Bastion Press

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-59263-000-4Sam WittAirships (d20 Fantasy Roleplaying Supplement, BAS1009)
2003978-1-59263-002-8Bastion PressAllies & Adversaries (d20, BAS5000)
  ''978-1-59263-003-5Darrin Drader · Greg DentOathbound: Wrack and Ruin
  ''978-1-59263-004-2Acevedo · DouglasLegends Collection: Friends & Familiars Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Sourcebook)
  ''978-1-59263-005-9Steven Creech · Darrin Drader · Spike Y. Jones · Thomas KnaussInto the Green: A Guide to Forests, Jungles, Woods and Plains
  ''978-1-59263-006-6Kevin Melka · Todd Laing · Steven Creech · Darrin DraderOathbound: Arena (d20 system; BAS1014)
2003978-1-59263-008-0Thomas KnaussInto the Black (BAS1015)
  ''978-1-59263-009-7E.W. MortonOut for Blood (d20; BAS1016)
2004978-1-59263-013-4Todd Laing · Kevin Melka · Darrin Drader · Steven CreechOathbound: Mysteries of Arena
  ''978-1-59263-015-8Lee HammockInto the Blue (BAS1020)
2006978-1-59263-016-5Steven Creech · Kevin Ruesch · Jim ButlerArms & Armor v3.5
  ''978-1-59263-017-2Thomas Knauss · Darrin DraderWildwood (Oathbound BAS1022)