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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-59456-054-5H. Rider HaggardThe Ivory Child
2004978-1-59456-058-3E. R. BurroughsTarzan The Terrible
2009978-1-59456-064-4P. G. WodehouseUneasy Money
2004978-1-59456-065-1Joseph A. AltshelerThe Guns of Bull Run
2009978-1-59456-077-4Wilkie CollinsAntonina or the Fall of Rome
  ''978-1-59456-081-1R. L. StevensonEssays in the Art of Writing
2004978-1-59456-090-3G. A. HentyBeric The Briton
  ''978-1-59456-097-2Joseph A. AltshelerThe Star of Gettysburg
2009978-1-59456-115-3Emile Zolathe Fortune of the Rougons
2004978-1-59456-145-0Victor AppletonTom Swift And His Great Searchlight
  ''978-1-59456-175-7Edgar Allan PoeThe Black Cat
  ''978-1-59456-179-5Edgar Allan PoeThe Fall of the House of Usher
2009978-1-59456-180-1   ''The Gold-Bug
2009978-1-59456-186-3Edgar Allan PoeThe Cask of Amontillado
2004978-1-59456-198-6Honore De BalzacCousin Pons
2009978-1-59456-213-6Honore de BalzacA Woman Of Thirty
2004978-1-59456-214-3Honoré de BalzacSeraphita
  ''978-1-59456-219-8Edward BellamyLooking Backward: 2000 - 1857
  ''978-1-59456-237-2George BerkleyEssay Towards a New Theory of Vision
2009978-1-59456-240-2John BuchanMr.Standfast
  ''978-1-59456-247-1E. Phillips OppenheimPeter Ruff And The Double Four
2003978-1-59456-255-6Jack LondonBurning Daylight
  ''978-1-59456-257-0Jack LondonJerry Of The Islands
2003978-1-59456-260-0Jack LondonMartin Eden
2009978-1-59456-262-4   ''Michael, Brother of Jerry
2004978-1-59456-272-3   ''White Fang
2009978-1-59456-274-7Tom BrownTom Brown's Schooldays
  ''978-1-59456-277-8Honore De BalzacThe Country Doctor
  ''978-1-59456-310-2K. Douglas WigginMother Carey's Chickens
  ''978-1-59456-317-1   ''Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
  ''978-1-59456-320-1Francis H. BurnettLittle Lord Fauntleroy
2009978-1-59456-500-7Mary Roberts RinehartThe After House
  ''978-1-59456-502-1Mary Roberts RinehartThe Bat
2009978-1-59456-503-8Mary Roberts RinehartThe Breaking Point
  ''978-1-59456-504-5   ''The Circular Staircase
  ''978-1-59456-506-9   ''Dangerous Days
  ''978-1-59456-511-3   ''Where There's A Will
  ''978-1-59456-518-2Willa Sibert CatherOne Of Ours
2004978-1-59456-519-9Agatha ChristieSecret Adversary
2004978-1-59456-523-6James CooperNew York
2009978-1-59456-526-7James CooperLast of The Mochicans
  ''978-1-59456-563-2Elizabeth GaskellMy Lady Ludlow
2004978-1-59456-596-0Mary FreemanThe Shadows on The Wall
2009978-1-59456-640-0Ring LardnerYou Know Me Al
  ''978-1-59456-649-3Stephen LeacockArcadian Adventures With The Idle Rich
2004978-1-59456-713-1Oscar WildeA House of Pomegranates
2009978-1-59456-727-8Mark TwainA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
  ''978-1-59456-728-5Mark TwainA Tramp Aboard
  ''978-1-59456-730-8   ''The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
2004978-1-59456-735-3Mark TwainTom Sawyer Detective
2009978-1-59456-738-4Edgar Allan PoeThe Man Of The Crowd
  ''978-1-59456-739-1   ''The Masque of The Red Death
  ''978-1-59456-743-8   ''The Murders in The Rue Morgue
  ''978-1-59456-768-1L. Frank BaumThe Scarecrow of Oz
  ''978-1-59456-773-5L. Frank BaumDorothy And the Wizard in Oz
2009978-1-59456-795-7Horatio AlgerThe Cash Boy
  ''978-1-59456-803-9Rabindranath TagoreThe Gardener
  ''978-1-59456-804-6Rabindranath TagoreGitanjali
  ''978-1-59456-807-7Gilbert K. ChestertonOrthodoxy
  ''978-1-59456-813-8Gilbert K. ChestertonThe Club Of Queer Trades
2009978-1-59456-815-2Rabindranath TagoreThe Crescent Moon
  ''978-1-59456-821-3E. R. BurroughsThe Son of Tarzan
  ''978-1-59456-822-0   ''Tarzan And The Jewels of Opar
  ''978-1-59456-823-7   ''Jungle Tales of Tarzan
2009978-1-59456-824-4E. R. BurroughsTarzan The Untamed
  ''978-1-59456-850-3   ''A Princess of Mars
  ''978-1-59456-851-0   ''The Gods of Mars
  ''978-1-59456-852-7   ''The Warlord of Mars
  ''978-1-59456-853-4   ''Thuvia, Maid of Mars
2009978-1-59456-854-1E. R. BurroughsThe Chessmen of Mars
2009978-1-59456-857-2E. R. BurroughsThe Monster Men
  ''978-1-59456-860-2   ''Pellucidar
  ''978-1-59456-865-7J. M. BarrieThe Little White Bird
  ''978-1-59456-866-4Charles DickensThe Chimes
2004978-1-59456-900-5Thornton W. BurgessBlacky The Crow
  ''978-1-59456-901-2Thornton W. BurgessLightfoot The Deer
2004978-1-59456-915-9Thornton W. BurgessThe Adventures Of Johnny Chuck
  ''978-1-59456-922-7Laura Lee HopeThe Bobbsey Twins At School by Hope, Laura Lee (2004) Paperback
  ''978-1-59456-923-4Laura Lee HopeThe Bobbsey Twins At Snow Lodge
  ''978-1-59456-931-9Hans C. AndersenAndersen's Fairy Tales
2003978-1-59456-937-1Alice Hegan RiceA Romance Of Billy-Goat Hill
  ''978-1-59456-938-8Mrs. MolesworthRosy
2004978-1-59456-944-9George MacDonaldThe Light Princess
2009978-1-59456-950-0Edith NesbitThe Story of The Amulet
2009978-1-59456-967-8Arthur Conan DoyleThe White Company
  ''978-1-59456-972-2Gilbert K. ChestertonHeretics
  ''978-1-59456-980-7Lucy F. PerkinsThe Scotch Twins
  ''978-1-59456-981-4   ''The Swiss Twins
2004978-1-59456-984-5John K. BangsMr. Bonaparte of Corsica
  ''978-1-59456-985-2John K. BangsThe Pursuit of the House-Boat
2009978-1-59456-994-4H. Rider HaggardEric Brighteyes
2009978-1-59456-998-2H Rider HaggardMarie
  ''978-1-59456-999-9H. Rider HaggardMontezuma's Daughter