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2002978-1-59092-002-2Talis PelucirThe Farscape Episode Guide for Season Three: An Unofficial, Independent Guide with Critiques
2006978-1-59092-032-9Charles PhippsThe Lord of the Machine Sourcebook: A Manual for Writing in the Lord of the Machine Universe
  ''978-1-59092-034-3Charles PhippsThe Lord of the Machine (Machines Unbound Series)
2005978-1-59092-036-7Frank J. LA MarCondominiums: The Pros and Ccons of Ownership
2002978-1-59092-037-4Angela C.N. HyattThe Babylon 5 Episode Guide for Season One: An Unofficial, Independent Guide with Critiques
  ''978-1-59092-039-8Sandy Van Densen · Loriann DeGiacomoThe Babylon 5: Crusade Episode Guide. An Unofficial, Independent Guide with Critiques
  ''978-1-59092-046-6Jennifer AnnaYen Shei and the American Bonsai
2005978-1-59092-048-0Jennifer DimarcoFall Through the Sky: Celebration Edition (Wind Trilogy)
2002978-1-59092-049-7Chris Anne WolfeDeath, Sweet Suitor Mine (Delimit Nonpareil)
2006978-1-59092-068-8Charles PhippsThe Undying Machine Sourcebook: A Manual for Writing in the Undying Machine Universe (Machines Unbound Series)
  ''978-1-59092-073-2Walt LarsonJudah's Luck
2007978-1-59092-074-9   ''Willy Charles, Esq.
2006978-1-59092-081-7Gregg FedchakThe Broccoli Eaters
2005978-1-59092-083-1Mimi NoyesFirefly Episode Guide: An Unofficial, Independent Guide to Joss Whedon's Firefly
2006978-1-59092-084-8Charles PhippsThe Undying Machine (Machines Unbound Series)
2006978-1-59092-090-9Lesley DavisWoven in Life's Tapestry (The Adepts of Calluna)
2005978-1-59092-097-8Beverly DurfeeThe American Space Program: Mercury and Gemini Missions--The Best Websites
2006978-1-59092-098-5Gregg FedchakBad Apple Jack
2007978-1-59092-100-5Lisa SheaWeddings and Courtships - Ireland
  ''978-1-59092-101-2Lisa SheaWeddings and Courtships - Italy
2005978-1-59092-120-3Rebecca McEldowneyManual for Normal
2006978-1-59092-121-0Lesley DavisCast a Wide Circle (Lavender Line)
  ''978-1-59092-127-2Stephen G. ChaffeeKeepers (The Hooded Cloak Chronicles, Book 1)
  ''978-1-59092-139-5   ''The Enchanted Jungle (The Hooded Cloak Chronicles, Book 2)
  ''978-1-59092-140-1   ''Mud-Hut (The Hooded Cloak Chronicles, Book 3)
2007978-1-59092-143-2Lisa SheaWeddings and Courtships - France
2006978-1-59092-150-0Cris DimarcoVisibility (Delimit Nonpareil)
2007978-1-59092-173-9Lisa Anne SandersonEczema and Atopic Dermatitis: The Best Websites
2005978-1-59092-176-0Chandra BloodgoodBecoming a Nanny: Working As a Live-in Childcare Provider
2008978-1-59092-203-3James WinburnThe Caeniad
2005978-1-59092-211-8Wim Coleman · Pat PerrinThe Maya Gateway
2007978-1-59092-232-3Magdalena ZschokkeDelayed Paradise
2005978-1-59092-259-0Erika McginnisThe New Star Tarot Journal & Tarot Deck (Indigo Eyes)
2006978-1-59092-320-7Rebecca McEldowneyGuardian Devils
2006978-1-59092-321-4Donna KremerKrndija, One Village from Creation to Destruction
2007978-1-59092-322-1Wim Coleman · Pat PerrinTerminal Games
2006978-1-59092-329-0Jonna-Lynn K. MandelbaumMalarial Fevers
2009978-1-59092-342-9Mary Stuart JacobiI, Bonita: Big Witch on Campus: Memoirs of the World's Oldest Living Serial Virgin, Book One (Demoiselles of the Goddess)
  ''978-1-59092-343-6   ''I, Bonita: The Saint of Ste-Foy: Memoirs of the World's Oldest Living Serial Virgin, Book Two (Demoiselles of the Goddess)
2009978-1-59092-344-3Mary Stuart JacobiI, Bonita: Goddess in the Outfield: Memoirs of the World's Oldest Living Serial Virgin, Book Three (Demoiselles of the Goddess)
2006978-1-59092-347-4Cris DimarcoRequiem for Love
  ''978-1-59092-363-4Lesley DavisTouch of Alchemy
2007978-1-59092-392-4Jacob SackinIslands
  ''978-1-59092-403-7Magdalena ZschokkeMaybe Tomorrow
2008978-1-59092-405-1John VirtueModel American Abroad
2009978-1-59092-648-2Joseph GibbonsQuest for Power: Storyteller's Guide (Battle for Isaroth)
  ''978-1-59092-657-4Heath P. BoiceCounterfeit 101 (Mystery 101)
2008978-1-59092-695-6Leslea NewmanNobody's Mother

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