year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-59196-025-6Marlena C. MartinPoems For Surviving: Breakup, Abuse & Divorce
  ''978-1-59196-062-1Brent Barksdale25 Fundraising Secrets
  ''978-1-59196-073-7Brenda AloffAggression in Dogs
  ''978-1-59196-084-3Edith Rylander · John RylanderJourneying Earthward
  ''978-1-59196-102-4Patricia KellyThe Italian Greyhound: Nuts and Bolts Book for all IG Lovers
2002978-1-59196-106-2Maximus Confessor StaffGods in the Carnival of Time
  ''978-1-59196-151-2Tim TorpHearty Healthy Cooking
  ''978-1-59196-153-6Daniel A. ArnoldThe Great Bust Ahead: The Greatest Depression in American and UK History is Just Several Short Years Away. This is your Concise Reference Guide to Understanding Why and How Best to Survive It
2007978-1-59196-171-0Rick DiefenderferCreating Christian Communities: The Structure and Strategy of a Simple Cell-Based Church System
2003978-1-59196-180-2Neal David SutzKick It With Gusto! A Practical Guide To Living Through Anxiety, Depression and Manic-Depression
  ''978-1-59196-200-7Michael G. SantosWhat If I Go To Prison?
  ''978-1-59196-215-1Jay DyckBlack Mountain Lady
2003978-1-59196-256-4Michael PateWhen Big Boys Tri: It's Not the Race - It's the Journey
  ''978-1-59196-274-8Chris WeedinHorror Rules: The Simply Horrible Roleplaying Game
  ''978-1-59196-324-0Internet Materials for Teachers, Parents & Students
  ''978-1-59196-370-7Chuck WarrenLilacs Growing on a Barbed-Wire Fence
2004978-1-59196-380-6Cheryl DuranMonster Movie Memories: From Movie Palace To Drive In
2003978-1-59196-421-6Scott BealeMillennial Manifesto
  ''978-1-59196-436-0John Titor Foundation IncJohn Titor A Time Traveler's Tale
2004978-1-59196-471-1Dennis KyneSupport the Truth
2007978-1-59196-510-7Genita PetralliAlcoholism: The Cause & The Cure
2004978-1-59196-525-1Judith L. Benham WeinsteinThe Reintjes Family in the Netherlands and the United States: Martinus Wilhelmus Reintjes, His Forebears and Desendants
2005978-1-59196-529-9   ''The Charles Henry Benham and Alice Katherine Richardson Family of Onaway, Michigan: With Their Ancestors and Descendants
2004978-1-59196-549-7J. H.This Too Is Love
2004978-1-59196-554-1Kelly CastorThe No-Nonsense Guide to Management Effectiveness (Practical Lessons)
  ''978-1-59196-581-7Jeff MuendelRock Sonic Dot Com Blues
2005978-1-59196-627-2Bible Student. com · Ward R. Williams · Gene LapansieJesus the Messiah
2004978-1-59196-689-0Regina EdmondsSculpting Fairies in Polymer Clay
2005978-1-59196-723-1Robert BestA Study of Colt New Army and Navy Pattern Double Action Revolvers 1889-1908
  ''978-1-59196-730-9Gene LapansieThe Return of the Christ
2011978-1-59196-742-2Millie Nelson SamuelsonHungry River: A Yangtze Novel
2004978-1-59196-800-9Toni CostoniePriestess Miriam & The Voodoo Spiritual Temple
2006978-1-59196-809-2Cameron McKenzieWhat is WebSphere? Java, J2EE, Portal and Beyond! (Demystifying IBM's Middle Tier Technology, Vol. 1)
2004978-1-59196-826-9Jane SimmonsThe I of the Storm for Teens: Finding Peace in the Midst of Conflict
2007978-1-59196-906-8Jim PeaceAmsterdam Travel Companion
2005978-1-59196-926-6Daniel AbramsonSecrets of Hiring Top Talent

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