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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-59431-090-4Anne & Ivan Kronenfeld · Anne Kronenfeld · Ivan KronenfeldThe Secret Life of Dr. James Miranda Barry
2005978-1-59431-160-4Monette L. Bebow-ReinhardThe Felling of the Sons: A Bonanza Novel
2006978-1-59431-168-0Gianni DeVincent HayesJacob's Demon: A Novel of Alternative Reality
2005978-1-59431-187-1Gianni DeVincent HayesLucifer's Legion
2009978-1-59431-259-5K. S. BrooksThe Mighty Oak and Me
2005978-1-59431-302-8Terry C. PiperThe Invisible Revolution: Clay Aiken and the Fans Who Made Him a Star
2006978-1-59431-353-0Nora PetersonPAST IMPERFECT
2008978-1-59431-595-4B. R. LynchWet and Hungry: An Atlantic Fisherman's Life
2009978-1-59431-712-5Monette L. Bebow-ReinhardMystic Fire: A Bonanza / Civil War Novel
2010978-1-59431-837-5Carlene Rae DaterCall Sign: Love