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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-59325-000-3Nancy SabbagDivine Love Came Down!: Wisdom from St. Alphonsus Liguori
2004978-1-59325-011-9Margaret Alderman · Josephine BurnsPraying with Elizabeth Seton (Companions for the Journey)
1996978-1-59325-012-6Helen Marie BurnsPraying With Catherine McAuley (Companions for the Journey)
1991978-1-59325-013-3Gloria DurkaPraying With Hildegard of Bingen (Companions for the Journey Series)
2003978-1-59325-014-0Rich ClevelandServing the Master: A Bible Study on Stewardship (Emmaus Journey Catholic Bible Studies)
  ''978-1-59325-023-2Jeanne KunMy Soul Magnifies the Lord: A Scriptural Journey With Mary
2004978-1-59325-025-6Jean MaaloufOrando Con La Madre Teresa (Companions for the Journey) (Spanish Edition)
2003978-1-59325-027-0Nancy SabbagThe Mysteries of Christ: A Scriptural Rosary
2004978-1-59325-032-4Jacqueline Syrup Bergan · Marie SchwanLove: A Guide for Prayer (Take and Receive Series)
  ''978-1-59325-035-5Rich ClevelandLiving in the Power of the Holy Spirit: A Catholic Bible Study (Emmaus Journey Bible Study)
  ''978-1-59325-040-9Abide in My Word: Mass Readings at Your Fingertips
  ''978-1-59325-046-1Jacqueline Syrup Bergan · Marie SchwanBirth: A Guide for Prayer (Take and Receive Series)
2005978-1-59325-049-2Angela M. BurrinStep by Step to Calvary: Praying Through the Stations of the Cross
2004978-1-59325-050-8   ''A Family Journey With Jesus Through Lent: Prayers And Activities for Each Day
2005978-1-59325-051-5Jeanne KunMy Lord and My God: Scriptural Journey with the Followers of Jesus
2005978-1-59325-052-2Patricia Mitchell · Bill BawdenLiving as a Beloved Daughter of God: A Faith-Sharing Guide for Catholic Women
  ''978-1-59325-056-0Jeanne KunTreasures Uncovered: The Parables of Jesus (Word among Us Keys to the Bible)
  ''978-1-59325-059-1Word Among UsPope John Paul II: Words to Live by Perpetual Desk Calendar
  ''978-1-59325-063-8David E. RosageThe Bread of Life: Opening Our Hearts to Jesus in the Eucharist
  ''978-1-59325-064-5William H. KeelerReal People, Real Presence: Ordinary Catholics on the Extraordinary Power of the Eucharist
2006978-1-59325-065-2Henri J. M. Nouwen · Jean MaaloufMy Sister, My Brother: Life Together in Christ
2006978-1-59325-066-9Jeanne KunGod's Promises Fulfilled: A Scriptural Journey With Jesus the Messiah (Scriptural Journey Series)
  ''978-1-59325-067-6Jean MaaloufExperiencing Jesus With Mother Teresa
  ''978-1-59325-068-3George MartinYour Word Speaks to Me: Scripture Mediations for Daily Living
  ''978-1-59325-069-0Jo Garcia-Cobb · Keith E. CobbPraying with Blessed John Paul II (Companions for the Journey)
  ''978-1-59325-070-6Frank J. SheedThe Action of the Holy Spirit, the Lord And Giver of Life
2006978-1-59325-083-6Jeanne KunMighty in Power: The Miracles of Jesus (Word Among Us Keys to the Bible) (The Word Among Us Keys to the Bible)
  ''978-1-59325-085-0Thomas MertonAn Invitation to the Contemplative Life
2007978-1-59325-086-7Richard M. HoganThe Theology of the Body in John Paul II: What It Means, Why It Matters
2006978-1-59325-087-4Pope Benedict XVIGod Is Love: Encyclical Letter of Pope Benedict XVI
2007978-1-59325-091-1Eileen Dunn BertanzettiPraying With Padre Pio (Companions to the Journey)
2008978-1-59325-092-8Steven RoeMatthew: A Catholic Guide for Personal Study and Faith Sharing (God's Living Word)
2007978-1-59325-095-9Joseph F. SchmidtEverything Is Grace: The Life and Way of Therese of Lisieux
  ''978-1-59325-096-6Jeanne KunFood from Heaven: The Eucharist in Scripture (Keys to the Bible) (The World Among Us Keys to the Bible)
  ''978-1-59325-097-3Raniero Cantalamessa OFMContemplating the Trinity: The Path to the Abundant Christian Life
2006978-1-59325-099-7Mitch FinleyThe Rosary Handbook: A Guide for Newcomers, Old-Timers, and Those in Between
2007978-1-59325-100-0Rich ClevelandThe Words of the Risen Christ: A Bible Study on Jesus' Resurrection (Emmaus Journey)
  ''978-1-59325-104-8Mike AquilinaThe Resilient Church: The Glory, the Shame, & the Hope for Tomorrow
2007978-1-59325-105-5Alan SchreckYour Life in the Holy Spirit: What Every Catholic Needs to Know and Experience
  ''978-1-59325-108-6Bert GhezziThe Heart of a Saint: Ten Ways to Grow Closer to God
  ''978-1-59325-109-3Raniero CantalamessaRemember Jesus Christ: Responding to the Challenges of Faith in Our Time
2008978-1-59325-112-3Patricia MitchellLiving as a Confident Daughter of God: A Faith-Sharing Guide for Catholic Women
2009978-1-59325-114-7Kevin PerrottaMoved by the Spirit: God's Power at Work in His People (Word Among Us Keys to the Bible)
2008978-1-59325-116-1Joseph F. SchmidtPraying Our Experiences: An Invitation to Open Our Lives to God
2009978-1-59325-118-5Andrew ApostoliFollowing Mary to Jesus: Our Lady as Mother, Teacher, and Advocate
2007978-1-59325-124-6Pope Benedict XVIThe Sacrament of Charity: Sacramentum Caritatis
2008978-1-59325-126-0Stephen BinzConversing With God In Scripture: A Contemporary Approach To Lectio Divina
  ''978-1-59325-128-4George T. MontagueHoly Spirit, Make Your Home in Me: Biblical Meditations on Receiving the Gift of the Spirit
  ''978-1-59325-134-5Anne CostaRefresh Me, Lord: Meditations to Renew a Woman's Spirit
2008978-1-59325-135-2Eileen Dunn BertanzettiPraying with Faustina (Companions For the Journey)
  ''978-1-59325-136-9Rich ClevelandDiscovering the God We Call Father: A Catholic Bible Study on the Lord's Prayer (Emmaus Journey)
  ''978-1-59325-138-3Su Box · Graham Round42 Bible Stories for Little Ones: From Creation to Pentecost
  ''978-1-59325-139-0Benedict Groeschel · Bert GhezziEveryday Encounters with God: What Our Experiences Teach Us About the Divine
2010978-1-59325-140-6Francis MacnuttThe Practice of Healing Prayer: A How-To Guide for Catholics
2008978-1-59325-142-0N. T. WrightChristians at the Cross: Finding Hope in the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus
  ''978-1-59325-145-1Carlo Maria MartiniThe Gospel According to St. Paul: Meditations on His Life and Letters
2008978-1-59325-146-8Pope Benedict XVISaved in Hope: Spe Salvi: Encyclical Letter
2009978-1-59325-149-9Angela M. BurrinJesus Speaks to Me on My First Holy Communion
  ''978-1-59325-150-5Jeanne KunJesus' Journey to the Cross: A Love Unto Death (Key to the Bible)
  ''978-1-59325-151-2Pope Benedict XVIThe Joy of Knowing Christ: Meditations on the Gospels
  ''978-1-59325-152-9Katrina ZenoWhen Life Doesn't Go Your Way: Hope for Catholic Women Facing Disappointment and Pain
  ''978-1-59325-153-6S. J. Daniel J. HarringtonJesus and Prayer: What the New Testament Teaches Us.
2009978-1-59325-154-3Joan GuntzelmanSurrendering Our Stress: Prayers to Calm the Soul and Strengthen the Spirit
  ''978-1-59325-155-0Mike Aquilina · Christopher BaileyPraying the Psalms With the Early Christians: Ancient Songs for Modern Hearts
  ''978-1-59325-157-4No AuthorAbide in My Word: 2010 Mass Readings at Your Fingertips
2010978-1-59325-161-1Patricia MitchellSaints Tell Their Stories
  ''978-1-59325-165-9Stephen J. BinzConversing with God in Lent: Praying the Sunday Mass Readings with Lectio Divina
  ''978-1-59325-166-6Jerome Kodell OSBLife Lessons from the Monastery: Wisdom on Love, Prayer, Calling and Commitment
2010978-1-59325-168-0Patricia Mitchell · Edwin F. O'BrienA Priest's Life: The Calling, The Cost, The Joy
  ''978-1-59325-169-7Mitch FinleyThe Patron Saints Handbook
  ''978-1-59325-170-3Mary Ann Getty-SullivanThe Women of the Gospels: Missionaries of God's Love (Word Among Us Keys to the Bible)
  ''978-1-59325-171-0Word Among UsPrayer Journal 2011: I Will Give Thanks to You, O Lord!
  ''978-1-59325-172-7   ''Abide in My Word 2011: Mass Readings at Your Fingertips
2010978-1-59325-173-4Geraldine GuadagnoSt. Joseph's Story
  ''978-1-59325-174-1Mark HartThe "R" Father: 14 Ways to Respond to the Lord's Prayer
2009978-1-59325-175-8Pope Benedict XVICharity in Truth: Encyclical on Social Justice: Encyclical on Social Justice
2010978-1-59325-177-2Basil · Osb HumeHope from the Cross: Reflections on Jesus' Seven Last Words
  ''978-1-59325-180-2Jeanne KunThe Life-giving Power of the Cross: Sharing in Christ's Victory (Keys to the Bible)
2011978-1-59325-182-6Angela M. BurrinJesus Speaks to Me about the Mass
  ''978-1-59325-183-3Mitch PacwaHow to Listen When God Is Speaking: A Guide for Modern-Day Catholics
  ''978-1-59325-184-0Cardinal Carolo Maria MartiniThe Gospel Way of Mary: A Journey of Trust and Surrender
2011978-1-59325-185-7Art Bennett · Laraine BennettThe Emotions God Gave You: A Guide for Catholics to Healthy and Holy Living
  ''978-1-59325-186-4Word Among UsThe Good Shepherd Prayer Journal(2012 Edition)
  ''978-1-59325-187-1   ''Abide in My Word 2012: Mass Readings at Your Fingertips
  ''978-1-59325-189-5Joan GuntzelmanTurning to God in Tough Times: Prayers to Comfort the Heart and Sustain the Spirit
  ''978-1-59325-190-1Renzo AllegriConversations with Mother Teresa: A Personal Portrait of the Saint, Her Mission, and Her Great Love for God
2011978-1-59325-191-8Marion ThomasThe Life of Jesus of Nazareth for Children
  ''978-1-59325-192-5George T. MontagueMary's Life in the Spirit: Meditations on a Holy Duet
2010978-1-59325-193-2Pope Benedict XVIVerbum Domini: The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church
2011978-1-59325-194-9Stephanie JeffsThe Christmas Mouse
  ''978-1-59325-195-6Donald WuerlThe Gift of Blessed John Paul II: A Celebration of His Enduring Legacy
2012978-1-59325-197-0Kevin PerrottaPrayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving: Spiritual Practices That Draw Us Closer to God
  ''978-1-59325-198-7Benedict XVILent with Pope Benedict XVI: Meditations for Every Day
  ''978-1-59325-204-5Mark Hart · Melanie HartEmbracing God's Plan for Marriage: A Bible Study for Couples (Word Among Us Keys to the Bible)
2012978-1-59325-206-9Angela BurrinPraying the Rosary with Mary
  ''978-1-59325-207-6John J. Boucher · Therese BoucherPraying for Our Adult Sons and Daughters: Placing Them in the Heart of God
2014978-1-59325-220-5Angela BurrinJesus Speaks to Me about Easter
  ''978-1-59325-228-1Mark HartBehold the Mystery: A Deeper Understanding of the Catholic Mass
  ''978-1-59325-245-8Angela M. BurrinWalking with Jesus to Calvary: Stations of the Cross for Children
  ''978-1-59325-262-5Pope Francis · Catholic ChurchThe Joy of the Gospel: Evangelii Gaudium
2015978-1-59325-264-9Angela BurrinJesus Speaks to Me about My Baptism
2014978-1-59325-266-3   ''Lessons from Pope Francis for Children
2016978-1-59325-279-3Fr. Austin FlemingGood Morning, Good God! Prayers to Start Your Day
2015978-1-59325-282-3Word Among Us PressThe Holy Year of Mercy: A Faith-Sharing Guide With Reflections by Pope Francis
2016978-1-59325-294-6Word Among Us PressPrayer Journal 2017: I Will Praise Your Name Forever!
2017978-1-59325-298-4Katrina ZenoIf You Knew the Gift: The Search for Love, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life
2016978-1-59325-302-8Pope FrancisThe Joy of Love:On Love in the Family: Amoris Laetitia
2017978-1-59325-312-7Word Among Us PressJoy Everlasting Prayer Journal 2018
2018978-1-59325-334-9Agnes M KovacsA Prayer Book for Catholic Women: Traditional and Contemporary Prayer for Every Season of Life
2018978-1-59325-343-1Pope FrancisRejoice and Be Glad: Gaudete et Exsultate