Brush Dance Publishing

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-59324-107-0Working Spirit
2005978-1-59324-208-4Live with Intention 2006 Calendar
2006978-1-59324-224-4Live with Intention Datebook 2006 (6-7/8" X 8-1/2"; Hardbound, Pockets, Elastic Closure)
978-1-59324-227-5Thich Nhat Hanh - Eng 2006 16-Month date book
2007978-1-59324-413-2DatebookLive with Intention
  ''978-1-59324-420-0Enchanted Dreams 2008 Pocket Engagement Book
  ''978-1-59324-423-1Pawsitive Wisdom 2008 Pocket Engagement Book
2008978-1-59324-514-6Brush Dance PublishingLive with Intention 2009
  ''978-1-59324-515-3Brush Dance PublishingRumi 2009
  ''978-1-59324-521-4   ''Thich Nhat Hanh 2009 Wall Calendar
2009978-1-59324-607-5   ''Cat's Life 2010 Wall Calendar
2009978-1-59324-621-1Brush Dance PublishingLive Boldly 2010 Calendar
  ''978-1-59324-623-5   ''Live with Intention 2010 Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-59324-624-2   ''Rumi 2010 Wall Calendar
2009978-1-59324-628-0Brush Dance PublishingSereni - TEA 2010 Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-59324-656-3   ''Journey to Wings - Eng 2010 Eng Calendar
2008978-1-59324-704-1Kelly Rae RobertsJourney to Wings Illustrated Journal JRAE01
2010978-1-59324-749-2Brush Dance Publishing2011 Imagine Calendar
  ''978-1-59324-750-8   ''2011 Mindful Living Calendar
  ''978-1-59324-757-7   ''2011 Live With Intention Calendar
  ''978-1-59324-764-5   ''2011 Thich Nhat Hanh Calendar
2010978-1-59324-768-3Brush Dance Publishing2011 Working Spirit Calendar
2010978-1-59324-780-5Brush Dance Publishing2011 Live with Intention - Mini Calendar
  ''978-1-59324-784-3   ''2011 Thich Nhat Hanh - Mini Calendar
2011978-1-59324-865-9   ''2012 A Cat's Life Wall Calendar Wall calendar
  ''978-1-59324-868-0   ''2012 Rhythm Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-59324-869-7   ''2012 Inspired Days Wall Calendar Wall calendar
2011978-1-59324-873-4Brush Dance Publishing2012 Enlightened Rumi Wall Calendar Wall calendar
  ''978-1-59324-877-2   ''2012 Japanese Gardens Wall Calendar Wall calendar
  ''978-1-59324-882-6   ''2012 Imagine Wall Calendar Wall calendar
  ''978-1-59324-891-8   ''2012 Sacred Journey Wall Calendar Wall calendar
  ''978-1-59324-892-5Mary Anne Radmacher2012 Live Boldly Wall Calendar Wall calendar
2011978-1-59324-893-2Brush Dance Publishing2012 Live with Intention Wall Calendar Wall calendar
  ''978-1-59324-894-9   ''2012 Fearless Woman Wall Calendar Wall calendar
2011978-1-59324-901-4Brush Dance Publishing2012 Thich Nhat Hanh Wall Calendar Wall calendar
  ''978-1-59324-918-2   ''2012 Rumi Calendar Mini Wall Calendar Mini calendar
  ''978-1-59324-954-0Brush Dance Publishing · Jasmine Becket-Griffith2012 Lady Masquerade Wall Calendar Wall calendar