeyHow to Knit in the Woods: 20 Projects for the Great Outdoors
  ''978-1-59485-089-9Ron JuddThe Blue Tarp Bible: Best Uses, Worst Abuses of the (Unsightly) Fabric That Binds America
2010978-1-59485-091-2Ray Troll · Amy GulickSalmon in the Trees: Life in Alaska's Tongass Rain Forest
2009978-1-59485-092-9Ron JuddCamping Washington: The Best Public Campgrounds for Tents and RVs--Rated and Reviewed
2009978-1-59485-093-6Erin McKittrickA Long Trek Home: 4,000 Miles by Boot, Raft, and Ski
  ''978-1-59485-094-3Craig RomanoDay Hiking: Central Cascades
2008978-1-59485-095-0Paul BannickThe Owl and the Woodpecker: Encounters With North America's Most Iconic Birds (With Audio CD)
  ''978-1-59485-098-1Clyde SolesClimbing: Training for Peak Performance (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)
2009978-1-59485-099-8Elliott AlmondSurfing: Mastering Waves from Basic to Intermediate (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)
2010978-1-59485-100-1Jeff Romano100 Classic Hikes in New England
2009978-1-59485-101-8Bree LoewenPickets and Dead Men: Seasons on Rainier
2010978-1-59485-102-5Jennifer HahnPacific Feast: A Cook's Guide to West Coast Foraging and Cuisine
2008978-1-59485-103-2Lawrence LethamGPS Made Easy: Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors
  ''978-1-59485-104-9Florian SchulzYellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam
2009978-1-59485-108-7Katharine WrothThe Zen of Oceans & Surfing: Wit, Wisdom, and Inspiration
  ''978-1-59485-109-4   ''The Zen of Mountains & Climbing: Wit, Wisdom, and Inspiration
2011978-1-59485-110-0Craig RomanoBackpacking Washington: Overnight and Multi-Day Routes
2008978-1-59485-111-7Lionel TerrayConquistadors of the Useless
2008978-1-59485-112-4Helen ThayerWalking the Gobi: A 1600-Mile Trek Across a Desert of Hope and Despair
2009978-1-59485-113-1Amy WaeschleChasing Waves: A Surfer's Tale of Obsessive Wandering
2008978-1-59485-136-0Fred BeckeyCascade Alpine Guide: Rainy Pass to Fraser River: Climbing & High Routes (Cascade Alpine Guide; Climbing and High Routes)
2010978-1-59485-137-7The MountaineersMountaineering: Freedom of the Hills
2010978-1-59485-138-4The MountaineersMountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
2009978-1-59485-139-1Jennifer WorickBackcountry Betty Crafting With Style: 40 Nature-Inspired Projects
2010978-1-59485-140-7Emily AndersonEco-Chic Home: Rethink, Reuse & Remake Your Way to Sustainable Style
2009978-1-59485-141-4Brenda BryanBarking Buddha: Simple Soul Stretches for Yogi and Dogi
2011978-1-59485-253-4Rob CaseyStand Up Paddling: Flatwater to Surf and Rivers (Moes)
2009978-1-59485-263-3Jennifer HahnSpirited Waters: Soloing South Through the Inside Passage
2010978-1-59485-267-1Dan NelsonBest Hikes with Dogs Western Washington: 2nd Edition
2009978-1-59485-270-1Andrew BisharatSport Climbing: From Top Rope to Redpoint, Techniques for Climbing Success
  ''978-1-59485-271-8Craig RomanoWinter Hikes of Western Washington Deck: The 50 Best (Mostly) Snow-Free Trails
  ''978-1-59485-274-9Jennifer Lowe-AnkerForget Me Not: A Memoir
2010978-1-59485-276-3Art WolfeArt Wolfe's Photography Handbook: A Travels to the Edge Field Guide
2009978-1-59485-277-0Art WolfeTravels to the Edge: A Photo Odyssey
2010978-1-59485-339-5Buck TiltonDon't Get Poisoned: Protect Yourself from Wilderness Toxins
  ''978-1-59485-343-2Jennifer AistBabes in the Woods: Hiking, Camping & Boating with Babies and Young Children
  ''978-1-59485-346-3Amy PenningtonUrban Pantry: Tips & Recipes for a Thrifty, Sustainable & Seasonal Kitchen
2011978-1-59485-353-1John Colver · M. Nicole NazzaroFit By Nature: The Adventx Twelve-Week Outdoor Fitness Program
2011978-1-59485-366-1Doug BenolielNorthwest Foraging: The Classic Guide to Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest
  ''978-1-59485-368-5Craig RomanoDay Hiking Columbia River Gorge: National Scenic Area, Silver Star Scenic Area, Portland-vancouver to the Dalles
2010978-1-59485-370-8Daniel DorrKissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving It All on Top of Africa
  ''978-1-59485-399-9Jennifer HahnPacific Coast Foraging Guide: 40 Wild Foods from Beach, Field, and Forest
  ''978-1-59485-408-8Ronald C. EngMountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
  ''978-1-59485-409-5MountaineersFreedom of the Hills Deck: Mountaineering Facts & Tips
2010978-1-59485-474-3Steven KazlowskiIce Bear: The Arctic World of Polar Bears
2012978-1-59485-483-5John SoennichsenWashington's Channeled Scablands Guide: Explore and Recreate Along the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail
2010978-1-59485-485-9Neville Olliffe · Madeleine Rowles-OlliffeEssential Knots: The Step-by-Step Guide to Tying the Perfect Knot for Every Situation
2011978-1-59485-487-3Florian SchulzTo the Arctic
2010978-1-59485-489-7Eric ShiptonEric Shipton: The Six Mountain-Travel Books
2011978-1-59485-490-3Ellen Morris BishopBest Hikes with Dogs Oregon: 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-59485-492-7Douglas Lorain100 Classic Hikes in Oregon: 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-59485-496-5Laure LathamBest Hikes with Kids: San Francisco Bay Area
  ''978-1-59485-498-9Lisa Gollin-EvansOutdoor Family Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park (Outdoor Family Guides)
  ''978-1-59485-500-9Peter BealBouldering: Movement, Tactics, and Problem Solving (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)
2011978-1-59485-502-3Matt SametThe Climbing Dictionary: Mountaineering Slang, Terms, Neologisms & Lingo: An Illustrated Reference
2012978-1-59485-506-1Mike McQuaide75 Classic Rides Washington: The Best Road Biking Routes
2011978-1-59485-508-5Rees HughesThe Pacific Crest Trailside Reader, California: Adventure, History, and Legend on the Long-Distance Trail
  ''978-1-59485-509-2Rees Hughes · Corey Lewis · Amy UyekiThe Pacific Crest Trailside Reader, Oregon and Washington: Adventure, History, and Legend on the Long-Distance Trail
  ''978-1-59485-518-4Mary Olivella · Barbara EdwardsFrom Tree to Table: Growing Backyard Fruit Trees in the Pacific Maritime Climate
  ''978-1-59485-520-7Dee MolenaarThe Challenge of Rainier, 40th Anniversary: A Record of the Explorations and Ascents, Triumphs and Tragedies on the Northwest's Greatest Mountain, 4th Edition
2012978-1-59485-635-8Jordan HanssenRowing into the Son: Four Young Men Crossing the North Atlantic
2011978-1-59485-637-2Annette Cottrell · Joshua McNicholsThe Urban Farm Handbook: City-Slicker Resources for Growing, Raising, Sourcing, Trading, and Preparing What You Eat
2012978-1-59485-648-8Mike HamillClimbing the Seven Summits: A Comprehensive Guide to the Continents' Highest Peaks
  ''978-1-59485-650-1Jim Moore75 Classic Rides Oregon: The Best Road Biking Routes
2012978-1-59485-654-9Tami AsarsHiking the Wonderland Trail: The Complete Guide to Mount Rainier's Premier Trail
2014978-1-59485-656-3Martin VolkenBackcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes Washington
2011978-1-59485-663-1Reinhold MessnerThe Naked Mountain
2012978-1-59485-677-8Jake Jaramillo · Cathy JaramilloSeattle Stairway Walks: An Up-and-Down Guide to City Neighborhoods
  ''978-1-59485-687-7Maureen KeiltyBest Hikes with Kids Colorado
  ''978-1-59485-699-0Jennie GrantCity Goats: The Goat Justice League's Guide to Backyard Goat Keeping
2013978-1-59485-717-1Bruce TremperAvalanche Essentials: A Step-by-Step System for Safety and Survival
2012978-1-59485-722-5James MartinNorth Cascades Crest: Notes & Images from America's Alps
  ''978-1-59485-731-7Jean-Louis LarocheThe Mont Blanc Range: Classic Snow, Ice and Mixed Climbs
2013978-1-59485-753-9Gregory PlumbWaterfall Lover's Guide Pacific Northwest: Where to Find Hundreds of Spectacular Waterfalls in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, 5th Edition
  ''978-1-59485-819-2Michael McCoy · Adventure Cycling AssociationCycling the Great Divide: From Canada to Mexico on North America's Premier Long-Distance Mountain Bike Route, 2nd Edition
2014978-1-59485-838-3Jennifer Wu · James MartinPhotography Night Sky: A Field Guide for Shooting after Dark
2014978-1-59485-850-5Edurne PasabanTilting at Mountains: Love, Tragedy, and Triumph on the World's Highest Peaks
2016978-1-59485-876-5Eli BoschettoHiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon: Section Hiking from Donomore Pass to Bridge of the Gods
2017978-1-59485-880-2Shawnté SalabertHiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California: Section Hiking from Campo to Tuolumne Meadows
2015978-1-59485-888-8Heather HansenProphets and Moguls, Rangers and Rogues, Bison and Bears: 100 Years of the National Park Service
  ''978-1-59485-939-7Greg JohnstonWashington's Pacific Coast: A Guide to Hiking, Camping, Fishing & Other Adventures
  ''978-1-59485-945-8Bob Burns · Mike BurnsWilderness Navigation: Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter & GPS, 3rd Edition (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics)
  ''978-1-59485-960-1Greg ChildOver the Edge: The True Story of the Kidnap and Escape of Four Climbers in Central Asia
2016978-1-59485-963-2Dave Hunter · Jill LightnerMason Bee Revolution: How the Hardest Working Bee Can Save the World - One Backyard at a Time
2015978-1-59485-965-6Gerrit Vyn · Cornell Lab Of OrnithologyLiving Bird: 100 Years of Listening to Nature
  ''978-1-59485-968-7Seth KantnerSwallowed by the Great Land: And Other Dispatches From Alaska's Frontier