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2002978-1-59217-000-5Sandra L. HatchIllustrated Guide to Vintage Quilting (Master Quilter's Workshop Series)
  ''978-1-59217-001-2Sandra L. HatchIllustrated Guide to Quilting Borders & Bindings (Master Quilter's Workshop Series)
2003978-1-59217-002-9Ken TateWe Survived And Thrived: Good Old Days
  ''978-1-59217-004-3Carol AlexanderBig Book of Scrap Crochet Afghans
  ''978-1-59217-006-7Jeanne StaufferSerger Savvy (sewing)
  ''978-1-59217-007-4Jeanne StaufferKnitting for Babies & Kids
2003978-1-59217-008-1Jodi WarnerIllustrated Guide to Half-Square Triangles (Master Quilter's Workshop Series)
  ''978-1-59217-009-8Jodi WarnerIllustrated Guide to English Paper Piecing (Master Quilter's Workshop) (Master Quilter's Workshop Series)
  ''978-1-59217-012-8Helga CurtisQuilting Flowers of the Bible
2004978-1-59217-014-2House of White BirchesCrochet for Caring & Sharing
2003978-1-59217-016-6Sandra Hatch · Sue HarveyIllustrated Guide to Panel Magic (Master Quilter's Workshop)
2004978-1-59217-018-0Jeanne StaufferSewing Smart With Fabric
  ''978-1-59217-019-7   ''Big-Needle Knit Afghans
978-1-59217-027-2Quilting Coats & Totes
2005978-1-59217-033-3Donna FriebertshauserQuilting: All About Trapunto (Quilting)
2004978-1-59217-034-0Ken Tate · Janice TateFavorite Songs of the Good Old Days
  ''978-1-59217-036-4Vicki BlizzardCombination Crafts
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  ''978-1-59217-040-1Vicki BlizzardMake It in Minutes
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  ''978-1-59217-049-4Ken TateMaking Our Own Fun: Good Old Days Remembers (Good Old Days)
2004978-1-59217-050-0Jeanne Editor StaufferWeekend Scrap Quilting
2005978-1-59217-053-1Ken TateThe Best Years of Our Lives: The Good Old Days
  ''978-1-59217-054-8House of White BirchesFun with Sue & Sam
  ''978-1-59217-057-9Elaine WaldschmittTop It With a Runner
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  ''978-1-59217-061-6Patricia ConverseLearn to Quilt with Leather
2004978-1-59217-064-7Jeanne StaufferWeekend Scrap Quilting
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2005978-1-59217-066-1Jeanne StaufferQuick Knits to Wear
  ''978-1-59217-067-8Carol AlexanderEasy Living Crochet
2000978-1-59217-070-8Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtEasy Afghans for Knitters
2004978-1-59217-071-5Carol AlexanderBlue Ribbon Crochet
2005978-1-59217-072-2Helga CurtisQuilting Thimble Tots & Dragonflies: 17 Whimsical Redwork Designs
  ''978-1-59217-074-6Jeanne StaufferQuilt a Colorful Christmas
  ''978-1-59217-076-0Jeanne Stauffer · Sandra L. Hatch256 Fat Quarter Quilt Blocks
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2005978-1-59217-079-1Jeanne StaufferStripes & Plaids: Quilting
  ''978-1-59217-081-4Barbara ClaytonFun Time Blankies
2006978-1-59217-082-1Vicki BlizzardEasy Paper Crafting With Photos
  ''978-1-59217-085-2Carol AlexanderCrochet with Bits & Pieces
2005978-1-59217-088-3Vicki BlizzardAll Occasion Paper Crafting
2006978-1-59217-092-0Barbara WeilandSew Easy Designer Bags & Totes
  ''978-1-59217-096-8house-of-white-birchesQuick & Easy Quilted Sweatshirts
  ''978-1-59217-097-5Barbara SprungerSew-Easy Designer Pillows
2005978-1-59217-098-2Jeanne StaufferQuick to Quilt Coasters
2005978-1-59217-099-9Bobbie MatelaBig Needle Knitting
2006978-1-59217-100-2Ken TateGoing to Grandma's House (Good Ole Days)
  ''978-1-59217-108-8Connie RandLighthouses of New England (Quilting)
  ''978-1-59217-109-5Bobbie MatelaFamily Album of Knits
  ''978-1-59217-110-1DRGBig Needle Knitting
2005978-1-59217-114-9Home CookingHome Cooking Favorite Desserts: 30 of the Editor's Favorites
2006978-1-59217-118-7Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtKeepsake Quilts for Baby
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2006978-1-59217-122-4Tanya Fox · Sue Reeves10-Minute Cards to Give & Share
2007978-1-59217-124-8Carol Alexander · Lisa FosnaughBig-Hook Crochet
2006978-1-59217-127-9Jeanne StaufferTwisted Classics
  ''978-1-59217-128-6Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtTwisted Classics
2007978-1-59217-147-7Tanya Fox · Sue ReevesSensational Scrapbook Layouts & More
  ''978-1-59217-153-8Carol AlexanderA Crochet RETROspective
  ''978-1-59217-156-9DRGKnit It! Felt It!
2006978-1-59217-157-6Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtCreative Scraps: Quilting With Bits & Pieces
  ''978-1-59217-158-3Jeanne StaufferQuick Knits: Cool Projects
2007978-1-59217-165-1Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtWeekend Quilting Wonders
2007978-1-59217-167-5Barbara WeilandSew It for Christmas
  ''978-1-59217-174-3Bobbie MatelaKnit Noel
  ''978-1-59217-185-9Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtHolly Jolly Christmas Quilting
  ''978-1-59217-187-3   ''Quilted Travel Bags
2008978-1-59217-189-7Carol FryeEasy as 1-2-3 Crochet
978-1-59217-198-9Best of the Worsteds
2008978-1-59217-199-6Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtQuilting for Busy Boomers
  ''978-1-59217-200-9Multiple authorsSew Fun & Easy Table Fashions
2008978-1-59217-202-3Ken and Janice TateBest of the Good Old Days
  ''978-1-59217-206-1Jeanne Stauffer · Sandra L. HatchLots of Scraps: It's Time to Quilt
  ''978-1-59217-209-2Pulsar Eco Products LLCCard Making by Number: Everything You Need to Know Create 50 Cards
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  ''978-1-59217-217-7Julie JohnsonSerge Smart
2009978-1-59217-219-1Julie Johnson · Diane SchmidtSew Special Fat Quarter Gifts
2008978-1-59217-222-1   ''Sweatshirts With a Twist
2008978-1-59217-224-5Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtPrayer Shawl Quilts
2009978-1-59217-225-2Judy CrowChain-Free Crochet Made Easy
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2008978-1-59217-227-6Tanya Fox · Sue ReevesSay It With Style
  ''978-1-59217-228-3Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtLots of Scraps: It's Time to Quilt
  ''978-1-59217-229-0   ''Knitted Prayer Shawls
2009978-1-59217-232-0Tanya Fox · Barb SprungerFabulous Folds for Card Making
  ''978-1-59217-233-7Diane SchmditTops & Toes
2009978-1-59217-234-4Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtQuilting for Baby
2008978-1-59217-235-1Edie EckmanHow to Knit Socks: Three Methods Made Easy
  ''978-1-59217-236-8Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtToppers for Every Table
2008978-1-59217-237-5Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtJelly Roll Quilts (Quilting)
2010978-1-59217-241-2Glenda ChamberlainChristmas in Crochet
2009978-1-59217-243-6Julie Johnson · Diane SchmidtThe Best Apron Book Ever
  ''978-1-59217-244-3Jeanne Stauffer · Sandra L. HatchPatchwork Table Runners
  ''978-1-59217-245-0   ''Patchwork Table Runners
  ''978-1-59217-246-7Julie JohnsonSimple Serger Sewing
  ''978-1-59217-248-1Kara Gott WarnerIt's In the Bag: Knitting Projects to Take & Make
2009978-1-59217-249-8Barb SwitzerEarrings, Earrings, Earrings!
  ''978-1-59217-250-4Janice TateOn the Home Front (Good Old Days)
  ''978-1-59217-252-8Jeanne Stauffer · Diane SchmidtBeautiful Bargello
  ''978-1-59217-255-9Glenda Chamberlain1, 2, 3 Skein Crochet
2010978-1-59217-257-3   ''Oh Baby! Crochet
  ''978-1-59217-260-3Jeanne Stauffer · Sandra L. HatchPatchwork Comforters, Throws & Quilts
2009978-1-59217-261-0Pearl Louise KrushTurning Strips & Squares Into Table Sets
2009978-1-59217-262-7Jeanne StaufferQuilter's Think Pink
  ''978-1-59217-264-1Carol ZentgrafSewing Season's Greetings
  ''978-1-59217-266-5Nazanin fardTimeless Lace Runners & More
  ''978-1-59217-268-9Julie JohnsonSimple Serger Sewing
2010978-1-59217-273-3Kara Gott WarnerCircular Knitting Redefined: Leave Those Straight Needles Behind
2009978-1-59217-274-0Lisa CarnahanEasy Knit Squares
  ''978-1-59217-275-7Andra Knight-BowmanModular Knitting Made Easy
2010978-1-59217-276-4Sue Childress · Frances HugesRib It Up
2009978-1-59217-277-1Jeanne Stauffer · Andra Knight-BowmanFun-to-Knit Doll Clothes
2010978-1-59217-278-8Michele WilcoxAmigurumi: Animal Friends
2009978-1-59217-279-5Sandra L Hatch · Jeanne StaufferBed Quilts Just Your Size
2009978-1-59217-280-1Jeanne StaufferPatchwork Minus Mathwork: A Quilter's Guide to Planning and Buying Fabrics Without a Degree in Mathmatics!
  ''978-1-59217-282-5Lorine MasonLove to Dress Up 18" Doll Clothes
2010978-1-59217-285-6Kara Gott WarnerThe Perfect Finish: A No-Nonsense Guide to Finishing Techniques for Knitters of Every Level
  ''978-1-59217-286-3Carol Loessel · Jeanne StaufferStart with Scraps: In Quilting
  ''978-1-59217-287-0Julie HigginsKeepsake Baby Quilts from Scraps: 9 Baby Quilts to Lovingly Stitch for Your Baby or Grandbaby
2009978-1-59217-289-4Sue Childress · Frances HughesItty Bitty Baby Doll Clothes (Annie's Attic: Knit)
2010978-1-59217-291-7Jeanne Stauffer · Elisa Sims AlburyYo-Yo Quilting: Showcase Your Creativity with Quick to Stitch Projects for Every Occasion
  ''978-1-59217-293-1Kathy BrownBed Runners Using Precut Fabrics
2010978-1-59217-295-5Anne BipesLearn to Knit on Long Looms
  ''978-1-59217-297-9Jeanne TamsMonk's Cloth: 17 Fun & Easy Projects
  ''978-1-59217-299-3Jeanne Stauffer · Elisa Sims Albury5-10-15+ Fat Quarters
  ''978-1-59217-300-6Lisa CarnahanMore Than a Dozen Dishcloths
  ''978-1-59217-302-0Amy PolcynKnit a Dozen Plus Slippers
2010978-1-59217-303-7DRG PublishingIn the Nick of Time
2014978-1-59217-306-8Annie'sLive It Again 1947
2015978-1-59217-307-5   ''Live It Again 1941
2014978-1-59217-308-2   ''Live It Again 1945
2010978-1-59217-309-9Trice Boerens101 Tea Towels (Quilting)
  ''978-1-59217-310-5Pearl Louise KrushSunbonnet Sue: Once upon a Posy
  ''978-1-59217-312-9Lorine MasonDressing Up 18" Dolly
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2011978-1-59217-315-0Jeanne StaufferJump-Start Your Own Quilting
  ''978-1-59217-316-7Pearl Louise KrushPurses, Bags & More
2010978-1-59217-317-4Mary Arnold · Colleen East · Kristin HansenPerfectly Plus
2011978-1-59217-318-1Denise LaymanHow to Knit Fashionable Scarves on Circle Looms: New Techniques for Knitting 12 Stylish Designs
2010978-1-59217-320-4Sue ChildressItty Bitty Knitties
2010978-1-59217-321-1Pearl Louise KrushRedwork Winter Twitterings
2011978-1-59217-323-5Christine CarlsonMake Mine Mini: 13 Miniature Quilts from Traditional to Contemporary
  ''978-1-59217-324-2Helga CurtisHerbs, Spices and Fruits of the Bible
  ''978-1-59217-325-9Dereck LockwoodStars Unlimited
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2010978-1-59217-328-0Annie'sSimple Hip Knit Scarves: 14 Easy Everyday Knits
  ''978-1-59217-329-7Nancy Brenan DanielLearn to Do Applique in Just One Weekend
2011978-1-59217-331-0Annie'sLog Cabins Today
2010978-1-59217-332-7Elisa Sims AlburyMix & Match Quilts with the AccuQuilt GO!
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2011978-1-59217-335-8DRG Publishing101 Log Cabin Blocks: With Full-Size Patterns for Paper or Foundation Piecing
2011978-1-59217-336-5DRG PublishingA Year of Afghans: 52 Projects to Keep You Knitting Every Week of the Year (The Best from Annie's Attic)
  ''978-1-59217-337-2Annie'sFair Isle Basics & Beyond
  ''978-1-59217-339-6Amy PolcynBaby NouveauTM: Stylish Blankets for Baby
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2012978-1-59217-375-4Connie EwbankQuick & Easy Quilts for Kids: 12 Friendly Designs
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2012978-1-59217-377-8   ''Nine Patch Panache: 40+ Nine-Patch Projects
2013978-1-59217-436-2Kimberly Christopherson · Kris ThurgoodBloom: A Collection of Fabric Flowers
2012978-1-59217-444-7Annie'sGO! Inspired: With AccuQuilt (AccuQuilt Go!)
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2012978-1-59217-464-5   ''Quick-Knit Flower Frenzy
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2013978-1-59217-486-7Linda Turner GriepentrogLearn Decorative Machine Stitching

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