The Long Riders' Guild Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-59048-007-6Basha O'ReillyCount Pompeii - Stallion of the Steppes
2001978-1-59048-011-3Aime TschiffelyTschiffely's Ride: Ten Thousand Miles in the Saddle from Southern Cross to Pole Star
  ''978-1-59048-012-0Aime TschiffelyThe Tale of Two Horses: A 10,000 Mile Journey as Told by the Horses (Equestrian Travel Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-013-7   ''Bridle Paths: Europe's Most Famous Equestrian Explorer Rides Through England (Equestrian Travel Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-014-4   ''This Way Southward: The Account of a Journey Through Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (Equestrian Travel Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-015-1   ''Bohemia Junction (Equestrian Travel Classics)
2001978-1-59048-024-3Robert Louis StevensonTravels with a Donkey: A Journey Across France (Equestrian Travel Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-033-5Isabella Bird BishopA Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
  ''978-1-59048-037-3Ella K. MaillartTurkestan Solo: A Journey Through Central Asia (Equestrian Travel Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-041-0Ana BekerThe Courage to Ride: One Woman's 17,000-Mile Mounted Odyssey from Argentina to Canada (Equestrian Travel Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-043-4Messanie WilkinsLast of the Saddle Tramps: One Woman's Seven Thousand Mile Equestrian Odyssey (Equestrian Travel Classics)
2001978-1-59048-045-8H. W. DalyManual Pack Transportation
2011978-1-59048-050-2Glynn ChristianMrs. Christian, BOUNTY Mutineer - Fletcher stole the ship: she mutinied and gave women the vote
2006978-1-59048-054-0Babette GallardRiding the Milky Way
2001978-1-59048-060-1Leonard ClarkThe Marching Wind (Equestrian Travel Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-065-6Jeremy JamesVagabond (Equestrian Travel Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-066-3Jeremy JamesSaddletramp
2006978-1-59048-067-0Christina DodwellTravels with Pegasus - A Microlight Journey Across West Africa
2001978-1-59048-068-7Hans SchwarzVier Pferde, Ein Hund Und Drei Soldaten
  ''978-1-59048-072-4Frank HeathForty Million Hoofbeats (Equestrian Travel Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-076-2Sven HedinMy Life as an Explorer
2001978-1-59048-079-3Dana & Ginger Lamb · Ginger LambQuest for the Lost City
  ''978-1-59048-080-9Dana LambEnchanted Vagabonds
  ''978-1-59048-081-6Richard HalliburtonSeven League Boots
2002978-1-59048-082-3Richard HalliburtonThe Flying Carpet
2001978-1-59048-083-0   ''New Worlds to Conquer: America's Most Dashing 1920s Adventurer Explores South America (Adventure Travel Classics)
2002978-1-59048-084-7Richard HalliburtonThe Glorious Adventure
2001978-1-59048-085-4   ''The Royal Road to Romance: American's Most Dashing Adventurer Explores 1920s India (Adventure Travel Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-099-1Francis Yeats-BrownLives of a Bengal Lancer, The
  ''978-1-59048-108-0James RileySufferings in Africa (Irish History Classics)
  ''978-1-59048-109-7Tex O'Reilly · Lowell ThomasTex O'Reilly: Born to Raise Hell (Adventure Travel Classics)
2004978-1-59048-120-2Frank T. Hopkins · David Dary · Basha O'Reilly · CuChullaine O'ReillyHidalgo and Other Stories
  ''978-1-59048-121-9Robin Hanbury-TenisonWhite Horses over France
2004978-1-59048-123-3Robin Hanbury-TenisonFragile Eden - A Ride through New Zealand
  ''978-1-59048-125-7Julian RossTravels In An Unknown Country
  ''978-1-59048-126-4Miles AbernathyRide the Wind
  ''978-1-59048-137-0Otto SchwarzReisen mit dem Pferd (German Edition)
2006978-1-59048-139-4Rudolph SlatinFire and Sword in the Sudan
  ''978-1-59048-140-0Leonard ClarkA Wanderer Till I Die
2006978-1-59048-144-8Ranulph FiennesLiving Dangerously
2004978-1-59048-148-6J. ÖstrupVäxlande Horisont
  ''978-1-59048-152-3Isabella BirdJourneys in Persia and Kurdistan, Volume One
  ''978-1-59048-153-0Isabella BirdJourneys in Persia and Kurdistan, Volume Two
2005978-1-59048-172-1Col. John J. BonifaceThe Cavalry Horse and His Pack
  ''978-1-59048-173-8John UreCucumber Sandwiches in the Andes
2004978-1-59048-175-2Robert Cunninghame GrahamHorses of the Conquest: A Study of the Steeds of the Spanish Conquistadors
  ''978-1-59048-176-9Robert Cunninghame GrahamTales of Horsemen
2004978-1-59048-177-6Robert Cunninghame GrahamMogreb-El-Acksa
  ''978-1-59048-178-3   ''Rodeo - Travellers' Tales collected by the Great Horseman
2005978-1-59048-179-0Jean Cunninghame GrahamGaucho Laird - The Life of R. B. "Don Roberto" Cunninghame Graham
  ''978-1-59048-180-6Robert Cunninghame GrahamVanished Arcadia
2009978-1-59048-197-4Tom MoatesA Horse's Thought: A Journey into Honest Horsemanship
2005978-1-59048-204-9Marika Hanbury-TenisonA Slice of Spice: Travels to the Indonesian Islands
  ''978-1-59048-205-6Marika Hanbury-TenisonFor Better, for Worse: To the Brazilian Jungles and Back Again
  ''978-1-59048-212-4Richard BarnesEye on the Hill - Horse Travels in Britain
2005978-1-59048-218-6Sandy GallAfghanistan: Agony of a Nation
2006978-1-59048-221-6Christopher OndaatjeSindh Revisited: A Journey in the Footsteps of Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton
  ''978-1-59048-222-3Christopher OndaatjeWoolf in Ceylon - an Imperial Journey in the Shadow of Leonard Woolf 1904-1911
  ''978-1-59048-223-0   ''The Man-Eater of Punanai - A Journey of Discovery to the Jungles of Old Ceylon
  ''978-1-59048-236-0Fanny DuberlyIndian Journal: An Eye-Witness Account of the Indian Mutiny
  ''978-1-59048-239-1Meg PattersonSearching for the Impossible - The Quest to end all Addiction
2007978-1-59048-244-5Meg PattersonHooked? NET: The new approach to drug cure
2007978-1-59048-249-0Tom FremantleJohnny Ginger's Last Ride
2005978-1-59048-250-6Glynn ChristianFragile Paradise: The Discovery of Fletcher Christian, Bounty Mutineer
2007978-1-59048-253-7Leonard WoolfStories of the East
  ''978-1-59048-254-4Leonard WoolfThe Village in the Jungle
  ''978-1-59048-259-9Miklos JankovichThey Rode into Europe - The Fruitful Exchange in the Arts of Horsemanship between East and West
  ''978-1-59048-281-0David Renwick GrantSpirit of the Vikings: a journey in the Kayak Baha i Viking from Arkosund, Sweden, to Odessa, Ukraine
2008978-1-59048-284-1Ross JacobsOld Men and Horses: A Gift of Horsemanship