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  ''978-1-59089-008-0Creflo A., Jr. DollarGods System vs. the World System
2002978-1-59089-016-5   ''Faithfulness Series V1
  ''978-1-59089-019-6   ''Walking in the Fear the Lord
1955978-1-59089-021-9   ''Faithfulness Series V2
  ''978-1-59089-023-3   ''Faithfulness Series V3
2001978-1-59089-035-6Creflo A., Jr. DollarMaking a Jubilee a Reality in Your Life
1955978-1-59089-038-7   ''Hidden Answers Revealed Throu
2002978-1-59089-040-0   ''Laying Hold of Your Inheritan
  ''978-1-59089-043-1   ''Living Under Gods Commanded
2000978-1-59089-062-2Creflo A. DollarDeliverance from Fear PPK10 Spanish
2002978-1-59089-075-2Creflo A., Jr. DollarHow to Live & Be Led by Your
  ''978-1-59089-078-3   ''How to Overcome the Spirit of
  ''978-1-59089-080-6Taffi L. DollarMinistry of the Holy Spirit V1
  ''978-1-59089-082-0Creflo A., Jr. DollarMinistry of the Holy Spirit V2
1955978-1-59089-086-8Creflo A., Jr. DollarThings That Short Circuit Pray
  ''978-1-59089-091-2   ''Inheritance of Our Salvation
2002978-1-59089-096-7   ''Miracle of Debt Release
2001978-1-59089-100-1   ''Now Prosperity
  ''978-1-59089-102-5   ''Prosperity Profile
2002978-1-59089-103-2Creflo A., Jr. DollarProsperity Profile
2001978-1-59089-111-7   ''Understanding How to Make Wisdom Work
  ''978-1-59089-118-6   ''Wealthy Living
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2002978-1-59089-468-2Creflo A DollarThe Successful Family: Everything You Need to Know to Build a Stronger Family
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