year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-59296-003-3Marc DavisFlorence Nightingale: Founder of the Nightingale School of Nursing (Spirit of America: Our People)
  ''978-1-59296-007-1Judy AlterLaura Ingalls Wilder: Pioneer and Author (Spirit of America: Our People)
  ''978-1-59296-013-2Deborah CannarellaCuban Americans (Spirit of America, Our Cultural Heritage)
  ''978-1-59296-017-0Angela T. KoenigPakistani Americans (Spirit of America, Our Cultural Heritage)
2004978-1-59296-021-7Kathleen Petelinsek · E. Russell PrimmHome / Casa (Talking Hands) (English and Spanish Edition)
2003978-1-59296-025-5James BuckleyAfc North: The Baltimore Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cleveland Browns, and the Pittsburgh Steelers (Inside the NFL)
2004978-1-59296-031-6Thomas BuckleyTae Kwon Do (Kids' Guides to Martial Arts)
  ''978-1-59296-035-4Tim SeebergFreshwater Fishing (The Child's World of Sports-Outdoor Guides)
2003978-1-59296-039-2Susan Heinrichs GrayThe Nervous System (Body Systems)
2004978-1-59296-044-6Susan Heinrichs GrayStegosaurus (Science of Dinosaurs)
2003978-1-59296-048-4Darlene R. StilleEarth (Our Galaxy and Beyond)
2003978-1-59296-052-1Darlene R. StilleNeptune (Planets)
  ''978-1-59296-056-9   ''Uranus (Our Galaxy and Beyond)
  ''978-1-59296-062-0Myra WeatherlySouth America (Continents)
2004978-1-59296-066-8Ann HeinrichsPronouns (Magic of Language)
  ''978-1-59296-070-5Ann HeinrichsPrepositions (Magic of Language)
  ''978-1-59296-075-0Pam RosenbergKnock-Knock Jokes (Laughing Matters)
2003978-1-59296-081-1Shirley Wimbish GrayExercising for Good Health (Living Well, Staying Healthy)
2003978-1-59296-085-9Lucia RaatmaBicycle Safety (Living Well, Safety)
  ''978-1-59296-090-3Lucia RaatmaWater Safety (Living Well, Safety)
  ''978-1-59296-095-8Cynthia Fitterer Klingel · Robert B. NoyedEzra and the Letter E (Alphabet Friends)
  ''978-1-59296-099-6Cynthia Fitterer Klingel · Robert B. NoyedImagination and the Letter I (Alphabet Friends)
  ''978-1-59296-103-0   ''Muhammad's Monday and the Letter M (Alphabet Friends)
2003978-1-59296-108-5Cynthia Fitterer Klingel · Robert B. NoyedRaquel and the Letter R (Alphabet Friends)
  ''978-1-59296-113-9   ''Walter in the Woods and the Letter W (Alphabet Friends)
2002978-1-59296-117-7Fall 2002 Releases (Set)
2003978-1-59296-118-4Spring 2003 Releases (Set)
2002978-1-59296-134-4Life Cycles (Set)
2004978-1-59296-142-9Michael BurganChristopher Columbus: Opening the Americas to European Exploration (Proud Heritage: The Hispanic Library)
2005978-1-59296-148-1Rob CourtHow to Draw Cars and Trucks (The Scribbles Institute)
  ''978-1-59296-152-8   ''How To Draw Things In Nature (The Scribbles Institute)
2004978-1-59296-158-0Alice K. FlanaganSay Please!: The Sound of PL (Wonder Books)
  ''978-1-59296-162-7E. S. BuddDune Buggies (Machines at Work)
  ''978-1-59296-166-5R. Conrad SteinEmiliano Zapata: Revolutionary and Champion of Poor Farmers (Proud Heritage: The Hispanic Library)
2004978-1-59296-173-3Ann HeinrichsBenjamin Franklin: Printer, Scientist, Author, And Diplomat (Our People)
2004978-1-59296-177-1Ann HeinrichsSamuel Adams: Father Of The Revolution (Our People)
  ''978-1-59296-181-8Pam RosenbergJewish Americans (Our Cultural Heritage)
  ''978-1-59296-185-6Susan Heinrichs GrayCoelophysis (Exploring Dinosaurs)
2003978-1-59296-190-0Fall 2003 Releases (Set)
2004978-1-59296-192-4Jim GigliottiAtlantic Division (Above the Rim: The Nba Library)
2005978-1-59296-208-2Scott BassKayaking (Kids' Guides)
  ''978-1-59296-212-9James O. FraioliWater Sports (Kids' Guides)
2004978-1-59296-217-4Peter MurrayMollusks and Crustaceans (Science Around Us)
  ''978-1-59296-219-8Darlene R. StilleElectricity (Science Around Us)
2004978-1-59296-223-5Darlene R. StilleMatter and Material (Science Around Us)
  ''978-1-59296-224-2   ''Motion (Science Around Us)
2005978-1-59296-227-3Barbara A. SomervillThe Amistad Mutiny: Fighting for Freedom (Journey to Freedom)
  ''978-1-59296-231-0Kevin CunninghamCondoleezza Rice: U.s. Secretary Of State (Journey to Freedom)
2004978-1-59296-235-8Susan Heinrichs GrayEdmontosaurus (Exploring Dinosaurs)
  ''978-1-59296-240-2Lucia RaatmaSafety in Your Neighborhood (Living Well)
978-1-59296-269-3North America (Countries: Faces and Places)
2004978-1-59296-271-6Peter MurrayAmphibians (Science Around Us)
  ''978-1-59296-275-4Mary LogueSea Stars (Science Around Us)
2005978-1-59296-279-2Pam Rosenberg · Patrick GirouardFood Jokes (Laughing Matters)
2005978-1-59296-283-9Ann HeinrichsCalifornia (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
  ''978-1-59296-288-4   ''Wisconsin (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
2004978-1-59296-292-1Joanne D. Meier · Cecilia MindenDalton's Darn Dog: The Sound of D (Phonics Friends)
  ''978-1-59296-296-9Joanne D. Meier · Cecilia MindenHolly and Hank's Snow Holiday: The Sound of H (Phonics Friends)
  ''978-1-59296-301-0Cecilia Minden · Joanne MeierNick And Ned: The Sound Of N (PHONICS FRIENDS)
  ''978-1-59296-306-5Cecilia Minden · Joanne D. MeierTaejon and Terrel: The Sound of T (Phonics Friends)
2004978-1-59296-310-2Joanne D. Meier · Cecilia MindenYoshi's Yard: The Sound of Y (Phonics Friends)
2005978-1-59296-314-0   ''Isabel's Favorite Things: The Sound of Short I (Phonics Friends)
  ''978-1-59296-319-5Cecilia Minden · Joanne D. MeierIsaac on the Farm: The Sound of Long I (Phonics Friends)
2002978-1-59296-324-9Susan H. GrayADHD
2004978-1-59296-325-6Kevin CunninghamThe Declaration of Independence (Our Government and Citizenship)
2002978-1-59296-326-3Susan H. GrayAllergies
2004978-1-59296-330-0Barbara A SomervillThe Awesome Alps (Geography of the World Series)
  ''978-1-59296-335-5   ''The Timeworn Urals (Geography of the World)
  ''978-1-59296-340-9Charnan SimonThe Secrets of the Nile (Geography of the World Series)
  ''978-1-59296-344-7Barbara A. SomervillThe History of the Clock (The Timeline Library, Our Changing World)
2002978-1-59296-348-5Susan H. GrayBlindness
2002978-1-59296-349-2Susan H. GrayLeukemia
2002978-1-59296-350-8Susan H. GrayScoliosis
  ''978-1-59296-351-5   ''Spina Bifida
2005978-1-59296-358-4David FischerAmerican League Central: The Chicago White Sox, the Cleveland Indians, the Detroit Tigers, the Kansas City Royals, and the Minnesota Twins (Behind the Plate)
  ''978-1-59296-359-1James, Jr. BuckleyAmerican League East: The Baltimore Orioles, The Boston Red Sox, The New York Yankees, The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, And The Toronto Blue Jays (Behind the Plate)
  ''978-1-59296-363-8Jim GigliottiNational League West: The Arizona Diamondbacks, The Colorado Rockies, The Los Angeles Dodgers, The San Diego Padres, And The San Francisco Giants (Behind the Plate)
  ''978-1-59296-364-5Susan Heinrichs GrayArchaeopteryx (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
2005978-1-59296-365-2Susan Heinrichs GrayCrinoids And Blastoids (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
  ''978-1-59296-366-9   ''Ichthyosaurs (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
  ''978-1-59296-367-6   ''Plesiosaurs (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
  ''978-1-59296-368-3   ''Pterosaurs (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
2005978-1-59296-369-0Susan Heinrichs GrayTrilobites (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
  ''978-1-59296-372-0Ann HeinrichsColorado (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
  ''978-1-59296-376-8   ''Louisiana (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
  ''978-1-59296-381-2   ''Oklahoma (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
  ''978-1-59296-386-7Deborah KentMigrant Farmworkers: Hoping for a Better Life (Proud Heritage: The Hispanic Library)
2002978-1-59296-392-8Pam RosenbergJohn Marshall
2002978-1-59296-405-5Sarah E. De Capua · Judy Alter · Lucia RaatmaSet B (Set) (Our Cultural Heritage)
2005978-1-59296-407-9Susan Heinrichs GrayAmmonoids (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
  ''978-1-59296-408-6   ''Glyptodonts (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
  ''978-1-59296-409-3   ''Mammoths And Mastodons (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
2005978-1-59296-410-9Susan Heinrichs GrayMegatherium (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
  ''978-1-59296-411-6   ''Pelycosaurs (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
  ''978-1-59296-412-3   ''Saber-toothed Cats (Exploring Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures)
2002978-1-59296-418-5StaffWhat You Need to Know about American History
2005978-1-59296-424-6Susan Heinrichs GrayThe Brain (The Human Body)
  ''978-1-59296-425-3   ''The Ears (The Human Body)
  ''978-1-59296-430-7Ann HeinrichsSynonyms And Antonyms (The Magic of Language)
2005978-1-59296-434-5Ann HeinrichsSimiles And Metaphors (The Magic of Language)
  ''978-1-59296-435-2   ''Spelling Rules (The Magic of Language)
2006978-1-59296-437-6Barbara A. SomervillThe History of the Computer (The Timeline Library)
2006978-1-59296-440-6Barbara A. SomervillThe History of the Motion Picture (The Timeline Library)
2005978-1-59296-444-4Ann HeinrichsMaine (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
2006978-1-59296-449-9   ''Welcome to the U.S.A.: Ohio
  ''978-1-59296-453-6Kathleen Petelinsek · E. Russell PrimmHolidays And Celebrations/ Dias De Fiesta Y Celebraciones (Talking Hands)
2005978-1-59296-470-3Ann HeinrichsDelaware (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
  ''978-1-59296-474-1   ''Minnesota (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
  ''978-1-59296-479-6   ''Oregon (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
  ''978-1-59296-484-0   ''Tennessee (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
2005978-1-59296-488-8Ann HeinrichsVirginia (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
2005978-1-59296-492-5Ann HeinrichsWashington, D.C. (Welcome to the U.S.A.)
  ''978-1-59296-501-4Sophie LockwoodPolar Bears (The World of Mammals)
  ''978-1-59296-510-6James BuckleyAFC South: American Football Conference South (INSIDE THE NFL)
  ''978-1-59296-515-1John WaltersNFC West: National Football Conference West (INSIDE THE NFL)
  ''978-1-59296-521-2Larry Dane BrimnerElwood's Bath (Magic Door to Reading)
2005978-1-59296-522-9Larry Dane BrimnerMax's Math Machine (Magic Door to Reading)
2006978-1-59296-528-1Ted BrockThe Pacific Division (Above the Rim)
2005978-1-59296-532-8Larry Dane BrimnerBigger And Smaller (Magic Door to Reading)
2006978-1-59296-547-2Sophie LockwoodGila Monsters (The World of Reptiles)
  ''978-1-59296-551-9Talking Hands (Set)
2008978-1-59296-553-3Machines at Work (Set)
2006978-1-59296-559-5John Walters · Robert SchnakenbergThe Southwest Division (Above the Rim)
  ''978-1-59296-570-0Cecilia Minden · Dave CuppTelevision Reporters (Neighborhood Helpers)
  ''978-1-59296-575-5Ann HeinrichsFather's Day (Holidays, Festivals, & Celebrations)
  ''978-1-59296-576-2   ''Halloween (Holidays, Festivals, & Celebrations)
2006978-1-59296-581-6Ann HeinrichsSaint Patrick's Day (Holidays, Festivals, & Celebrations)
2004978-1-59296-612-7Set a (Set)
2006978-1-59296-613-4Set B (Set)
  ''978-1-59296-626-4Charnan SimonOfficers Everywhere! (Magic Door to Learning)
  ''978-1-59296-641-7Sandra LeeKoalas (New Naturebooks)
  ''978-1-59296-658-5Jane Belk MoncureMy Three Book (My First Steps to Math)
  ''978-1-59296-662-2Jane Belk MoncureMy Seven Book (My First Steps to Math)
2006978-1-59296-696-7Nadia HigginsWelcome to Glacier National Park (Visitor's Guides)
  ''978-1-59296-702-5Nadia HigginsWelcome to Everglades National Park (Visitor's Guides)
2010978-1-59296-719-3Charnan SimonThe Big Bad Wolf Learns a Lesson
2007978-1-59296-763-6James, Jr. BuckleyThe Child's World Encyclopedia of the NFL (Set)
  ''978-1-59296-792-6Michael TeitelbaumTony Stewart (The World's Greatest Athletes)
  ''978-1-59296-826-8Gary M. Amoroso · Cynthia Fitterer KlingelAmbulances (Machines at Work)
  ''978-1-59296-827-5   ''Buses (Machines at Work)
2007978-1-59296-845-9Mary Ann McDonaldFoxes (New Naturebooks)
  ''978-1-59296-877-0Saudi Arabia
  ''978-1-59296-882-4Ellen LabrecqueRoger Federer (The World's Greatest Athletes)
  ''978-1-59296-887-9Doodle Books (Set)
2007978-1-59296-888-6Set B (Set)
2006978-1-59296-889-3Set a (Set)
2008978-1-59296-891-6The Philippines
2007978-1-59296-899-2Pam RosenbergBlecch! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff in Your School (Icky, Sticky, Gross-Out Books)
2009978-1-59296-906-7Sayings and Phrases (Set)
2007978-1-59296-914-2Patrick RyanWelcome to India (Welcome to the World)
  ''978-1-59296-922-7James, Jr. Buckley · Jim Gigliotti · Matt Marini · John WiebuschEncyclopedia of the NFL: Aikman, Troy >> Guard (The Child's World Encyclopedia of the NFL)
  ''978-1-59296-923-4James, Jr. Buckley · Jim Gigliotti · Matt Marini · John WiebuschEncyclopedia of the NFL: Hail Mary Pass >> Numbers, Uniforms (The Child's World Encyclopedia of the NFL)
  ''978-1-59296-924-1James, Jr. Buckley · Jim Gigliotti · Matt MariniOakland Raiders >> Super Bowl XII (The Child's World Encyclopedia of the NFL)
  ''978-1-59296-925-8James, Jr. Buckley · Jim Gigliotti · Matt Marini · John WiebuschSuperbowl XIII to the Zone Blitz (The Child's World Encyclopedia of the NFL)
2008978-1-59296-931-9Sophie LockwoodZebras (The World of Mammals)
2007978-1-59296-934-0Icky, Sticky, Gross-Out Books (Set)
2006978-1-59296-935-7Set a (Set)
2007978-1-59296-936-4Set B (Set)
2008978-1-59296-941-8Welcome to the World (Set)
2008978-1-59296-943-2Reading Rocks! (Set)
2006978-1-59296-945-6Set B (Set)

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