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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-59299-008-5Dina DelRussoRide Guide: Your Backstage Pass to Life on the Road
  ''978-1-59299-018-4Richard B. FratianneFrom Cinders to Butterflies
  ''978-1-59299-026-9Roberta GibsonForbidden Fruit: The Tainted Truth
  ''978-1-59299-035-1E. Miriandra RotaDragon Fire: Secrets of the Last Dragons
2004978-1-59299-045-0Whitson G WaldoClassic Leadership Priniciples
  ''978-1-59299-053-5Lucinda Jane PerryWhere There's a Will
2005978-1-59299-064-1Princess Tahoma · Cynthia JespersonPrincess Tahoma System of Health Education
2004978-1-59299-067-2Joanna PerryTurtles and the Reef
2004978-1-59299-073-3Kimberly E. Contag · James A. GrabowskaWhere the Clouds Meet the Water
  ''978-1-59299-079-5DeLisBlack Butterfly's Reflection
  ''978-1-59299-087-0Robert W JenkinsDeath & Eternity: A Biblical Perspective of Life Beyond the Grave
  ''978-1-59299-090-0Robert SmithThe Rest Of The Iceberg: And Insider's View On The World Of Sport And Celebrity
2005978-1-59299-094-8Jean VowellSpend the Day
2004978-1-59299-104-4Sharon RadionoffFaith and Voice
2005978-1-59299-110-5Nomask CesarscoinThe Strange Works of God at the Origin of Religions or Cultures
  ''978-1-59299-111-2Arthur L. FeltonAppointed Praise for an Appointed Time: Releasing the Appointed Seasons
2005978-1-59299-120-4Yaron Eitan · Uri MironRiding the Waves: The Rise and Fall of Geotek
  ''978-1-59299-122-8Carma Lou Rich-SaathoffRetirement for Beginners: Do It Right the First Time
  ''978-1-59299-125-9KAtie M. Frey · Linda RobertsMaking Sense of Ad/HD: An Educator-friendly Resource for Helping Students with AD/HD
  ''978-1-59299-130-3Don SkinnerAstride the Dawn: Tales of a Chautauqua Boyhood
  ''978-1-59299-131-0Royce L. CallawayThe Sourcer's Apprentice: Making the Outsourcing Decision
2005978-1-59299-138-9Kathleen BradyNavigating Detours on the Road to Success: A Lawyer's Guide to Career Management
  ''978-1-59299-142-6Anthony SennConstructive Anger: Retooling Our Anger Hammer
  ''978-1-59299-144-0Julie Cooper-WrightThe God Map: Lost Bible Key to All Religions' Spirituality
  ''978-1-59299-151-8Dean W. HobbensiefkenNot of This World: Man-Intelligent Design by a Creator? or Evolution?
  ''978-1-59299-152-5Thomas Frank ChristianJustice Restored: The Gary Geiger and Wayne Blanchard Story
2005978-1-59299-162-4John W CassellOdyssey: 1970
  ''978-1-59299-175-4Barbara Becker DonnerChild Seeking the Light: Life's Mountains
2006978-1-59299-188-4Patricia Gill · Rosamond HughesOther Times, Other Cultures
  ''978-1-59299-208-9Kathy Hicks BrooksCuddles at Home Series: Cuddles in the Kitchen
  ''978-1-59299-215-7Burr FancherCaptain Alexander Fancher: Adventurer, Drover, Wagon Master and Victim of the Mountain Meadows Massacre
  ''978-1-59299-223-2Linda SawyerBaristas Without Borders: A Road Guide to Coffee Kiosks on I-5 Oregon & Washington
2007978-1-59299-262-1Bob FesslerHey! You Aren't the Boss of Me!
2007978-1-59299-283-6Diana Enright · Tanya HazeltonTen Chimneys
  ''978-1-59299-295-9Eugene TelserHow to Become President of the United States
  ''978-1-59299-302-4Peter M. DeLorenzoThe United States of Toyota: How Detroit Squandered Its Legacy and Enabled Toyota to Become America's Car Company
2008978-1-59299-336-9Steve MarantzSorcery at Caesars: Sugar Ray's Marvelous Fight
  ''978-1-59299-343-7John ReinertThe Constitution vs. the Patriot Act
  ''978-1-59299-344-4Dave FoxGlobejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals (and still have time to enjoy your trip!)
2008978-1-59299-346-8Mike ReissCity of Hamburgers
  ''978-1-59299-357-4Alexandre Poussin · Sonia PoussinAfrica Trek I: From the Cape of Good Hope to Mount Kilimanjaro
  ''978-1-59299-358-1Alexandre Poussin and Sonia PoussinAfrica Trek II: From Mount Kilimanjaro to the Sea of Galilee
2011978-1-59299-446-5John WillinghamThe Edge of Freedom
2010978-1-59299-460-1Tammy AndersonLosing Emily: A Journey Through Stillbirth to Finding Peace and Embracing New Hope
  ''978-1-59299-461-8Sherian A. WrightMason Bees for the Backyard Gardener
  ''978-1-59299-487-8J.M. FergusonWestering: A Novel in Stories
2010978-1-59299-502-8Deanna ProachDay of Revenge
2011978-1-59299-567-7Michael Scott CurnesFor the Love of Mother
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2013978-1-59299-903-3Adam AnthonyThe Meiji Prince: A Novel of Modern Japan