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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-59265-000-2Sun TzuThe Art of War
2000978-1-59265-002-6C.F. XiaoYao Ming: The Road to the NBA
2004978-1-59265-011-8Minghua ZhangChinese Jade: Power and Delicacy in a Majestic Art (Arts of China)
2000978-1-59265-012-5Kelun ChenChinese Porcelain: Art, Elegance and Appreciation (Arts of China)
2004978-1-59265-014-9Chaonan Chen · Yiyou FengOld Advertisements and Popular Culture: Posters, Calendars and Cigarettes, 1900-1950 (Arts of China)
  ''978-1-59265-015-6Wei ZhangThe Four Treasures: Inside the Scholar's Studio (Arts of China)
  ''978-1-59265-017-0Liuliang Yu · Hong YuChinese Coins: Money in History and Society (Arts of China)
2000978-1-59265-018-7Chunfang PanYixing Pottery: The World of Chinese Tea Culture (Arts of China)
2004978-1-59265-019-4Shaorong YangChinese Clothing: Costumes, Adornments and Culture (Arts of China)
2000978-1-59265-020-0Gonglin QianChinese Fans: Artistry and Aesthetics (Arts of China)
2006978-1-59265-025-5Ling WangTea and Chinese Culture
2004978-1-59265-028-6Sun-tzuThe Art of War: 18 Weapons of Ancient China
2000978-1-59265-035-4M.Q. Xu2000 Chinese Characters: A Comparison Guide to Traditional and Simplified Forms (Chinese Edition)
2005978-1-59265-036-1Kang ZhuDistinguished Doctors and Miraculous Remedies (True Stories From Ancient China)
  ''978-1-59265-037-8   ''Engineers and Architects (True Stories From Ancient China)
  ''978-1-59265-038-5   ''Science and Scientists (True Stories From Ancient China)
2005978-1-59265-039-2Kang ZhuFantastic Inventions and Inventors (True Stories From Ancient China)
  ''978-1-59265-040-8Kuijie ZhouA Basic Confucius: An Introduction To the Wisdom and Advice of China's Greatest Sage
  ''978-1-59265-041-5Shouhua QiWhen the Purple Mountain Burns: A Novel
  ''978-1-59265-042-2Israel EpsteinMy China Eye: Memoirs of a Jew and a Journalist
  ''978-1-59265-044-6Cathy ZhouChinese Etiquette and Culture (Chinese Quick Guides)
2005978-1-59265-045-3Brenda QianEssential Chinese Characters (Chinese Quick Guides)
2008978-1-59265-047-7Reader's Digest EditorsThe Art of Chinese Ceramics
2006978-1-59265-058-3Yuzhi Yang · Ren ZhongHometowns and Childhood
2008978-1-59265-060-6Editors of Reader's DigestAtlas of World Heritage: China
2005978-1-59265-061-3Editors of Reader's DigestHome Decoration and Furnishing: The New Look of Chinese Homes
2006978-1-59265-062-0Xiao LiChinese Kunqu Opera (Cultural China)
2009978-1-59265-063-7Jinglian WuChina's Long March Toward a Market Economy
2007978-1-59265-074-3Peter EckmanIn the Footsteps of the Yellow Emperor: Tracing the History of Traditional Acupuncture
2008978-1-59265-078-1Lynn PanShanghai Style: Art and Design Between the Wars
2009978-1-59265-080-4Shirley GanseChinese Export Porcelain: East to West
2012978-1-59265-125-2Qizhi ZhangSourcebook of Traditional Chinese Culture