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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-59350-004-7Jolie du PreIridescence: Sensuous Shades of Lesbian Erotica
  ''978-1-59350-007-8Neil S. PlakcyMahu Surfer: A Hawaiian Mystery (An Alyson Mystery)
  ''978-1-59350-010-8Seth RudetskyBroadway Nights: A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theatre
  ''978-1-59350-014-6Simone ThorneTales of Travelrotica for Lesbians Volume 2: Erotic Travel Adventures (Travelrotica)
  ''978-1-59350-015-3Sean FisherDorm Porn 2: More Steamy Tales of Boys on Campus
2007978-1-59350-017-7Michael T. LuongoThe Voyeur
  ''978-1-59350-019-1Jay QuinnThe Good Neighbor
  ''978-1-59350-020-7Michelle SawyerThe Immaculate Connection: A novel
2008978-1-59350-021-4Wendy CasterThe New Lesbian Sex Book, 3rd Edition
2007978-1-59350-022-1Gina Daggett · Kathy BelgeLipstick's and Dipstick's Essential Guide to Lesbian Relationships
  ''978-1-59350-023-8Jack HartTreasure Trail: Erotic Tales of Pirates on the High Seas
2008978-1-59350-025-2Charles BuschDie, Mommie, Die! and Pyscho Beach Party: The Screenplays of Charles Busch
2007978-1-59350-026-9Claire McNabThe Platypus Ploy: A Kylie Kendall Mystery (An Alyson Mystery)
  ''978-1-59350-029-0Jesse GrantFast Balls: Erotic Stories About America's Favorite Pastime
2007978-1-59350-030-6Jack HartMy First Time: Volume 5 (My First Time (Allison))
  ''978-1-59350-031-3Erin McHughThe Portable Queer: Homo History: A Compilation of Events that Shook and Shaped the Gay World
  ''978-1-59350-032-0Erin McHughThe Portable Queer: Out of the Mouths of Queers: A Compilation of Bon Mots, Words of Wisdom and Sassy Sayings
  ''978-1-59350-033-7   ''The Portable Queer: A Gay in the Life: A Compilation of Saints and Sinners in Gay History
2008978-1-59350-034-4Neil S. Plakcy · Sharon SaksonPaws and Reflect: A Special Bond Between Man and Dog
2007978-1-59350-036-8Allen CroweThe Q Guide to Designing Women (Pop Culture Out There Guide)
  ''978-1-59350-037-5Brad NicholsBest Gay Love Stories: Summer Flings
2007978-1-59350-038-2Sharon SaksonPaws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs
  ''978-1-59350-039-9Jesse GrantUltimate Gay Erotica 2008
2008978-1-59350-040-5Frank SpinelliThe Advocate Guide to Gay Men's Health and Wellness
  ''978-1-59350-041-2David AllynThe Q Guide to Gay Beaches (The Q Guides)
  ''978-1-59350-042-9Nicole FosterUltimate Lesbian Erotica 2008
  ''978-1-59350-044-3Ben Hodges · Harvey FiersteinOut Plays: Landmark Gay and Lesbian Plays of the Twentieth Century
2008978-1-59350-045-0Kimeron HardinLoving Ourselves: The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Self-Esteem
2007978-1-59350-047-4Arthur WootenFruit Cocktail
  ''978-1-59350-048-1Christopher KellyA Push and a Shove: A Novel
2008978-1-59350-049-8Grant Wheaton · Dennis CourtneyThe 7-Day Dating and Relationship Plan for Gay Men: Practical Advice from the Gay Matchmaker
  ''978-1-59350-052-8Gregory L. NorrisThe Q Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Q Guides)
  ''978-1-59350-053-5Nicole FosterWetter: More True Lesbian Sex Stories
  ''978-1-59350-054-2Jay QuinnThe Beloved Son: A Novel
2008978-1-59350-057-3Mike PingelThe Q Guide to Charlie's Angels: Stuff You Didn't Even Know You Wanted to Know...about Three Little Girls Who Went to the Police Academy
  ''978-1-59350-059-7Scott ShermanFirst You Fall: A Kevin Connor Mystery (Kevin Connor Mysteries)
  ''978-1-59350-061-0Simone ThorneIsland Girls: Tropical Lesbian Erotica
  ''978-1-59350-066-5Dan AllenThe Out Traveler: New York City
  ''978-1-59350-067-2Keith W. SwainDynamic Duos: The Alpha/Beta Key to Unlocking Success in Gay Relationships
2008978-1-59350-068-9Stewart LewisRelative Stranger: A Novel
  ''978-1-59350-069-6Erin McHughSecrets and Scandals: A Compilation of Events That Rocked the Gay World (Portable Queer)
  ''978-1-59350-070-2   ''The Portable Queer: Loud and Proud: A Compilation of Quotes from Friends, Family, and Foes
  ''978-1-59350-071-9Michael Shelton MC CACBoy Crazy: Why Monogamy Is So Hard for Gay Men and What You Can Do About It
  ''978-1-59350-072-6Robb PearlmanThe Q Guide to Sex and the City: Stuff You Didn't Even Know You Wanted to Know... About Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte... and Cosmos
2008978-1-59350-073-3Matthew LinkThe Out Traveler: Hawaii
  ''978-1-59350-075-7Mart CrowleyThe Boys in the Band: 40th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-1-59350-079-5Neil S. PlakcyMahu Fire: A Hawaiian Mystery
  ''978-1-59350-080-1Mike PingelThe Q Guide to Wonder Woman: Stuff You Didn't Even Know You Wanted to Know...about Lynda Carter, the iconic TV show, and one amazing costume (Q Guides)
2009978-1-59350-082-5Neil S. PlakcyMahu: A Hawai'ian Mystery (A Kimo Kanapa Mystery)
2008978-1-59350-083-2Corinne MarshallThe Q Guide to Will and Grace: Stuff You Didn't Even Know You Wanted to Know...about Will, Grace, Jack, Karen, and lots of guest stars (Pop Culture Out There Guides)
  ''978-1-59350-084-9Gary ZebrunOnly the Lonely
2008978-1-59350-086-3Judith GouldGreek Winds of Fury
2009978-1-59350-087-0Judith GouldSins--The 25th Anniversary Edition
2008978-1-59350-088-7Brad NicholsBest Gay Love Stories 2009
  ''978-1-59350-089-4Simone ThorneBest Lesbian Love Stories 2009
2009978-1-59350-090-0Jesse GrantUltimate Gay Erotica 2009
  ''978-1-59350-091-7Nicole FosterUltimate Lesbian Erotica 2009
2008978-1-59350-093-1Sean FisherFrat Sex 2 (v. 2)
  ''978-1-59350-094-8Sharon SaksonPaws to Protect: Dogs Saving Lives and Restoring Hope
  ''978-1-59350-095-5Greg HerrenMurder in the Rue Ursulines: A Chanse MacLeod Mystery
2008978-1-59350-100-6Jim GrimsleyJesus Is Sending You This Message: Stories
  ''978-1-59350-101-3Debra MandelDon't Call Me a Drama Queen!: A Guide for the Overly Sensitive and Their Significant Others Who Need to Learn How to Lighten Up and Go with the Flow
2009978-1-59350-102-0Jordan McAuley · Matt BurkhalterThe Out Traveler: Atlanta (Out Traveler Guides)
  ''978-1-59350-103-7Paul RubioThe Out Traveler South Florida: Includes the Keys, Orlando, and the Tampa Bay Area (Out Traveler Guides)
  ''978-1-59350-105-1Greg HerrenMurder in the Garden District: A Chanse MacLeod Mystery
  ''978-1-59350-106-8Rigoberto GonzalezThe Mariposa Club
2009978-1-59350-107-5Alix DobkinMy Red Blood: A Memoir of Growing Up Communist, Coming Onto the Greenwich Village Folk Scene, and Coming Out in the Feminist Movement
  ''978-1-59350-108-2John Higham360 Degrees Longitude: One Family's Journey Around the World
  ''978-1-59350-110-5Brad Nichols · Harvey FiersteinBest Gay Love Stories 2010
  ''978-1-59350-111-2Neil S. PlakcyMahu Vice: A Hawaiian Mystery
  ''978-1-59350-114-3Richard CanningBetween Men 2: Original Fiction by Today's Best Gay Writers
2009978-1-59350-118-1Mark MerlisAmerican Studies: A Novel
  ''978-1-59350-119-8Richard Canning50 Gay and Lesbian Books Everybody Must Read
  ''978-1-59350-120-4Debbie RobinsShovel It: Kick-Ass Advice to Turn Life's Crap into the Peace and Happiness You Deserve
  ''978-1-59350-121-1Tess Ayers · Paul BrownThe New Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings
  ''978-1-59350-126-6Sebastian StuartThe Hour Between: A Novel
2009978-1-59350-136-5Lesléa Newman · Diana SouzaHeather Has Two Mommies: 20th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-1-59350-137-2Aiden ShawSordid Truths: Selling My Innocence for a Taste of Stardom
2010978-1-59350-139-6Donald Weise,Donald (EDT) Weise,Christopher (CON) Rice, Christopher RiceMen to Men: New Voices in Gay Fiction
  ''978-1-59350-140-2David McConnellThe Silver Hearted: A Novel
2009978-1-59350-143-3Christopher BramMapping the Territory: Selected Nonfiction
2010978-1-59350-147-1Elliott MackleCaptain Harding's Six Day War: A Novel
2009978-1-59350-149-5Bob SmithSelfish and Perverse
  ''978-1-59350-150-1Mary CappelloCalled Back: My Reply to Cancer, My Return to Life
  ''978-1-59350-151-8Men MagazineMen: Twenty-Five Years in Photography
2010978-1-59350-153-2David Groff · Philip ClarkPersistent Voices: Poetry by Writers Lost to AIDS
2010978-1-59350-155-6Caleb McCarthy,Caleb (ADP) Mccarthy Jonah MarkowitzShelter
2014978-1-59350-156-3Sam StewardNotes from the Sexual Underground, 1935-1975: The Selected Writings of Sam Steward (The Renegade Author Also Known as Phil Andros)
2009978-1-59350-158-7Cecilia TanWomen of the Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica
2014978-1-59350-160-0Fred RosenBody Count: On the Murder Trail of Bayou Red, the Record Setting Serial Killer Who Terrorized the Deep South
2010978-1-59350-161-7Morty (EDT) Diamond Morty DiamondGendered Hearts: Transgendered, Transsexual, and Gender Variant Writers on Sex, Love, and Relationships
2014978-1-59350-165-5Paul RussellThe Unreal Life of Sergey Vladimirovich Nabokov: A Novel
978-1-59350-175-4Bob SmithRemembrance of Things Forgotten: A Novel
2014978-1-59350-178-5Heinz HegerThe Men with the Pink Triangle: The True Life-and-Death Story of Homosexuals in the Nazi Death Camps, Third Edition
2010978-1-59350-182-2David McConnellGay Panic