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2004978-1-59393-001-1Sandra GrabmanSpotlights & Shadows: The Albert Salmi Story
2016978-1-59393-003-5John A DinanThe Pulp Western
2004978-1-59393-004-2Ben OhmartWelcome, Foolish Mortals...The Life and Voices of Paul Frees
2016978-1-59393-006-6Jim HarmonIt's That Time Again 2!
  ''978-1-59393-007-3Philip RappBickersons Scripts Vol. 2
2015978-1-59393-008-0Ben OhmartThe Bickersons - A Biography of Radio's Wittiest Program
2008978-1-59393-009-7Dan GillespieBob and Ray. and Tom
2016978-1-59393-010-3Jerry SohlThe Twilight Zone Scripts of Jerry Sohl
2004978-1-59393-011-0Paul FreesThe Writings of Paul Frees: Scripts & Songs from the Master of Voice
2017978-1-59393-012-7Jordan R. YoungSpike Jones Off the Record: The Man Who Murdered Music
2004978-1-59393-013-4Stuart OdermanTalking to the Piano Player
2005978-1-59393-014-1Andrew RamageForgotten Gems From The Twilight Zone: A Collection Of Television Scripts Volume 1
2010978-1-59393-015-8Ben Ohmart · Joe BevilaquaDaws Butler - Characters Actor
2005978-1-59393-016-5Antoinette Girgenti LaneGuy Williams: The Man Behind the Mask
2017978-1-59393-017-2Sandra GrabmanPlain Beautiful: The Life of Peggy Ann Garner
  ''978-1-59393-018-9Bill CassaraEdgar Kennedy: Master of the Slow Burn
2004978-1-59393-019-6Arthur AndersonLet's Pretend and the Golden Age of Radio
2015978-1-59393-020-2June ForayPerverse, Adverse and Rottenverse
2004978-1-59393-022-6Mel SimonsThe Old-Time Radio Trivia Book
2017978-1-59393-023-3Sybil JasonMy Fifteen Minutes: An Autobiography of a Child Star of the Golden Era of Hollywood
2016978-1-59393-025-7Buck Biggers · Chet StoverHow Underdog Was Born
2010978-1-59393-028-8Gene ArceriBrooklyn's Scarlett: Susan Hayward: Fire in the Wind
2005978-1-59393-029-5Charles TranbergI Love the Illusion
2015978-1-59393-030-1Reginald RoseForgotten Gems from the Twilight Zone Volume 2
  ''978-1-59393-031-8Sandra K. Sagala · JoAnne M. BagwellAlias Smith & Jones: The Story of Two Pretty Good Bad Men
2017978-1-59393-032-5Michael StreeterNothing Lost Forever: The Films of Tom Schiller
  ''978-1-59393-033-2Allan T. Duffin · Paul MatheisThe 12 O'Clock High Logbook: The Unofficial History of the Novel, Motion Picture, and TV Series
2017978-1-59393-034-9Ward Morehouse IIILife at the Top
  ''978-1-59393-035-6Jim HarmonIt's That Time Again 3: Even More New Stories of Old-Time Radio
2006978-1-59393-036-3Scott O'brienKay Francis: I Can't Wait to Be Forgotten
2016978-1-59393-037-0Roger C. PaulsonArchives of the Airwaves Vol. 1
  ''978-1-59393-038-7   ''Archives of the Airwaves Vol. 2
2017978-1-59393-039-4Kenny MillerHollywood Inside & Out: The Kenny Miller Story
2016978-1-59393-040-0Argentina BrunettiIn Sicilian Company
2006978-1-59393-041-7Justin HumphreysNames You Never Remember, with Faces You Never Forget
2017978-1-59393-043-1Frederick C. Wiebel Jr.Backwards Into Future: The Recorded History of the Firesign Theatre
2006978-1-59393-046-2Ben OhmartHold That Joan: The Life, Laughs and Films of Joan Davis
2016978-1-59393-047-9Roger C. PaulsonArchives of the Airwaves Vol. 3
  ''978-1-59393-048-6   ''Archives of the Airwaves Vol. 4
2006978-1-59393-049-3Charles TranbergNot So Dumb: The Life and Career of Marie Wilson
2017978-1-59393-050-9Mel SimonsThe Old-Time Television Trivia Book
2016978-1-59393-051-6Brian GariWe Bombed in New London
2017978-1-59393-052-3Richard LamparskiHollywood Diary: Twelve Untold Tales of Gary Cooper, Patsy Kelly, Pola Negri, Robert Taylor, Zeppo Marx, The Grapes of Wrath, A Star is Born, Our ... Hudson, Soupy Sales, Quentin Crisp, Mae West
2016978-1-59393-053-0Alan YoungThere's No Business Like Show Business... Was
2017978-1-59393-054-7Richard LamparskiManhattan Diary: Twelve Never Before Related Stories
  ''978-1-59393-055-4Tony ToranA Prisoner of Love: The Definitive Story of Russ Columbo
2006978-1-59393-056-1Pierre Patrick · Garry McGeeQue Sera, Sera: The Magic of Doris Day Through Television
2009978-1-59393-057-8Phil RappThe Baby Snooks Scripts
2007978-1-59393-060-8Colin BriggsCordially Yours, Ann Sothern
2018978-1-59393-061-5Bill IdelsonThe Story of Vic & Sade
2010978-1-59393-062-2Bill MarxSon of Harpo Speaks!
2007978-1-59393-063-9John O'DowdKiss Tomorrow Goodbye: The Barbara Payton Story
2007978-1-59393-064-6Gerald D. Wilson · Martin Jr. GramsThe Railroad Hour
  ''978-1-59393-066-0Melville ShavelsonHow to Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Trying P.S. - You Can't!
2006978-1-59393-067-7Sandra GrabmanPat Buttram
2007978-1-59393-068-4John AgarOn the Good Ship Hollywood
2017978-1-59393-070-7Philip RappThe Television Scripts of Philip Rapp: From the Marx Brothers to Joan Davis
2006978-1-59393-071-4David OssmanThe Ronald Reagan Murder Case: A George Tirebiter Mystery
2007978-1-59393-073-8David W. MenefeeThe First Male Stars
2016978-1-59393-074-5Julie Dawn ColeI Want It Now!: A Memoir of Life on the Set of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
2007978-1-59393-078-3Mel SimonsOld-Time Radio Memories
  ''978-1-59393-079-0Frank TuttleSocialists, Socialites, and Sociopaths: Plays and Screenplays by Frank Tuttle
2015978-1-59393-083-7Herbie J PilatoThe Bionic Book: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman Reconstructed
2007978-1-59393-092-9Martin Jr. GramsI Led 3 Lives
  ''978-1-59393-094-3Philip RappThe Baby Snooks Scripts Vol. 2
  ''978-1-59393-095-0Charles TranbergI Love the Illusion: The Life and Career of Agnes Moorehead, 2nd edition
2015978-1-59393-096-7Fred M. GrandinettiJack Mercer, the Voice of Popeye
2007978-1-59393-097-4Paul TalbotThe Films of the Dionne Quintuplets
2007978-1-59393-098-1Judith A. MooseSteele Loved After All These Years: A Remington Steele Retrospective
  ''978-1-59393-099-8Charles TranbergFred MacMurray
  ''978-1-59393-100-1Bill IdelsonBill Idelson's Writing Class
  ''978-1-59393-101-8Michael LeannahWell! Reflections on the Life & Career of Jack Benny
  ''978-1-59393-106-3Scott O'BrienKay Francis: I Can't Wait to be Forgotten: Her Life on Film and Stage
2016978-1-59393-107-0Caren Marsh-DollHollywood's Babe
2007978-1-59393-109-4David W. MenefeeThe First Male Stars Hb
2016978-1-59393-110-0G. Michael DobbsEscape
2016978-1-59393-112-4Joe AlaskeyThat's Still Not All Folks!!
2007978-1-59393-114-8Julia Dannielle RubinJohnny Cash, The Greatest Cowboy of Them All
  ''978-1-59393-115-5Sybil JasonFive Minutes More
2016978-1-59393-118-6Jack FrenchIt's That Time Again 4
2015978-1-59393-123-0Stone WallaceGeorge Raft
2008978-1-59393-124-7Lon DavisSilent Lives
2015978-1-59393-127-8Garry McGeeJean Seberg -- Breathless
2007978-1-59393-130-8Stuart OdermanThe Keystone Krowd
  ''978-1-59393-134-6Mel SimonsThe Show-Biz Trivia Book
2008978-1-59393-136-0Bill DevoeTrivia from the Twilight Zone
  ''978-1-59393-137-7Wilson CaseyTrivia Guiness World Record Holder
2015978-1-59393-138-4Jean Russell Larson · Garry McGeeNeut ra l ized: T H E FBI V S . J E a N S E Be R G
2009978-1-59393-144-5A. S. BermanThe New Horror Handbook
2008978-1-59393-146-9Jim ManagoLove is the Reason for it All: The Shirley Booth Story
2015978-1-59393-147-6Sandra Grabman · Wright KingNo Retakes
2008978-1-59393-148-3David OssmanFiresign Follies
2009978-1-59393-203-9Jamie MacvicarThe Advance Man: A Journey into the World of the Circus
2008978-1-59393-206-0Hank MoonjeanBring in the Peacocks: Memoirs of a Hollywood Producer
2011978-1-59393-209-1David Conover · Philip J. RileyWar Eagles
2016978-1-59393-212-1Christopher GulloThe Films of Donald Pleasence
2015978-1-59393-215-2Joseph FuscoBeyond Dead End: The Solo Careers of The Dead End Kids
2013978-1-59393-268-8Steve MassaLame Brains and Lunatics
  ''978-1-59393-269-5Sylvia ResnickThe Walton Family Cookbook
2018978-1-59393-276-3Brad Paulson · Chris WatsonDwarfsploitation
2016978-1-59393-285-5Gary D. Rhodes · Bill KaffenbergerNo Traveler Returns: The Lost Years of Bela Lugosi
2012978-1-59393-293-0Tom Goldrup · Jim GoldrupThe Encyclopedia of Feature Players of Hollywood, Volume 1
2017978-1-59393-294-7Tom Goldrup · Jim GoldrupThe Encyclopedia of Feature Players of Hollywood, Volume 2
  ''978-1-59393-295-4   ''The Encyclopedia of Feature Players of Hollywood, Volume 3
2015978-1-59393-296-1Cynthia Brideson · Sara BridesonAlso Starring...: Forty Biographical Essays on the Greatest Character Actors of Hollywood's Golden Era, 1930-1965
2008978-1-59393-300-5Lon Davis · Debra DavisStooges Among Us
2016978-1-59393-301-2Philip Cerreta · Robert FreeseLights, Camera, Trivia!
2008978-1-59393-302-9Jennifer Sugar · Jill C. NelsonJohn Holmes, a Life Measured in Inches
  ''978-1-59393-305-0Clair SchulzFibber McGee & Molly, on the Air 1935-1959
2017978-1-59393-308-1Vic FlickVic Flick, Guitarman
2015978-1-59393-313-5Alan Reed · Ben OhmartYabba Dabba Doo! or, Never a Star: The Alan Reed Story
2008978-1-59393-314-2Scott O'BrienVirginia Bruce - Under My Skin
2015978-1-59393-315-9Diane Kachmar · David GoudswardThe Fly at 50: The Creation and Legacy of a Classic Science Fiction Film
  ''978-1-59393-316-6Ben OhmartJudy Canova: Singin' in the Corn!
2008978-1-59393-319-7Mel SimonsOld-Time Television Memories
2009978-1-59393-320-3Stuart OdermanTalking to the Piano Player 2
2016978-1-59393-321-0Gene ArceriRocking Horse - A Personal Biography of Betty Hutton
2015978-1-59393-322-7Tommy Lightfoot GarrettThe Prints of Classic Hollywood
2009978-1-59393-325-8Wesley BrittonThe Encyclopedia of TV Spies
  ''978-1-59393-327-2Wilson CaseyKnow It? or Not? Vol. 1
2009978-1-59393-331-9Bob RoccaThe Professionals
2016978-1-59393-332-6Annette D'Agostino LloydHarold Lloyd: Magic in a Pair of Horn-Rimmed Glasses
2015978-1-59393-334-0Patrick JankiewiczJust When You Thought It Was Safe: A JAWS Companion
2009978-1-59393-335-7Phil HallThe History of Independent Cinema
2016978-1-59393-337-1Dieter Salemann · Fabian GrobFlights of the Vout Bug
  ''978-1-59393-340-1Martin Grams Jr.Car 54 Where Are You?
  ''978-1-59393-342-5Scott VoisinCharacter Kings: Hollywood's Familiar Faces Discuss the Art & Business of Acting
2009978-1-59393-343-2Gary BurghoffGary Burghoff: To M*A*S*H and Back
  ''978-1-59393-344-9Michael J. HaydeFlights of Fantasy: The Unauthorized but True Story of Radio & TV's Adventures of Superman
  ''978-1-59393-345-6Mark ArnoldCreated and Produced by Total Television Productions
2016978-1-59393-346-3John C. FredriksenHoney West
2009978-1-59393-349-4Pierre Patrick · Garry McGeeThe Doris Day Companion: A Beautiful Day
2015978-1-59393-361-6Jules VerneThe Marriage of a Marquis
2011978-1-59393-362-3Jules VerneShipwrecked Family: Marooned with Uncle Robinson
2018978-1-59393-363-0   ''Mr. Chimp & Other Plays
2016978-1-59393-369-2Jules VerneThe Count of Chanteleine: A Tale of the French Revolution
2015978-1-59393-400-2Charles TranbergThe Thin Man: Murder Over Cocktails (Film Series)
  ''978-1-59393-401-9Carol Lynn ScherlingBlondie Goes to Hollywood: The Blondie Comic Strip in Films, Radio & Television
2011978-1-59393-402-6Dan Van NesteThe Whistler: Stepping Into the Shadows
2018978-1-59393-425-5Sandra GrabmanSpotlights & Shadows: The Albert Salmi Story
2014978-1-59393-440-8Mark CarlsonFlying on Film: A Century of Aviation in the Movies, 1912 - 2012 (Second Edition)
2016978-1-59393-452-1Lon Davis · Debra DavisKing of the Movies: Francis X. Bushman
  ''978-1-59393-453-8Martin Grams Jr.The Lost Sam Spade Scripts
2009978-1-59393-455-2David ByronQueens of Scream: The New Blood
2015978-1-59393-457-6Joyce Compton · Michael G. AnkerichThe Real Joyce Compton: Behind the Dumb Blonde Movie Image
2009978-1-59393-461-3June ForayDid You Grow Up with Me, Too? - The Autobiography of June Foray
  ''978-1-59393-462-0Eve GoldenBride of Golden Images
  ''978-1-59393-463-7Sondra LeeI've Slept with Everybody: A Memoir
2017978-1-59393-467-5Richard RoatHollywood's Made-to-Order Punks: The Dead End Kids, Little Tough Guys, East Side Kids and the Bowery Boys
2009978-1-59393-468-2Sarah BakerLucky Stars: Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell
2015978-1-59393-469-9Jane BriggemanBurlesque: A Living History
2010978-1-59393-470-5David Goudsward · Scott T. GoudswardShadows Over Florida
2017978-1-59393-471-2Randy WestJohnny Olson: A Voice in Time
2015978-1-59393-472-9Anthony SlideFrank Lloyd: Master of Screen Melodrama
2009978-1-59393-473-6David W. MenefeeGeorge O'Brien - A Man's Man in Hollywood
2016978-1-59393-474-3Jan Wahl · Louise BrooksDear Stinkpot: Letters From Louise Brooks
2009978-1-59393-475-0Philip J. Riley · R. C. SherriffDracula's Daughter - An Alternate History for Classic Film Monsters
2009978-1-59393-476-7Philip RileyCagliostro
2010978-1-59393-477-4Philip J. RileyThe Wolf Man vs. Dracula: An Alternate History for Classic Film Monsters
  ''978-1-59393-478-1   ''Dracula Starring Lon Chaney - An Alternate History for Classic Film Monsters
  ''978-1-59393-479-8   ''Robert Florey's Frankenstein Starring Bela Lugosi
2011978-1-59393-481-1David Conover · Philip J. RileyWAR EAGLES - The Unmaking of an Epic - An Alternate History for Classic Film Monsters
  ''978-1-59393-482-8Philip J. RileyLondon After Midnight
2013978-1-59393-497-2Elsie LeeThe Masque of the Red Death
2009978-1-59393-500-9Michael McCartyEsoteria-Land
  ''978-1-59393-501-6Ed Solomonson · Mark O'NeillTV's M*A*S*H: The Ultimate Guide Book
2009978-1-59393-502-3Steve R. BierlyStronger Than Spinach: The Secret Appeal of the Famous Studios Popeye Cartoons
2015978-1-59393-508-5Joe ConleyIke Godsey of Walton's Mountain
2009978-1-59393-509-2Ib MelchiorSix Cult Films From The Sixties
2015978-1-59393-511-5Stephen VaggRod Taylor: An Aussie in Hollywood
2009978-1-59393-512-2David ByronFilm Prodigies & Legends
  ''978-1-59393-514-6Joseph FuscoThe Epitome of Cool: The Films of Ray Danton
2010978-1-59393-515-3Frederick C. Wiebel Jr.Edison's Frankenstein
  ''978-1-59393-516-0Mickey C. SmithHow Fibber McGee and Molly Won World War II
  ''978-1-59393-518-4Mel SimonsThe Movie Trivia Book
  ''978-1-59393-520-7David ByronThe Indie Filmmakers Handbook
2016978-1-59393-521-4Richard KoperFifties Blondes: Sexbombs, Sirens, Bad Girls and Teen Queens
2018978-1-59393-523-8Jeff GordonFoxy Lady: The Authorized Biography of Lynn Bari
2015978-1-59393-524-5Fredrick TuckerVerna Felton
2016978-1-59393-525-2Christopher KnopfWill the Real Me Please Stand Up
2010978-1-59393-531-3Ron BackerGripping Chapters: The Sound Movie Serial
2016978-1-59393-535-1Scott O'BrienAnn Harding - Cinema's Gallant Lady
2010978-1-59393-540-5Sybil JasonWhat's It All About, Sybil? the Sybil Jason International Fan Club
2010978-1-59393-541-2David R. GreenlandBonanza: A Viewer's Guide to the TV Legend
2015978-1-59393-542-9Donna Marie NowakJust Joan: A Joan Crawford Appreciation
2010978-1-59393-543-6Gary A. SmithForever Amber: From Novel to Film
2016978-1-59393-546-7Raymond ValinotiAnother Nice Mess - The Laurel & Hardy Story
2015978-1-59393-549-8Bill CassaraVernon Dent: Stooge Heavy
  ''978-1-59393-579-5Koop KooperKoop Kooper's Cocktail Nation 2: The Interviews
2014978-1-59393-581-8Scott VoisinCharacter Kings 2: Hollywood's Familiar Faces Discuss the Art & Business of Acting (Hardback)
2016978-1-59393-599-3Scott O'BrienGeorge Brent - Ireland's Gift to Hollywood and its Leading Ladies
  ''978-1-59393-600-6Joel Blumberg · Sandra GrabmanLloyd Nolan: An Actors Life with Meaning
  ''978-1-59393-602-0Norm BlumenthalWhen Game Shows Ruled Daytime TV
2015978-1-59393-605-1Michael G. AnkerichDangerous Curves Atop Hollywood Heels: The Lives, Careers, and Misfortunes of 14 Hard-Luck Girls of the Silent Screen
2010978-1-59393-606-8William SchoellThe Silver Age of Comics
2015978-1-59393-615-0Charles TranbergRobert Taylor: A Biography
  ''978-1-59393-616-7A. S. BermanThe Gilmore Girls Companion
2010978-1-59393-617-4Michael G. McGlassonLee Van Cleef: Best of the Bad
2011978-1-59393-623-5David W. MenefeeWally: The True Wallace Reid Story
2016978-1-59393-624-2Charles NapierSquare Jaw and Big Heart
2015978-1-59393-627-3David R. GreenlandRawhide - A History of Television's Longest Cattle Drive
2011978-1-59393-631-0Andrew J. Rausch · R. D. RileyThe Stephen King Movie Quiz Book
2015978-1-59393-640-2Gene ArceriGhosts of Gone with the Wind
2011978-1-59393-641-9Tom WeaverThe Horror Hits of Richard Gordon
2011978-1-59393-642-6David RothelThe Case Files of the Oriental Sleuths: Charlie Chan, Mr. Moto, and Mr. Wong
  ''978-1-59393-648-8Andrew J. RauschThe Wit and Wisdom of Stephen King
  ''978-1-59393-650-1Patrick A. JankiewiczYou Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry: A Hulk Companion
2015978-1-59393-652-5Steve StoliarRaised Eyebrows - My Years Inside Groucho's House (Expanded Edition)
2011978-1-59393-660-0Michael A. HoeySherlock Holmes & the Fabulous Faces - The Universal Pictures Repertory Company
  ''978-1-59393-665-5Michael G. McGlassonThe Unknown Peter Cushing
  ''978-1-59393-672-3Ida Lupino · Mary Ann AndersonIda Lupino: Beyond the Camera
2011978-1-59393-674-7Jennifer Sugar · Jill C. NelsonJohn Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches (Second Edition)
  ''978-1-59393-679-2David Lewis HammarstromInside the Changing Circus: A Critic's Guide
2015978-1-59393-684-6Charles TranbergWalt Disney & Recollections of the Disney Studios: 1955-1980
2012978-1-59393-685-3John Holmes · Laurie HolmesPorn King: The Autobiography of John C. Holmes
  ''978-1-59393-691-4David L. PierceThe Omni-Directional Three-Dimensional Vectoring Paper Printed Omnibus for Bewitched Analysis a.k.a. The Bewitched History Book
  ''978-1-59393-695-2James TurielloErrol Flynn: The Quest for an Oscar
  ''978-1-59393-697-6Richard Scrivani · Tom WeaverThe Z Files: Treasures From Zacherley's Archives
2015978-1-59393-700-3Tom WeaverScripts from the Crypt: The Hideous Sun Demon (Volume 1)
2016978-1-59393-718-8Philip LeibfriedStar of India: The Life and Films of Sabu (hardback)
2013978-1-59393-750-8Gary a. SmithAmerican International Pictures: The Golden Years
2013978-1-59393-751-5Mark ArnoldFrozen in Ice: The Story of Walt Disney Productions, 1966-1985
2016978-1-59393-753-9Michael J. HaydeChaplin's Vintage Year: The History of the Mutual-Chaplin Specials
2014978-1-59393-764-5Scott O'BrienGeorge Brent - Ireland's Gift to Hollywood and its Leading Ladies (hardback)
  ''978-1-59393-779-9Philip J. Riley · Gregory Wm. MankThe Black Cat
2012978-1-59393-788-1Ben OhmartMel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices (hardback)
2016978-1-59393-794-2Gary Vitacco-RoblesIcon: The Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe Volume 1 - 1926 TO 1956
2015978-1-59393-796-6John FarkisNot Thinkin'... Just Rememberin'... The Making of John Wayne's "The Alamo"
  ''978-1-59393-797-3   ''Not Thinkin'... Just Rememberin'... The Making of John Wayne's "The Alamo" (hardback)
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2015978-1-59393-870-3Charles TranbergThe Thin Man: Murder Over Cocktails (hardback)
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  ''978-1-59393-887-1Patrick JankiewiczJust When You Thought It Was Safe: A JAWS Companion (hardback)
2016978-1-59393-991-5Richard KoperFifties Blondes: Sexbombs, Sirens, Bad Girls and Teen Queens (hardback)
  ''978-1-59393-993-9Thomas MannLondon After Midnight: A New Reconstruction Based on Contemporary Sources (hardback)