year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-59166-006-4unknownScience 6 for Christian Schools
  ''978-1-59166-007-1Peggy S. AlierScience 6 for Christian Schools; Teacher's Edition, Bob Jones
  ''978-1-59166-008-8125591Science 6 Activity Manual
  ''978-1-59166-009-5Joyce T GarlandScience Activity Manual Teacher Grd 6 3rd Edition
2007978-1-59166-012-5Ed DunlopThe Incredible Rescues (Young Refugees)
2004978-1-59166-013-2Ed DunlopEscape to Liechtenstein (The Young Refugees, Book 1)
  ''978-1-59166-014-9Ed Dunlop · 200220Search for Silver Eagle (Young Refugees) (The Young Refugees)
1996978-1-59166-102-3Bob JonesEconomics for Christian Schools Test Package (#100818)
1996978-1-59166-103-0aHeritage Studies 4 Tests 2nd Edition
1999978-1-59166-131-3Bob JonesTests For Use with Geography for Christian Schools
  ''978-1-59166-132-0Tests for Use with Geometry for Christian Schools
2004978-1-59166-167-2Hernandez, Rosier Hager LaymanSpanish 1 Student Text (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-59166-168-9Hager & LoftisSpanish 1: For Christian Schools Teacher's Edition (Bob Jones)
  ''978-1-59166-169-6Bob Jones UniversitySpanish 1: Activities Manual (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-59166-170-2unknownSpanish 1 for Christian Schools: Activities Manual Teacher Ed. (Bob Jones)
2002978-1-59166-171-9not-availableSpanish 1 Tests (Spanish Edition)
978-1-59166-172-6Spanish 1 Tests Answer Key 2nd Edition
2004978-1-59166-174-0Bob JonesVOCABULARY A - STUDENT (201848)
2004978-1-59166-175-7Student Workbook (Vocabulary for Christian Schools, B)
  ''978-1-59166-177-1Bob JonesVocabulary for Christian Schools Level D
  ''978-1-59166-181-8Edith E. Smith M.A.Vocabulary for Christian Schools Teacher's Edition: Level B
  ''978-1-59166-183-2Vocabulary for Christian Schools Level D Teacher's Edition
  ''978-1-59166-204-4Alicia PetersenA Sparrow Alone
2004978-1-59166-235-8Tom BrodeurRegina Silsby's Secret War
  ''978-1-59166-252-5Spanish 1 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-59166-255-6Rebecca DavisGeorge Mueller: A Father To The Fatherless
  ''978-1-59166-262-4Tammie D. Jacobs · L. Michelle RosierMath K5, Teacher's Edition
2005978-1-59166-281-5Michelle RosierSpelling Teacher Book Grd 1 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-59166-287-7asstPhonics and English 1, Teacher's Edition (2 Parts)
978-1-59166-296-9Beginnings Phonics Charts Packet Grd K5 3rd Edition
2005978-1-59166-299-0Terrance R. Egolf · Franklin Hall · Rachel Santopietro · Linda ShumateSpace and Earth Science, Activities A and B (2 Book Set)
2005978-1-59166-305-8Rand Hummel · 199745The Dark Side of the Internet
2004978-1-59166-306-5R Austin FreemanThe Mystery at Number 31, New Inn
2005978-1-59166-309-6R. Terrance Egolf · Franklin S. Hall · Linda ShumateSpace and Earth Science Teacher's Edition
  ''978-1-59166-311-9215566Space And Earth Science Tests
  ''978-1-59166-312-6terrance-egolf-franklin-hall-rSpace and Earth Science Testpack Answer Key 3rd Edition
2006978-1-59166-314-0Ed DunlopSherlock Jones the Willoughby Bank Robbery
  ''978-1-59166-315-7Ed Dunlop · 215707Sherlock Jones the Assassination Plot
2005978-1-59166-316-4Ed DunlopSherlock Jones: The Missing Diamond (Sherlock Jones (Paperback))
2006978-1-59166-333-1Ed Dunlop · 118075Sherlock Jones the Phantom Airplane
  ''978-1-59166-346-1Ron TagliapietraGeometry Teacher Grd 10 3rd Edition
2006978-1-59166-347-8Ron Taglliapietra · Kathy D. Pilger · Larry Hall · Larry LemonGeometry
  ''978-1-59166-349-2LemonGeometry Activity Student Manual Grd 10 3rd Edition
2007978-1-59166-350-8Ron TagliapietraGeometry Activity Teacher Manual Grd 10 3rd Edition
2005978-1-59166-362-1June CatesWriting & Grammar 8 for Christian Schools
  ''978-1-59166-363-8   ''Writing & Grammar 8 - 3rd. Edition (Teacher's Edition)
  ''978-1-59166-367-6Kelly D. (editor) ClepperWriting & Grammar, Grade 7 (Teacher's Edition)
2006978-1-59166-368-3Elizabeth Rose · Stegall · Dawn WatkinsWriting & Grammar 7 for Christian Schools
1999978-1-59166-370-6Bob Jones UniversityTest for Use with Writing & Grammar 7 (for Christian Schools)
2005978-1-59166-374-4Eileen M BerryHaiku on Your Shoes
2004978-1-59166-383-6June KimmelThat I May Know Him - A Women\'s Bible Study
2005978-1-59166-384-3Jacques FutrelleProfessor Van Dusen: The Thinking Machine
2006978-1-59166-385-0Tom BrodeurRegina Silsby's Phantom Militia
  ''978-1-59166-394-2Peggy Davenport · Tammie D. JacobsEnglish 6: Writing and Grammar (Worktext)
2006978-1-59166-399-7200535Grade 6 English Teacher's Edition and CD 2nd Edition
2009978-1-59166-411-6Bob Jones University PressEconomics Student Text (2nd Ed.)
1998978-1-59166-420-8Michael D. Matthews · Ron Tagliapietra · Pam CreasonGeography: For Christian Schools
1991978-1-59166-421-5Alan J. CarperEconomics
2002978-1-59166-424-6Timothy Keesee · Mark SidwellUnited States History For Christian Schools
2000978-1-59166-425-3Rachel Larson · Pamela Creason · Michael MatthewsThe American Republic
2004978-1-59166-429-1Ronald A., Ph.d. Horton · Donna L. Hess · Steven N. SkaggsElements of Literature
2005978-1-59166-431-4Terri Koontz · Mark Sidwell · S. M. BunkerWorld Studies: for Christian Schools
1900978-1-59166-432-1David A. FisherWorld History with Student Activities, Book A, 3rd Edition
2005978-1-59166-438-3Raymond, Dr. St JohnAmerican Literature, 2nd Edition
2006978-1-59166-457-4Denise Patton & Elizabeth Rose Dana GageWriting And Grammar 9
  ''978-1-59166-458-1227157Writing and Grammar Teacher\'s Edition with CD
  ''978-1-59166-460-4227108Writing and Grammar 9 Testpack 3rd Edition
978-1-59166-461-1Writing and Grammar Tests Answer Key Grade 9 3rd Edition
2005978-1-59166-462-8Linda HaynerEllanor's Exchange
  ''978-1-59166-465-9Rand HummelLest You Fall: Meditations to Fight Moral Impurity
2006978-1-59166-468-0unknownScience 5
  ''978-1-59166-472-7Not AvailableScience 5 Student Activity Manual
2006978-1-59166-473-4bjupScience 5 Activity Manual Answer Key 3rd Edition
2007978-1-59166-474-1Brad R. Batdorf · Thomas E. PorchLife Science
2006978-1-59166-493-2Eileen M BerryLooking for Home
2005978-1-59166-495-6Jim BergQuieting a Noisy Soul Kit: Overcoming Guilt, Anxiety, Anger, and Despair
2008978-1-59166-496-3Michael MatthewsCultural Geography, Student Text
2007978-1-59166-502-1st-john-raymond-aExplorations in Literature
2006978-1-59166-506-9UnknownHeritage Studies 3 Worktext
2005978-1-59166-508-3BJU PressHeritage Studies Teacher Worktext Grade 3 2nd Edition
2008978-1-59166-535-9Donnalynn HessExcursions in Literature, Student Worktext
2009978-1-59166-540-3UStudyguide for Chemistry by Batdorf, ISBN 9781591665403
  ''978-1-59166-546-5Larry L. HallPrealgebra by Larry L. Hall (2009) Paperback
2008978-1-59166-552-6Rachel Egolf R. Terrance and SantopietroPhysical Science-Worktext
  ''978-1-59166-553-3Physical Science / 2 Vol (P) (TE)
2009978-1-59166-582-3Dana Gibby GageWriting and Grammar 10, Student Text
2005978-1-59166-609-7Faith Alvis Taylor · 226852A Look Within
2009978-1-59166-612-7bob-jones-universityCHEMISTRY-STUDENT LAB.MANUAL
2007978-1-59166-620-2Layton TalbertBeyond Suffering: Discovering the Message of Job
2006978-1-59166-623-3Bob Jones UniversityReading 5 - Pages in My Head
2003978-1-59166-624-0As Full As the World, Reading 6
2010978-1-59166-633-2Reading 3a: Once Upon an Open Book Student Text Edition: Second [Paperback] b...
1994978-1-59166-639-4Hal C. Oberholzer IIPre-algebra
2000978-1-59166-640-0Ron Tagliapietra · Kathy D. PilgerGeometry for Christian Schools Student Text
  ''978-1-59166-641-7D. HadawayPhysical World
1994978-1-59166-642-4Hal Oberholzer IIIFundamentals of Math: For Christian Schools (Student Text) Grade 7 - (Softcover)
1999978-1-59166-643-1BJU FacultyAlgebra 1 St softbound
2005978-1-59166-646-2Life Science
  ''978-1-59166-649-3Anna TurnerHealth for Christian Schools
1994978-1-59166-650-9FisherWorld History
2007978-1-59166-666-0Space & Earth Science Student Activities
2006978-1-59166-669-1Eleanor H. PorterPollyanna
2008978-1-59166-672-1BJU PressScience 4 Testpack Answer Key 3rd Edition
2008978-1-59166-674-5BJU PressScience 4 Student Activity Manual 3rd Edition
978-1-59166-675-2Science 4 Student Activity Manual Answer Key 3rd Edition
2006978-1-59166-681-3Mardi CollierWhat Do I Know About My God?
  ''978-1-59166-697-4Brad R. Batdorf · Thomas E. PorchLife Science Student Activity Manual
2009978-1-59166-706-3Bob Jones University PressAmerican Republic Student Text
1997978-1-59166-711-7BradBatdorf and Thomas E PorchLife Science with Student Activities Teacher's Edition (2 Volumes)
2009978-1-59166-712-4BJU PressEconomics Grade 12 Student Activities Manual 2nd Edition
2007978-1-59166-714-8Judit Lanier · Stephen Rowley · Kimberly Stegall · Raymond St. JohnExplorations in Literature, Teacher's Edition (2 Books)
  ''978-1-59166-734-6Rand HummelTurn Away Wrath: Meditations to Control Anger & Bitterness
  ''978-1-59166-737-7Susan Page DavisSarah's Long Ride (Piper Ranch)
  ''978-1-59166-749-0BJU PressReading 2a 2nd Edition Updated
2007978-1-59166-750-6BJU PressReading 2b 2nd Edition Updated
  ''978-1-59166-761-2Rick BarryGunner's Run
2008978-1-59166-764-3Edith SmithVocabulary Level a Teacher's Edition 3rd Edition
2009978-1-59166-783-4BJU PressAmerican Republic Grade 8 Student Activity Manual 3rd Edition
2008978-1-59166-793-3R. Terrance EgolfPhysical Science Student Lab Manual (4th Ed.) (Grade 9 - Physical Science for Homeschool HS)
  ''978-1-59166-822-0Alicia PetersenOut of Darkness
  ''978-1-59166-829-9bju-pressHeritage Studies 6 Student Text 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-59166-833-6Dawn L WatkinsShield: A Prequel to Medallion
2008978-1-59166-835-0Dillon ForbesCareful Enough?
  ''978-1-59166-853-4Denise J WilliamsonForbidden Gates
  ''978-1-59166-864-0Dorothy Canfield FisherUnderstood Betsy
  ''978-1-59166-870-1Rand HummelFear Not!: Meditations to Overcome Fear, Worry, and Discouragement
  ''978-1-59166-872-5Lauraine SnellingWhat about Cimmaron?
2008978-1-59166-883-1Jim BergEssential Virtues: Marks of the Christ-Centered Life
2009978-1-59166-887-9Bethany HarrisFundamentals of Literature Student Text, Second Edition
2008978-1-59166-905-0Rick BarryKiriath's Quest
  ''978-1-59166-909-8Bob Jones UniversityReading Student Text Grade 4 2nd Edition
2011978-1-59166-916-6English Grade 4
2009978-1-59166-929-6Terry BurnsBeyond the Smoke
  ''978-1-59166-942-5A. Philip Brown IIHope Amidst Ruin: A Literary and Theological Analysis of Ezra
  ''978-1-59166-970-8Tammie D. Jacobs · Peggy S. Alier · Ann LaBible Truths 1 Student Worktext 3rd Edition
2011978-1-59166-979-1Dennis BollingerWorld Studies Student Text [Paperback]
2009978-1-59166-984-5David A. FisherWorld History with Student Activities: Grade 10 (Part A & B)
  ''978-1-59166-985-2BJU PressAlgebra 2 Student Text

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