Enchanted Lion Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-59270-003-5Paige WeberNew York (Great Cities Through The Ages)
  ''978-1-59270-004-2Renzo RossiParis (Great Cities Through The Ages)
  ''978-1-59270-005-9Tony McAleavyLife in a Medieval Castle (English Heritage)
  ''978-1-59270-007-3Maria Teresa Zanobini LeoniLeonardo Da Vinci (Great Artists)
  ''978-1-59270-013-4Neil MorrisLondon (Great Cities Through The Ages)
2003978-1-59270-014-1Renzo RossiVenice (Great Cities Through The Ages)
  ''978-1-59270-016-5Philip StokesPhilosophy: 100 Essential Thinkers
  ''978-1-59270-017-2Jon BalchinScience: 100 Scientists Who Changed the World
  ''978-1-59270-018-9Claire HibbertReal Pirates
2004978-1-59270-023-3Richard DargieAncient Rome (Picturing the Past)
  ''978-1-59270-028-8Brendan JanuaryLittle Bighorn (American Battlefields)
2004978-1-59270-031-8Meredith HooperStephen Biesty's Castles
2005978-1-59270-034-9Christopher GravettReal Knights
  ''978-1-59270-035-6Ian DawsonPrehistoric and Egyptian Medicine (History of Medicine)
  ''978-1-59270-036-3Ian DawsonGreek and Roman Medicine
  ''978-1-59270-037-0   ''Medicine in the Middle Ages (THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE)
  ''978-1-59270-038-7   ''Renaissance Medicine (HISTORY OF MEDICINE (ENCHANTED LION BOOKS).)
2006978-1-59270-040-0Alex WoolfMedicine in the Twentieth Century and Beyond
2005978-1-59270-041-7Fiona MacdonaldInside the Beagle with Charles Darwin (Inside (Enchanted Lion))
2005978-1-59270-046-2Philip StokesPhilosophy: 100 Essential Thinkers
  ''978-1-59270-047-9Jon BalchinScience: 100 Scientists Who Changed the World
  ''978-1-59270-050-9Roberto Carvalho de MagalhaesClaude Monet (Great Artists)
2006978-1-59270-053-0Kevin BurnsEastern Philosophy: The Greatest Thinkers and Sages from Ancient to Modern Times
  ''978-1-59270-055-4Anne HerbautsPrince Silencio
  ''978-1-59270-057-8Anne HerbautsMonday
2009978-1-59270-058-5Maria Angeles JulivertBirds (Field Guides)
2006978-1-59270-059-2Eduardo BanqueriWeather (Field Guides)
2007978-1-59270-060-8Stephen TurnbullReal Samurai
2006978-1-59270-063-9Chen Jiang HongThe Magic Horse of Han Gan
2007978-1-59270-065-3Maria Angeles JulivertTrees (Field Guides)
2007978-1-59270-066-0Eduardo BanqueriThe Night Sky (Field Guides)
  ''978-1-59270-067-7Jean-Pierre SiméonThis is a Poem that Heals Fish
  ''978-1-59270-069-1Daniel PicoulyThumbelina of Toulaba
  ''978-1-59270-071-4Chen Jiang HongLittle Eagle
2009978-1-59270-078-3Claire BabinGus is a Tree
2008978-1-59270-079-0Chen Jiang HongMao and Me
2009978-1-59270-080-6Anne BlanchardArab Science and Invention in the Golden Age
2008978-1-59270-081-3Stephen TurnbullReal Ninja: Over 20 True Stories of Japan's Secret Assassins
2009978-1-59270-084-4Nadine Brun-CosmeBig Wolf and Little Wolf
  ''978-1-59270-086-8Grace ChangJin Jin and Rain Wizard
2009978-1-59270-088-2Nadine Brun-CosmeBig Wolf and Little Wolf, The Little Leaf That Wouldn't Fall
2010978-1-59270-091-2Heinz JanischThe Fantastic Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  ''978-1-59270-092-9Béatrice RodriguezThe Chicken Thief (Stories Without Words)
  ''978-1-59270-093-6Astrid Desbordes · Pauline MartinDaydreams of a Solitary Hamster
2009978-1-59270-096-7PGC Miscellaneous Purchased - usdEnchanted Lion Spring 2010 (Children & YA)
2010978-1-59270-097-4James FloraThe Day the Cow Sneezed
2011978-1-59270-098-1Arthur GeisertIce (Stories Without Words)
2008978-1-59270-101-8Claire BabinGus is a Fish
  ''978-1-59270-103-2Jean Bernard Pouy · Serge BlochThe Big Book of Dummies, Rebels and other Geniuses
2011978-1-59270-106-3Nadine Brun-CosmeBig Wolf and Little Wolf, Such a Beautiful Orange! (Big Wolf & Little Wolf)
2011978-1-59270-109-4Béatrice RodriguezFox and Hen Together (Stories Without Words)
  ''978-1-59270-111-7Ramona BadescuPomelo Begins to Grow (Pomelo the Garden Elephant)
  ''978-1-59270-112-4Béatrice RodriguezRooster's Revenge (Stories Without Words)
  ''978-1-59270-113-1James FloraKangaroo for Christmas
2012978-1-59270-115-5Arthur GeisertThe Giant Seed (Stories Without Words)
2012978-1-59270-118-6Germano ZulloLittle Bird
  ''978-1-59270-121-6Kiyomi KonagayaBeach Feet (Being in the World)
  ''978-1-59270-122-3Coralie SaudoMy Dad Is Big And Strong, BUT.: A Bedtime Story
2013978-1-59270-124-7Stein Erik LundeMy Father's Arms Are A Boat
2012978-1-59270-125-4Gaëtan DorémusBear Despair (Stories Without Words)
  ''978-1-59270-126-1Ramona BadescuPomelo Explores Color (Pomelo the Garden Elephant)
  ''978-1-59270-128-5Komako SakaiThe Velveteen Rabbit
2013978-1-59270-129-2Mark TwainAdvice to Little Girls
2013978-1-59270-143-8Øyvind TorseterThe Hole
2014978-1-59270-151-3Marianne DubucThe Lion and the Bird
  ''978-1-59270-154-4Liniers · Mara Faye LethemMacanudo #1
  ''978-1-59270-156-8Michaël EscoffierTake Away the A
2015978-1-59270-171-1Matthew BurgessEnormous Smallness: A Story of E. E. Cummings
  ''978-1-59270-182-7James ThurberThe Tiger Who Would Be King
  ''978-1-59270-185-8Olivier TallecLouis I, King of the Sheep
2016978-1-59270-187-2Glenn RingtvedCry, Heart, But Never Break
2017978-1-59270-210-7Rémi CourgeonFeather (New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books (Awards))
2018978-1-59270-211-4GustiMallko & Dad
2018978-1-59270-212-1Håkon ØvreåsBrown (My Alter Ego Is A Superhero)
2017978-1-59270-214-5Kirsten HallThe Gold Leaf
  ''978-1-59270-220-6Henriqueta CristinaThree Balls of Wool
2016978-1-59270-221-3Anne HerbautsWhat Color Is the Wind?
2017978-1-59270-233-6Nari HongDays With Dad
2018978-1-59270-250-3Thomas ScottoJerome By Heart
  ''978-1-59270-251-0Håkon ØvreåsBrown (My Alter Ego Is A Superhero)
  ''978-1-59270-259-6GustiMallko & Dad
  ''978-1-59270-269-5Benny LindelaufFing's War