Five Star

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-59414-050-1Zane GreyFive Star First Edition Westerns - Tonto Basin
2003978-1-59414-061-7Max Allan CollinsFive Star First Edition Mystery - Quarry's Greatest Hits
  ''978-1-59414-065-5Brian KnightFeral (Five Star First Edition Speculative Fiction Series)
  ''978-1-59414-071-6Roxanne Longstreet ConradExile, Texas (Five Star Mystery)
  ''978-1-59414-079-2Joan HessFive Star First Edition Mystery - The Deadly Ackee and Other Stories of Crime and Catastrophe
2004978-1-59414-098-3Pauline Baird JonesFive Star Expressions - A Dangerous Dance
  ''978-1-59414-108-9James H. CobbCibola (Five Star Science Fiction)
2004978-1-59414-111-9Richard AleasFive Star First Edition Mystery - Little Girl Lost
  ''978-1-59414-112-6Julie A. HyzyFive Star First Edition Mystery - Artistic License
2005978-1-59414-128-7Lauran PaineHolding The Ace Card: A Western Duo (Five Star First Edition Westerns)
  ''978-1-59414-129-4Johnny D. BoggsCamp Ford: A Western Story
  ''978-1-59414-133-1Lewis B. PattenFive Star First Edition Westerns - Sundown: A Western Duo
2004978-1-59414-141-6Caroline ClemmonsFive Star Romance - Be My Guest
  ''978-1-59414-142-3David Niall WilsonFive Star Science Fiction/Fantasy - Deep Blue
2004978-1-59414-148-5Robert Wayne McCoyThe King of Ice Cream
2008978-1-59414-150-8Jennifer RobersonGuinevere's Truth and Other Tales (Five Star Science Fiction & Fantasy)
2005978-1-59414-153-9Rita ClearyFive Star First Edition Westerns - Calling The Wind: A Lewis & Clark Story
  ''978-1-59414-154-6Paul S. PowersDesert Justice: A Sonny Tabor Quartet
  ''978-1-59414-166-9B. M. BowerFive Star First Edition Westerns - Law On The Flying U: Western Stories
  ''978-1-59414-169-0Wayne D. OverholserFive Star First Edition Westerns - Twin Rocks: A Western Duo
2004978-1-59414-199-7Harry ShannonFive Star First Edition Mystery - Memorial Day
  ''978-1-59414-202-4Barbara and Max Allan CollinsFive Star First Edition Mystery - Bombshell
2004978-1-59414-212-3Eric BrownBengal Station (Five Star Science Fiction/Fantasy)
2005978-1-59414-213-0Ed GormanFive Star Science Fiction/Fantasy - Different Kinds of Dead and Other Tales
2004978-1-59414-215-4Melissa MichaelsFive Star Science Fiction/Fantasy - World-Walker
2006978-1-59414-216-1Brian HerbertTimeweb (the Timeweb Chronicles) (Bk. 1)
2007978-1-59414-217-8Brian HerbertThe Web and the Stars (Timeweb Chronicles) (Bk. 2)
2008978-1-59414-218-5   ''Webdancers (Timeweb Chronicles)
2004978-1-59414-220-8Norma Tadlock JohnsonFive Star First Edition Mystery - Donna Rose and the Slug War
  ''978-1-59414-227-7Stephen Mark RaineyThe Lebo Coven
  ''978-1-59414-228-4Roberta GellisOverstars mail: Imperial Challenge (Five Star Science Fiction/Fantasy)
  ''978-1-59414-252-9Terri BlackstockTrial by Fire (Newpointe 911 Series #4)
  ''978-1-59414-257-4Trana Mae SimmonsFive Star First Edition Mystery - Dead Man Talking
2004978-1-59414-258-1Michael Z. LewinEye Opener (Albert Samson)
  ''978-1-59414-261-1Gordon AalborgThe Specialist
2005978-1-59414-267-3Doranna DurginFive Star First Edition Mystery - Nose For Trouble
  ''978-1-59414-272-7James Patrick HuntMaitland (Evan Maitland)
  ''978-1-59414-281-9Edward LouisFive Star Science Fiction/Fantasy - Odysseus On The Rhine
  ''978-1-59414-285-7David StinsonFive Star First Edition Mystery - The Traynor Legacy
2005978-1-59414-304-5T. M. GrayFive Star Science Fiction/Fantasy - Ghosts of Eden
  ''978-1-59414-305-2Edward WillettFive Star Science Fiction/Fantasy - Lost In Translation
  ''978-1-59414-307-6Lillian Stewart CarlFive Star First Edition Mystery - The Secret Portrait: A Jean Fairbairn/Alasdair Cameron Mystery
  ''978-1-59414-310-6Maggie SeftonDying To Sell (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
  ''978-1-59414-313-7Rebecca LickissFive Star Science Fiction/Fantasy - Remember Me?
2005978-1-59414-314-4Annette BlairThe Butterfly Garden (Five Star Expressions)
  ''978-1-59414-321-2John J. LambFive Star First Edition Mystery - Echoes of the Lost Order: A Steve and Victoria Mackinnon Mystery
  ''978-1-59414-325-0Trana Mae SimmonsFive Star Expressions - Witch Angel
2006978-1-59414-333-5Lauran PaineGunman: A Western Trio (Five Star Western Series)
  ''978-1-59414-336-6Todhunter BallardFive Star First Edition Westerns - Lost Gold: A Western Duo
  ''978-1-59414-350-2Dean McLaughlinDawn (Five Star Science Fiction and Fantasy Series)
2005978-1-59414-356-4J. J. Lamb · Bette Golden LambHeir Today...
2006978-1-59414-364-9Sue Owens WrightFive Star First Edition Mystery - Sirius About Murder: A Beanie and Cruiser Mystery
2006978-1-59414-365-6Joseph J. CurtinMonsterman (Five Star Science Fiction and Fantasy Series)
  ''978-1-59414-370-0Sheri Cobb SouthIn Milady's Chamber
2005978-1-59414-371-7Benjamin M. SchutzFive Star First Edition Mystery - Mary, Mary, Shut The Door and Other Stories
2006978-1-59414-377-9James Robert SmithThe Flock (Five Star Science Fiction and Fantasy Series)
2005978-1-59414-381-6Harry ShannonFive Star First Edition Mystery - Eye of the Burning Man: A Mick Callahan Novel
2006978-1-59414-382-3Martin EdwardsFive Star First Edition Mystery - Suspicious Minds: A Harry Devlin Mystery
2005978-1-59414-385-4Marc BilgreyFive Star Science Fiction/Fantasy - And Don't Forget To Rescue The Princess
  ''978-1-59414-386-1Kay CorneliusFive Star Expressions - Summons To The Chateau D'Arc
2006978-1-59414-395-3Thomas Wakefield BlackburnTrail of Whitened Skulls: The Cole Lavery Saga (Five Star First Edition Western)
  ''978-1-59414-426-4Michael A. BlackA Final Judgment: A Ron Shade Novel (Five Star First Edition Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-427-1James Patrick HuntBefore They Make You Run (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
2006978-1-59414-429-5Michael Allen DymmochFive Star Expressions - The Cymry Ring
  ''978-1-59414-440-0James Patrick HuntMaitland Under Siege (Five Star First Edition Mystery Series)
2007978-1-59414-442-4Stephen Mark RaineyBlue Devil Island (Five Star Science Fiction and Fantasy Series)
2006978-1-59414-451-6Jon F. BaxleyThe Blackgloom Bounty (Five Star Epic Fantasy)
  ''978-1-59414-460-8Michele Ann YoungPistols at Dawn (Five Star Expressions)
  ''978-1-59414-461-5Kate Clark FloraPlaying God: A Joe Burgess Mystery (Five Star First Edition Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-466-0Catherine DiMercurio DominicAmazing Disgrace (Five Star Expressions)
2006978-1-59414-470-7Harry ShannonThe Pressure of Darkness: A Thriller (Five Star First Edition Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-472-1Roberta GellisChains of Folly (Five Star First Edition Mystery Series)
2007978-1-59414-473-8Selina Rosen · Laura J. UnderwoodBad Lands: A Holmes & Storm Mystery (Five Star Mystery Series)
2006978-1-59414-480-6Lillian Stewart CarlThe Murder Hole (Five Star First Edition Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-483-7Annette BlairScoundrel in Disguise (Five Star Expressions)
  ''978-1-59414-494-3Julie HyzyDeadly Interest (Alex St. James Mystery #2)
2007978-1-59414-519-3Wayne D. OverholserSunset Trail: A Western Duo (Five Star Western Series)
2006978-1-59414-529-2Sheri Cobb SouthOf Paupers and Peers (Five Star Expressions)
2007978-1-59414-540-7Dave ZeltsermanBad Thoughts (Five Star Mystery Series) (Five Star Mystery Series)
2006978-1-59414-546-9Leslee BreeneLeadville Lady (Five Star Expressions)
2007978-1-59414-553-7James A. CiulloOrinoco (Five Star Mystery Series) (Five Star Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-560-5Lauran PaineMan from Durango (Five Star Western Series)
2007978-1-59414-573-5Natalie M. RobertsTwisted Sister
  ''978-1-59414-591-9Lillian Stewart CarlThe Burning Glass (Five Star Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-595-7Alan M. Clark · Stephen C. Merritt · Lorelei ShannonThe Blood of Father Time (Book 1: The New Cut)
  ''978-1-59414-602-2Russ HallGoodbye, She Lied (Five Star Mystery Series) (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
  ''978-1-59414-604-6Alan M. Clark · Stephen C. Merritt · Lorelei ShannonThe Blood of Father Time: The Mystic Clan's Grand Plot (Five Star Science Fiction and Fantasy Series) (Five Star Science Fiction and Fantasy Series) ... and Fantasy Series; The Blood of Father Time)
2007978-1-59414-605-3Maris SouleThe Crows (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
2008978-1-59414-616-9Brendan DuBoisFinal Winter (Five Star Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-617-6Tom EppersonThe Kind One (Five Star Mystery Series)
2007978-1-59414-631-2Simon BrettDeath Under the Dryer (Five Star First Edition Mystery) (Five Star Mystery Series)
2008978-1-59414-641-1Maria HudginsDeath of a Lovable Geek: A Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery (Five Star Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-664-0Mike LanganDark Horse (Five Star Mystery Series) (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
  ''978-1-59414-666-4Kelli StanleyNox Dormienda: A Long Night for Sleeping (An Arcturus Mystery)
  ''978-1-59414-677-0Carl BrookinsThe Case of the Deceiving Don: A Sean Sean Mystery (Five Star Mystery Series)
2009978-1-59414-679-4Ralph M. McInernyThe Wisdom of Father Dowling (Five Star Mystery Series)
2008978-1-59414-703-6Harry ShannonOne of the Wicked, A Mick Callahan Novel (Five Star Mystery Series)
2008978-1-59414-711-1Sheri Cobb SouthA Dead Bore (Five Star Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-713-5Michael A. Black · Julie HyzyDead Ringer (Ron Shade and Alex St. James Mystery)
  ''978-1-59414-720-3Kate FloraThe Angel of Knowlton Park (Joe Burgess Mysteries)
  ''978-1-59414-721-0Maan MeyersThe Organ Grinder: A Dutchman Historical Mystery (Five Star Mysteries)
  ''978-1-59414-758-6Simon BrettBlood at the Bookies: A Fethering Mystery (Five Star Mystery Series)
2009978-1-59414-770-8Lillian Stewart CarlThe Charm Stone (A Jean Fairbairn/Alasdair Cameron Mystery)
2009978-1-59414-780-7Sue Owens WrightEmbarking on Murder: A Beanie and Cruiser Mystery (Five Star Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-782-1Ann StamosBitter Tide (Five Star Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-789-0James Patrick HuntMaitland's Reply (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
  ''978-1-59414-794-4Dave ZeltsermanBad Karma (Five Star Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-59414-803-3Johnny D. BoggsHard Winter: A Western Story (Five Star Westerns)
2010978-1-59414-829-3Lauran PaineKansas Kid: A Western Duo (Five Star First Edition Western)
2010978-1-59414-861-3James Partrick HuntBridger (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
  ''978-1-59414-884-2Carolyn J. RoseHemlock Lake (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
2009978-1-59414-890-3Simon BrettThe Poisoning in the Pub (Fethering Mystery)
2010978-1-59414-922-1Lillian Stewart CarlThe Blue Hackle (Jean Fairbairn/Alasdair Cameron Mystery)
  ''978-1-59414-924-5Simon BrettThe Shooting in the Shop (A Fethering Mystery)
2011978-1-59414-952-8Maris SouleAs the Crow Flies (A P. J. Benson Mystery)
  ''978-1-59414-965-8James Patrick HuntGet Maitland