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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-59226-000-3Dick BrunaMiffy (Miffy (Big Tent Entertainment))
  ''978-1-59226-001-0Dick BrunaMiffy at the Zoo (Miffy (Big Tent Entertainment))
  ''978-1-59226-002-7   ''Miffy in the Snow
  ''978-1-59226-003-4   ''Miffy at the Seaside (Miffy (Big Tent Entertainment))
  ''978-1-59226-004-1   ''Miffy in the Hospital (Miffy (Big Tent Entertainment))
2010978-1-59226-005-8Dick BrunaMiffy Rides a Bike
  ''978-1-59226-006-5   ''Miffy at School (Miffy (Big Tent Entertainment))
2010978-1-59226-007-2Dick BrunaMiffy is Crying
  ''978-1-59226-008-9   ''Miffy's House
2004978-1-59226-010-2   ''Miffy Dances (Miffy (Big Tent Entertainment))
2010978-1-59226-012-6   ''Boris and Barbara
  ''978-1-59226-013-3   ''Snuffy
2010978-1-59226-014-0Dick BrunaSnuffy and the Fire (Miffy (Big Tent Entertainment))
2004978-1-59226-015-7   ''Poppy Pig
2010978-1-59226-022-5   ''Miffy
  ''978-1-59226-023-2   ''Miffy's House
  ''978-1-59226-024-9   ''Miffy Dances (Miffy and Friends)
2010978-1-59226-025-6Dick BrunaMiffy at School
  ''978-1-59226-027-0   ''Boris and Barbara
  ''978-1-59226-028-7   ''Snuffy
  ''978-1-59226-029-4   ''Poppy Pig
  ''978-1-59226-031-7   ''Miffy's Magnifying Glass
2010978-1-59226-033-1Dick BrunaWhat's at the Zoo, Miffy?
2010978-1-59226-034-8Dick BrunaMiffy's Counting Book (Miffy (Big Tent Entertainment))
  ''978-1-59226-035-5   ''Tell the Time with Miffy (Miffy and Friends)
  ''978-1-59226-041-6   ''Miffy in the Snow (Miffy and Friends)
  ''978-1-59226-042-3   ''Hide and See (Miffy and Friends)
  ''978-1-59226-043-0   ''Places to Go (Miffy and Friends)
1997978-1-59226-048-5UnknownBuried Treasure (The Alphabet Garden)
1997978-1-59226-061-4Eva De WildeA Wish for Grandpa (Alphabet Garden, Reading by Yourself)
2010978-1-59226-062-1Dick BrunaMiffy the Ghost (Miffy (Big Tent Entertainment))
2010978-1-59226-063-8Dick BrunaMiffy the Ghost
  ''978-1-59226-098-0   ''Miffy and Friends: Yellow-Red Coloring Book
  ''978-1-59226-167-3   ''Let's Learn: Animals
  ''978-1-59226-168-0   ''Let's Learn: Seasons of the Year
  ''978-1-59226-171-0   ''Let's Learn: Miffy's Adventure
2010978-1-59226-173-4Dick BrunaLet's Learn: Miffy Looks Around
2010978-1-59226-175-8Dick BrunaMiffy's Surprise Party (Miffy and Friends)
2003978-1-59226-176-5Robert FreemanThe Beatles: A Private View
  ''978-1-59226-177-2Robert FreemanBeatles
2010978-1-59226-178-9Dick BrunaWhat Will I Do Today?: Miffy's Big Flap Book (Miffy and Friends)
  ''978-1-59226-179-6   ''Miffy Loves New York City!
2004978-1-59226-187-1   ''Miffy Says, I Love You!
2010978-1-59226-188-8   ''Caleb's Ride on Noah's Ark
2004978-1-59226-204-5   ''Miffy Goes Swimming (Miffy and Friends)
2005978-1-59226-212-0Lara Rice · Rick BrownMiss Piggy Camps Out (A MUPPETT PICTURE READER)
  ''978-1-59226-231-1Dick BrunaMiffy's Days of the Week
2004978-1-59226-233-5Dick BrunaMiffy's Happy New Year!
2005978-1-59226-236-6John C. McGinleyUntalkative Bunny: How To Be Heard Without Saying A Word