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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-59330-002-9Binaebi AkahCatching the Rose
2003978-1-59330-008-1Naomi HyattLizzy
  ''978-1-59330-009-8Roy MarshallVillisca
  ''978-1-59330-012-8Michael J. HillyardHomeland Security And the Need for Change
  ''978-1-59330-013-5Ryne Duren · Tom SabellicoI Can See Clearly Now
  ''978-1-59330-015-9Leon WofsyAt 80: An Old Bird's Eye View of the Year Following September 11, 2001
2003978-1-59330-016-6B. Jill CarrollHow to Survive as an Adjunct Lecturer
  ''978-1-59330-021-0Deborah HillThe Writings of the Masters
  ''978-1-59330-023-4Jack Eason RoweEnergy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention
  ''978-1-59330-027-2Mark LavineForever Child
  ''978-1-59330-035-7Alexander M. BruceThe Folklore Of Florida Southern College
2003978-1-59330-042-5Kendric L. BryantThe Math Mechanic: Money & Time Edition
  ''978-1-59330-049-4Patrick RuharuzaTHE VIOLENT TAKE IT BY FORCE
  ''978-1-59330-055-5Alonzo AllenThe Flight Of The Flamingo
  ''978-1-59330-056-2Ward AndersonThe Ultimate Bachelor's Guide
  ''978-1-59330-063-0Arnell Logan PharrPregnant and Alone
2003978-1-59330-068-5Yoel NatanThe Jewish Trinity
  ''978-1-59330-069-2Ezequiel GonzalezJust Keep Walking
  ''978-1-59330-075-3Dr T. NyarkoA Disconnected Generation
  ''978-1-59330-082-1Rodrigo Fern's · Rodrigo FernosAmistad y Progreso
  ''978-1-59330-085-2Mark MFT GaskillSystemic Parenting
2003978-1-59330-088-3James BrokawWaiting For War
  ''978-1-59330-091-3Rowan LoreOrange
  ''978-1-59330-092-0Edith ReynoldsWe are the Word People
  ''978-1-59330-093-7Edith ReynoldsWorking with Words
  ''978-1-59330-094-4Owl WomanThe Shaman's Granddaughter
2003978-1-59330-095-1James Robert StewartCold, Cold, Space
  ''978-1-59330-096-8Ezequiel GonzalezSolamente Sige Caminando
  ''978-1-59330-101-9Robert L. ThomasMarcus
  ''978-1-59330-106-4Earl LeeKiss My Left Behind
  ''978-1-59330-107-1Vivian Marie FullerPrisoner of Hope (Out of Darkness into Light)
2003978-1-59330-108-8Lynne And Hank ChristenTravel Wisdom: Tips, Tools, and Tactics for All Travelers
2004978-1-59330-111-8Brad L. Morin · Chris L. MorinSuddenly Strangers
2003978-1-59330-115-6Martin FrankOcean of Love
  ''978-1-59330-116-3Cindy MoseleyGreat Foods Without Worry: More than 90 Delicious Recipes without Wheat,
  ''978-1-59330-119-4Thomas W. YoungTRASH-HAULER'S BALL
  ''978-1-59330-121-7Enyinnaya Uche UcheHow to Prepare for an Examination, Hunt for Jobs, and Interview Successfully
  ''978-1-59330-122-4Thomas B. JamesDomestic Violence: The 12 Things You Aren't Supposed to Know
2003978-1-59330-128-6David HoickaSection 8 Occupancy Handbook
2004978-1-59330-132-3B. Jill CarrollMACHIAVELLI FOR ADJUNCTS
2003978-1-59330-134-7Rowan LoreOrange
  ''978-1-59330-135-4Evan KeliherGrandpa's MARIJUANA Handbook
2004978-1-59330-141-5Gloria Escalona · Fred Juul · Steffen RichardsLight, Dark Wind, Moon
  ''978-1-59330-144-6James B. EdwardsHitler: Stalin's Stooge
  ''978-1-59330-145-3Jack LynchThinking without Words (I Am Not a Machine, Book 1)
  ''978-1-59330-148-4Jennifer Merrill ThompsonChasing the Gender Dream
2004978-1-59330-154-5Richard K. HuberPlato's Secret
  ''978-1-59330-164-4Julian JacksonGet Lean Stay Lean II "The Diet Plan for Women"
  ''978-1-59330-169-9James ChristenLong Journey, Short Steps
  ''978-1-59330-170-5Chuck OakesMaking Your Home Senior-Friendly
  ''978-1-59330-171-2Oliver McAfeeBlack Building Blocks
2004978-1-59330-179-8Lilo KallmanOde to Nick
  ''978-1-59330-186-6Roland GilbertROLAND GILBERT'S Stress-free Power Parenting System
  ''978-1-59330-194-1Toni PughThe Next Step
  ''978-1-59330-200-9Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised
  ''978-1-59330-206-1Jacob KraftMullins the Munificent
2004978-1-59330-208-5Scott GoldsteinThe Tea is in the Harbor
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  ''978-1-59330-220-7Suzanne GiesemannLiving A Dream
  ''978-1-59330-221-4Kevin KeathleyHardwood Constitution
2004978-1-59330-227-6Wild Bill RighteousnessBadass Wyoming
  ''978-1-59330-229-0Frank RegaThe Holy Man on the Mountain: Padre Pio and the Americans who Discovered Him
  ''978-1-59330-234-4Jan LittmanSwamp Giant
2005978-1-59330-242-9Jack LynchI Am Not a Machine-Book II: Thinking with Words
  ''978-1-59330-245-0Diane J. NewtonParadigm
  ''978-1-59330-247-4Dawn M. KravagnaCattle Capers
2005978-1-59330-248-1Wilma Search StevensonDifferent Dances Book Three
2004978-1-59330-252-8Fisher TylerA Medic's War
2005978-1-59330-254-2Diana R. ChambersThe Company She Keeps
  ''978-1-59330-259-7Edward A. Holsclaw II · Wendy M. EastonORIGIN: UNKNOWN
  ''978-1-59330-260-3   ''ORIGIN: UNKNOWN
  ''978-1-59330-261-0Edward Benedict LentoniI ALONE- War of the Worlds
  ''978-1-59330-267-2Debra A. SaulsBroken Spirits
2005978-1-59330-268-9Raven BeamTouch Of Gray
  ''978-1-59330-270-2Raymond SingerNeurotoxicity Guidebook
  ''978-1-59330-273-3Sarah Elizabeth RoseExtraordinary Journey
  ''978-1-59330-274-0   ''Extraordinary Journey
  ''978-1-59330-275-7Karla WesselAngel Star Cat
2005978-1-59330-276-4Douglas HermanThe Guns of Dallas
  ''978-1-59330-277-1Tobias O. VogtThe Iron Men of Metz: Reflections of Combat With the 95th Infantry Division
  ''978-1-59330-279-5John P. CroftThe Book of Romans
  ''978-1-59330-281-8John ClassAlive Again
  ''978-1-59330-284-9Lynn Marie SagerA River Worth Riding
2005978-1-59330-285-6Lynn Marie SagerA River Worth Riding
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  ''978-1-59330-294-8Michael J. HarrisTracings
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  ''978-1-59330-296-2T. R. SullivanThe Bluewater Wraith
2005978-1-59330-300-6Stephanie ChandlerThe Business Startup Checklist and Planning Guide: Seize Your Entrepreneurial Dreams!
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  ''978-1-59330-332-7Robert J. GreenEmphysema And Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Therapeutic Approaches Through Nutrition Natural Medicine Alternative Medicine
2005978-1-59330-333-4Delma LubenTHE OTHER SHEEP
2006978-1-59330-340-2Hugo SimsCountry Boy
2005978-1-59330-347-1Robert Ernest HubbardLast Survivors
2006978-1-59330-354-9Joseph J ParisiOVERHAUL: Fixing America by Changing How She Gives (welfare) And Takes (taxes)
  ''978-1-59330-357-0William BaldwinHE RESTORES: God's Plan to Restore Fallen Leaders
  ''978-1-59330-361-7Reva GriffithWalking About
  ''978-1-59330-364-8Ron von Knasick · Ann Lee Wynn von KnasickTaming the Dragon's Tail: Growing Ginseng and Goldenseal for Profit
  ''978-1-59330-367-9David E. Bjork · Stephen J. MarchAs Pilgrims Progress: Learning How Christians can Walk Hand in Hand When They Don't See Eye to Eye.
2006978-1-59330-369-3R. Thomas BernerExtra! Extra! Read all about it! Jimmy Olson saves Las Vegas
  ''978-1-59330-377-8Diana R ChambersStinger
  ''978-1-59330-381-5Mark GaskillSystemic Parenting
  ''978-1-59330-408-9R. Thomas BernerThe best times we spent together: Stories from China
  ''978-1-59330-428-7Brooks C. MendellLoving Trees is Not Enough: Communication Skills for Natural Resource Professionals
2007978-1-59330-456-0Jean Stewart BergSaying "I Do" in Paradise
2007978-1-59330-470-6St. Louis-Marie Grignion de MontfortTrue Devotion to Mary
  ''978-1-59330-481-2Katherine Karlson · Patricia GuyLadies, Ladies: The Women in the Life of Sherlock Holmes
  ''978-1-59330-489-8Greg CrowfootA Sorcerer's Book of Art
  ''978-1-59330-506-2Mary WalshSHAM: In the Shadow of a Superhorse - Revised
  ''978-1-59330-516-1Troy A. BrewerNumbers That Preach: Understanding God's Mathematical Lingo
2008978-1-59330-540-6Bobby Madura · Joey DiBrunoMinestrone for the Mobster's Soul: Life Lessons from the Movie Mafia
2008978-1-59330-541-3Bobby Madura · Joey DibrunoMinestrone for the Mobster's Soul: Life Lessons from the Movie Mafia
  ''978-1-59330-542-0Laura Stanley R. N.Don't Get Diabetes!: A Short and Simple Guide
  ''978-1-59330-544-4Jim BomkampThe Body of Christ in all her glory
  ''978-1-59330-547-5Joseph HymanThe Blackness
  ''978-1-59330-548-2Edward A. MerrittStrategic Leadership: Essential Concepts
2008978-1-59330-564-2Megan LouisAll My Worst Qualities
2009978-1-59330-575-8Diane AllenPray, Hope, and Don't Worry: True Stories of Padre Pio
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  ''978-1-59330-583-3Jason Dollar · Bradley PinkertonContend: A Survey of Christian Apologetics on a High School Level
  ''978-1-59330-600-7Megan LouisThe Idea of Love
  ''978-1-59330-606-9Suzanne GiesemannConquer Your Cravings: Four Steps to Stopping the Struggle and Winning Your Inner Battle with Food
2009978-1-59330-616-8Ronald R. RojasA Relational Identity For Deacon Spirituality
  ''978-1-59330-620-5ROGER GUESTThe Tender Heart of Sadness
  ''978-1-59330-623-6Mark Okoth Obama NdesandjoNairobi To Shenzhen: A Novel of Love in the East
2010978-1-59330-643-4James P. GossVinyl Lives
2011978-1-59330-697-7Janet Nohavec · Suzanne GiesemannWhere Two Worlds Meet
  ''978-1-59330-706-6   ''Through the Darkness
2017978-1-59330-934-3Robert J. Green Jr.GREEN'S RESPIRATORY THERAPY: A Practical and Essential Tutorial on the Core Concepts of Respiratory Care