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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-59317-009-7Dippold JaneDivorce Comes to Our House
978-1-59317-030-1Rick WinfordUltimate Adventure: Discovering Your Gifts
2004978-1-59317-043-1Cheryl BartonEvery Tongue Confess: International Testimonies of God's Saving Grace
2005978-1-59317-071-4Itty-Bitty Trivia and Cartoons (Itt-bitty Bible Activity)
2004978-1-59317-077-6My Very Own Activity Pages: Volume 11 - Spring Quarter
  ''978-1-59317-078-3My Very Own Activity Pages: Volume 11 - Fall Quarter
  ''978-1-59317-079-0Jennie BishopThe Squire and the Scroll
2005978-1-59317-088-2Connie OwensMy Heart Is Sad: When Someone Special Dies (Tender Topics)
2000978-1-59317-126-1Albert F. GrayBasic Christian Theology - Vol. 1
978-1-59317-129-2Jars of Clay: International Testimonies of God's Power
2000978-1-59317-130-8Patrick NachtigallA Passport of Faith
2006978-1-59317-155-1Kevin SpearWhat's a Bathtub Doing in My Church?: Fifteen Questions Kids Ask about Baptism, Salvation and Snorkels
  ''978-1-59317-156-8Elsie EgermeierABC Egermeier's Story Book
  ''978-1-59317-162-9Tina HouserMore than Cookies & Punch: 50+ Bible Story Snacks and Lessons
2006978-1-59317-168-1Jennie BishopThe Garden Wall: A Story of Love Based on I Corinthians 13
2007978-1-59317-198-8Elsie EgermeierABC Egermeier's Story Book with Audio CD
  ''978-1-59317-202-2Miller BrothersThe Legend of Gid the Kid and the Black Bean Bandits (Heroes of Promise)
  ''978-1-59317-214-5Tina HouserIt's Not Junk, It's Resources!
2008978-1-59317-225-1Miller BrothersThe Legend of Ten-Gallon Sam and the Perilous Mine (Heroes of Promise)
978-1-59317-306-7A Community Of Eternal Love
978-1-59317-309-8The Call To Righteousness
2008978-1-59317-310-4Warner Press Church ResouBuilt To Last
978-1-59317-311-1How It All Started
2010978-1-59317-319-7Worship The Lord: Hymnal Of The Church Of God
2008978-1-59317-328-9Miller BrothersHunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow (Codebearers, No.1)
  ''978-1-59317-329-6Tina HouserBeakers, Bubbles & the Bible: Bible Lessons from the Science Lab
  ''978-1-59317-335-7Elsie EgermeierEgermeier's Bible Story Book
2008978-1-59317-336-4Elsie EgermeierEgermeier's Bible Story Book
2007978-1-59317-341-8McKenzi FennGod's Campground
2009978-1-59317-356-2Tina HouserGoing Live in 3... 2... 1!
  ''978-1-59317-357-9Miller Brothers · Chris Miller · Allan MillerHunter Brown and the Consuming Fire (Codebearers #2)
978-1-59317-372-2River of Delights: International Testimonies of God's Abundant Blessings by Cheryl Barton (2009
2009978-1-59317-378-4Jennie BishopThe Three Gifts of Christmas with Audio CD
  ''978-1-59317-380-7   ''The Princess and the Kiss: A Story of God's Gift of Purity [With CD (Audio)]
  ''978-1-59317-382-1   ''The Squire and the Scroll: A Tale of the Rewards of a Pure Heart [With CD (Audio)]
2011978-1-59317-400-2Miller Brothers · Chris Miller · Allan MillerHunter Brown and the Eye of Ends (Codebearers #3)
  ''978-1-59317-404-0Tina HouserEaster-Ific: Teaching Kids...It's More Than Just One Day!
2011978-1-59317-426-2Elsie EgermeierEgermeier's Bible Storybook for Beginner's
  ''978-1-59317-431-6Bonnie Compton HansonHolly Jean and the Secret of Razorback Ridge
  ''978-1-59317-432-3Amy GreenQuest for the Scorpion's Jewel (Amarias Adventures)
  ''978-1-59317-433-0Amy GreenEscape from Riddler's Pass (Amarias Adventures)
  ''978-1-59317-440-8Tina HouserThe Secret Weapon: Teaching Kids to Pray
2010978-1-59317-521-4Dennis KinlawThe Mind of Christ
2010978-1-59317-522-1Dennis KinlawPreaching in the Spirit
2000978-1-59317-541-2John H. AukermanDiscipleship that Transforms
  ''978-1-59317-542-9Dennis F. and John N. Oswalt KinlawLectures in Old Testament Theology
  ''978-1-59317-545-0John N. OswaltCalled to Be Holy
  ''978-1-59317-547-4David ThompsonBible Study That Works
2011978-1-59317-549-8D. Michael HendersonA Model for Making Disciples
2013978-1-59317-648-8Gilbert W. StaffordPensando En Nuestra Fe (Spanish Edition)
2014978-1-59317-741-6DEVO/EASTER/Remembering Jesus 1=1