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2003978-1-59038-087-1Alexander B. MorrisonValley of Sorrow: A Layman's Guide to Understanding Mental Illness for Latter-Day Saints
  ''978-1-59038-090-1Chris StewartThe Brothers: A Novel (The Great and Terrible, Volume 1 -- Prologue)
  ''978-1-59038-155-7Jeffrey R. HollandTrusting Jesus
  ''978-1-59038-167-0Neal A MaxwellThe precious promise: A message for women
  ''978-1-59038-170-0Victor L. LudlowUnlocking Isaiah in the Book of Mormon
2004978-1-59038-172-4Dean HughesHow Many Roads: A Novel (Hearts of the Children)
2004978-1-59038-181-6Sheri L. DewNo One Can Take Your Place
2003978-1-59038-185-4Marjorie Pay HinckleySmall and Simple Things
2005978-1-59038-187-8Richard D. DraperThe Pearl of Great Price: A Verse-By-Verse Commentary
2003978-1-59038-188-5Sperry Symposium 2003The Fulness of the Gospel: Foundational Teachings from the Book of Mormon
  ''978-1-59038-205-9Joseph Fielding McConkieThe Bruce R. McConkie Story: Reflections of a Son
  ''978-1-59038-206-6Neal A. MaxwellWhom the Lord Loveth: The Journey of Discipleship
2004978-1-59038-223-3James L. FerrellThe Peacegiver: How Christ Offers to Heal Our Hearts and Homes
2003978-1-59038-228-8Dean HughesMidway to Heaven
2004978-1-59038-234-9John K. CarmackA Bright Ray Of Hope: The Perpetual Education Fund
2005978-1-59038-235-6Mark D. ChamberlainConfronting Pornography: A Guide to Prevention and Recovery for Individuals, Loved Ones, and Leaders
  ''978-1-59038-236-3Tamara A. FackrellThe Potentially Sane Mother's Guide to Raising Young Children
2004978-1-59038-239-4Margaret D. NadauldA Mother's Influence
2005978-1-59038-241-7Rachel Ann NunesThe Secret Of The King
2003978-1-59038-248-6Jack WeylandAdam's Story: A Novel
2005978-1-59038-252-3John BythewayHow to Be an Extraordinary Missionary
2004978-1-59038-256-1Robert L. Millet · Joseph Fielding McConkieThe Life Beyond
  ''978-1-59038-266-0Liz CarlstonSurviving Columbine: How Faith Helps Us Find Peace When Tragedy Strikes
2004978-1-59038-271-4John BythewayRighteous Warriors: Lessons from the War Chapters in the Book of Mormon
  ''978-1-59038-274-5Lyle Shamo · Tracy ShamoDebt-Free on Any Income
  ''978-1-59038-275-2Truman G. MadsenThe Life and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph
  ''978-1-59038-278-3Douglas E. Brinley · Daniel K. JuddLiving a Covenant Marriage
  ''978-1-59038-283-7Dennis H. Leavitt · Richard O. Christensen · Bruce L. AndreasonScripture Study For Latter-day Saint Families: The Doctrine And Covenants
2004978-1-59038-289-9Chris StewartWhere Angels Fall: The Great and Terrible, Vol. 2 (Great and the Terrible)
2005978-1-59038-291-2Liz AdairThe Mist of Quarry Harbor
2004978-1-59038-292-9S. Michael WilcoxThe Fourth Watch: Receiving Divine Help When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered
2005978-1-59038-293-6Thomas R. Valletta · Bruce L. Andreason · Richard O. Christensen · John L. Fowles · Dennis H. LeavittThe Old Testament for Latter-Day Saint Families: Illustrated King James Version with Helps for Children
2004978-1-59038-297-4S. Michael WilcoxFire in the Bones: William Tyndale--Martyr, Father of the English Bible
  ''978-1-59038-304-9Robert L. MilletGetting at the Truth: Responding to Difficult Questions About LDS Beliefs
  ''978-1-59038-316-2A. Dean ByrdFinding Wholeness and Happiness After Divorce
  ''978-1-59038-321-6Truman G. MadsenPresidents Of The Church: Insights Into Their Lives And Teachings
  ''978-1-59038-322-3Henry B. EyringTo Draw Closer to God: A Collection of Discources
2004978-1-59038-323-0Stephen E. RobinsonFollowing Christ: The Parable of the Divers and More Good News
  ''978-1-59038-327-8Thomas R. VallettaChurch History For Latter-day Saint Families
  ''978-1-59038-328-5Kent P. Jackson · Robert J. Matthews · Scott H. FaulringJoseph Smith's New Translation Of The Bible: Original Manuscripts
  ''978-1-59038-329-2Sidney B. SperryPrelude To The Restoration: From Apostasy To The Restored Church (33rd Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium)
  ''978-1-59038-330-8Brent L. Top · Bruce A. Chadwick10 Secrets Wise Parents Know: Tried and True Things You Can Do To Raise Faithful, Confident, Responsible Children
2004978-1-59038-331-5Fred Matis · Marilyn Matis · Ty MansfieldIn Quiet Desperation: Understanding The Challenge Of Same-gender Attraction
  ''978-1-59038-332-2Dean HughesTake Me Home (Hearts of the Children)
2011978-1-59038-351-3R. William BennettJacob T. Marley
2006978-1-59038-355-1Gordon B. HinckleyOne Bright Shining Hope
2004978-1-59038-358-2John BythewayWhen Times Are Tough: 5 Scriptures That Will Help You Get Through Almost Anything
  ''978-1-59038-363-6Gerald N. LundThe Work and the Glory, Vol. 1: Pillar of Light
  ''978-1-59038-365-0Stephen R. CoveySix Events: The Restoration Model for Solving Life's Problems
2005978-1-59038-369-8Obert SkyeLeven Thumps And The Gateway To Foo
2004978-1-59038-373-5Jr. Brewster Hoyt W.Behold, I Come Quickly: The Last Days and Beyond
  ''978-1-59038-374-2Elder James E. TalmageJesus the Christ
2003978-1-59038-376-6THE GREAT and TERRIBLE - VOL 1 - Audio CD Prologue: the Brothers, Vol 1 (Book on CD)
2004978-1-59038-378-0Gerald N. LundThe Work and the Glory, Vol. 1: Pillar of Light
2005978-1-59038-380-3Ardeth G. KappBetter Than You Think You Are
2005978-1-59038-381-0Pamela H. HansenRunning With Angels: The Inspiring Journey of a Woman Who Turned Personal Tragedy into Triumph Over Obesity
  ''978-1-59038-382-7Rachel Ann NunesWinter Fire
2004978-1-59038-386-5Thomas S. MonsonA Christmas Dress For Ellen
  ''978-1-59038-387-2Marjorie Pay HinckleyLetters
  ''978-1-59038-388-9Craig K. Manscill · Sperry SymposiumSperry Symposium Classics: The Doctrine And Covenants
  ''978-1-59038-389-6Hugh NibleyApostles And Bishops In Early Christianity (Hugh Nibley Works)
2004978-1-59038-393-3Neal A. MaxwellMoving In His Majesty And Power
2005978-1-59038-395-7Alexander B. MorrisonTurning From Truth: A New Look At The Great Apostasy
  ''978-1-59038-399-5Kay Lynn MangumThe Secret Journal of Brett Colton
2015978-1-59038-402-2Deanna Draper Buck · Jerry HarstonMore Of My First Book Of Mormon Stories
2004978-1-59038-404-6Stephen R. CoveyThe Divine Center
1998978-1-59038-405-3S. Michael WilcoxDaughters of God: Scriptural Portraits
2005978-1-59038-406-0Robert L. MilletWhen a Child Wanders
  ''978-1-59038-408-4Obert SkyeLeven Thumps And The Gateway To Foo: Book 1
2004978-1-59038-410-7Wendy L. WatsonPurity and Passion: Spiritual Truths about Intimacy That Will Strengthen Your Marriage
2005978-1-59038-411-4Gerald LundFire of the Covenant
  ''978-1-59038-422-0Staff of Publisher · IllustratedDeseret Morning News 2005 Church Almanac (200th Anniversary, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
  ''978-1-59038-424-4Dean HughesAll Moms Go To Heaven
2005978-1-59038-426-8Jack WeylandSaving Kristen
  ''978-1-59038-430-5Melanie DouglassLosing It! An LDS Guide to Healthy Living
  ''978-1-59038-431-2Gordon B. HinckleyDiscourses of President Gordon B. Hinckley, Vol. 1: 1995-1999
2004978-1-59038-432-9Judy CooleyI Love You More
2005978-1-59038-436-7Robert L. MilletAre We There Yet?
  ''978-1-59038-439-8Thomas A. WaymentThe Complete Joseph Smith Translation of the New Testament: A Side-By-Side Comparison with the King James Version
  ''978-1-59038-441-1Merrilee Browne BoyackThe Parenting Breakthrough: Real-Life Plan to Teach Kids to Work, Save Money, and Be Truly Independent
2006978-1-59038-442-8Richard Neitzel HolzapfelJesus Christ and the World of the New Testament: A Latter-Day Saint Perspective
2005978-1-59038-445-9Dean HughesChildren of the Promise, Vol. 1: Rumors of War
2005978-1-59038-446-6Dean HughesChildren of the Promise, Vol. 2: Since You Went Away
  ''978-1-59038-447-3   ''Children of the Promise, Vol. 3: Far From Home
  ''978-1-59038-451-0James L. FerrellThe Peacegiver: How Christ Offers to Heal Our Hearts and Homes
  ''978-1-59038-457-2Edward L. KimballLengthen Your Stride: The Presidency of Spencer W. Kimball
  ''978-1-59038-471-8Susan Easton BlackJoseph: Leading Church Scholars Explore the Life And Ministry of the
2005978-1-59038-472-5Dean HughesSo Much of Life Ahead
  ''978-1-59038-475-6Rachel Ann NunesNo Longer Strangers
2009978-1-59038-477-0James L. FerrellThe Hidden Christ: Beneath the Surface of the Old Testament
2005978-1-59038-480-0Kent P. JacksonLost Tribes & Last Days: What Modern Revelation Tells Us About the Old Testament
  ''978-1-59038-481-7Jason F WrightChristmas Jars
  ''978-1-59038-486-2Chris StewartThe Great and Terrible, Vol. 3: The Second Sun (Great and the Terrible)
  ''978-1-59038-488-6Anita ThompsonStand As a Witness: The Biography of Ardeth Greene Kapp
2006978-1-59038-490-9Obert SkyeLeven Thumps And the Whispered Secret
2005978-1-59038-497-8Gerald N. LundLike a Fire Is Burning (Work and the Glory)
2006978-1-59038-498-5   ''The Work and the Glory, Vol. 3: Truth Will Prevail
2005978-1-59038-505-0   ''Like a Fire Is Burning (Work and the Glory)
2006978-1-59038-506-7   ''The Work and the Glory, Vol. 3: Truth Will Prevail
2006978-1-59038-507-4Gerald N. LundThe Work and the Glory, Vol. 4: Thy Gold to Refine by Gerald N. Lund (2006-06-05)
2006978-1-59038-508-1Gerald N. LundThe Work and the Glory, Vol. 5: A Season of Joy
  ''978-1-59038-509-8   ''The Work and the Glory, Vol. 6: Praise to the Man
2004978-1-59038-511-1   ''The Work and the Glory - So Great a Cause - Vol. 8 (The Work and the Glory)
  ''978-1-59038-512-8   ''The Work and the Glory - All is Well - Vol. 9 (The Work and the Glory, 9)
2005978-1-59038-518-0Gordon B. HinckleyDiscourses of President Gordon B. Hinckley, Vol. 2: 2000-2004
  ''978-1-59038-521-0Alonzo L. GaskillSavior & the Serpent: Unlocking the Doctrine of the Fall
2007978-1-59038-523-4Joseph Fielding McConkie and Robert L. MilletDoctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, V1: First and Second Nephi
  ''978-1-59038-524-1   ''Doctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, V2: Jacob through Mosiah
2007978-1-59038-525-8Joseph Fielding McConkie and Robert L. MilletDoctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, V3: Alma through Helaman
  ''978-1-59038-526-5Joseph Fielding McConkie · Robert L. Millet and Brent T. TopDoctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, V4: Third Nephi through Moroni
2005978-1-59038-533-3Paul Y. HoskissonSperry Symposium Classics: The Old Testament
2014978-1-59038-536-4Bruce C. HafenCovenant Hearts: Marriage And the Joy of Human Love
2005978-1-59038-538-8Sheri L. DewIf Life Were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard: And Other Reassuring Truths
  ''978-1-59038-539-5Hugh Nibley · John Gee · Michael D. RhodesMessage of the Joseph Smith Papyri: An Egyptian Endowment (Works)
2006978-1-59038-542-5Rachel Ann NunesChasing Yesterday
  ''978-1-59038-544-9Virginia H. PearceA Heart Like His: Making Space for God's Love in Your Life
  ''978-1-59038-545-6Chad S. HawkinsHoly Places: True Stories of Faith and Miracles from Latter-Day Temples
2006978-1-59038-547-0Camille Fronk OlsonMary, Martha, And Me
  ''978-1-59038-549-4Tad R. CallisterThe Inevitable Apostasy and the Promised Restoration
  ''978-1-59038-552-4Kent P. JacksonJoseph Smith's Commentary on the Bible
2005978-1-59038-555-5Dan Farr · Dick Van DykeMr. Finnegan's Giving Chest
2006978-1-59038-573-9David BowmanWho's Your Hero?: Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children
  ''978-1-59038-575-3Jack WeylandAlone, Together
  ''978-1-59038-576-0Nancy AndersonAlmost Sisters (The Company of Good Women)
2006978-1-59038-580-7Kay Lynn MangumA Love Like Lilly
  ''978-1-59038-581-4Brandon MullFablehaven
  ''978-1-59038-582-1Merrilee Browne BoyackStrangling Your Husband Is Not an Option: A Practical Guide to Dramatically Improving Your Marriage
  ''978-1-59038-584-5Richard Neitzel Holzapfel · S. Kent BrownThe Lost 500 Years: What Happened Between the Old And New Testaments
  ''978-1-59038-585-2Dennis H. Leavitt · Richard O. ChristensenScripture Study for Latter-Day Saint Families: The New Testament
2006978-1-59038-586-9S. Michael WilcoxWhen Your Prayers Seem Unanswered
  ''978-1-59038-588-3Dean HughesChildren of the Promise, Vol. 4: When We Meet Again
2000978-1-59038-589-0Dean HughesAs Long As I Have You (Children of the Promise, Volume 5)
2006978-1-59038-594-4Brandon MullFablehaven
  ''978-1-59038-616-3Rachel Ann NunesBy Morning Light
  ''978-1-59038-619-4Dean HughesSaboteur: A Novel of Love and War
  ''978-1-59038-622-4Emily Belle FreemanThe Ten Virgins: Ten Women, Ten Stories, Ten Lessons for Our Day
  ''978-1-59038-624-8Andrew D. OlsenThe Price We Paid: The Extraordinary Story of the Willie and Martin Handcart Pioneers
2006978-1-59038-628-6CompilationSperry Symposium Classics: The New Testament
2007978-1-59038-629-3Chris StewartThe Great and Terrible Fury & Light
2006978-1-59038-635-4Deanna Draper BuckMy First Story of the First Christmas
  ''978-1-59038-636-1Chris Stewart · Claire BoomA Christmas Bell for Anya
  ''978-1-59038-637-8Henry B. EyringBecause He First Loved Us: A Compilation of Discourses
  ''978-1-59038-638-5Richard D. DraperOpening the Seven Seals: The Visions of John the Revelator
  ''978-1-59038-639-2Truman G. MadsenJesus of Nazareth
2006978-1-59038-643-9John H. GrobergAnytime, Anywhere
  ''978-1-59038-647-7Neal A. MaxwellThe Enoch Letters
  ''978-1-59038-652-1Gerald N. LundThe Work and the Glory, Vol. 4: Thy Gold to Refine
  ''978-1-59038-656-9Truman G. MadsenThe Awesome Power of Married Love
  ''978-1-59038-657-6C. Terry WarnerWhy We Forgive
2006978-1-59038-664-4Gerald N. LundThe Work and the Glory, Vol. 5: A Season of Joy
  ''978-1-59038-665-1   ''The Work and the Glory, Vol. 6: Praise to the Man
  ''978-1-59038-667-5   ''The Kingdom and the Crown, Vol. 1: Fishers of Men
  ''978-1-59038-668-2   ''The Kingdom and the Crown, Vol. 2: Come Unto Me
  ''978-1-59038-669-9   ''Behold the Man (The Kingdom and the Crown)
2006978-1-59038-670-5Jeni Broberg Holzapfel · Richard Neitzel HolzapfelSisters at the Well: Women and the Life and Teachings of Jesus
  ''978-1-59038-673-6Gene R. Cook13 Lines of Defense
  ''978-1-59038-675-0Truman G. MadsenThe Intimate Touch of Prayer
  ''978-1-59038-677-4Jason F. WrightChristmas Jars
  ''978-1-59038-690-3Allyson Braithwaite CondieYearbook
2006978-1-59038-691-0David BowmanWho's Your Hero? Vol. 2: Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children
  ''978-1-59038-699-6Jason F. WrightChristmas Jars
2007978-1-59038-702-3Melanie DouglassTip-a-Day Guide for Healthy Living: 365 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health, One Day at a Time
  ''978-1-59038-709-2Rachel Ann NunesThe Independence Club
  ''978-1-59038-714-6Janene Wolsey BaadsgaardHealing from Abuse: How the Atonement of Jesus Christ Can Heal Broken Lives and Broken Hearts
  ''978-1-59038-716-0Obert Skye · Clover ErnestProfessor Winsnicker's Book of Proper Etiquette for Well-mannered Sycophants (Leven Thumps)
2007978-1-59038-717-7Jane Clayson JohnsonI Am a Mother
2008978-1-59038-718-4James L FerrellThe Holy Secret
2007978-1-59038-720-7Nancy Anderson · Lael Littke · Carroll Hofeling MorrisThe Company of Good Women Volume 2: Three Tickets to Peoria (The Company of Good Women, 2)
  ''978-1-59038-725-2Gerald N. LundThe Work and the Glory, Volume 7: No Unhallowed Hand
2007978-1-59038-726-9Gerald N. LundThe Work and the Glory, Volume 8: So Great a Cause
  ''978-1-59038-727-6   ''The Work and the Glory, Volume 9: All Is Well
  ''978-1-59038-732-0Truman G. MadsenHouse of God: The Promised Blessings of the Temple
  ''978-1-59038-733-7John BythewayYou're Gonna Make It through Junior High
2008978-1-59038-734-4Deseret Morning News2007 Church Almanac - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  ''978-1-59038-739-9James L FerrellThe Holy Secret--bcd
2007978-1-59038-742-9Brandon MullFablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star
2007978-1-59038-743-6John BythewayHow to Be Totally Miserable: A Self-Hinder Book
  ''978-1-59038-748-1Kay Lynn MangumWhen the Bough Breaks
  ''978-1-59038-759-7David BowmanWho's Your Hero? Volume 3: Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children
  ''978-1-59038-760-3Robert L. MilletGrace Works
  ''978-1-59038-762-7Jay A. Parry and Donald W. ParryUnderstanding the Book of Revelation
2007978-1-59038-764-1Brandon MullFablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star
  ''978-1-59038-767-2Chris StewartThe Great and the Terrible, Vol. 4: Fury and Light
  ''978-1-59038-775-7Allyson Braithwaite CondieFirst Day
  ''978-1-59038-783-2Brandon MullThe Candy Shop War
  ''978-1-59038-788-7Dean HughesBefore the Dawn
2009978-1-59038-791-7Camille Fronk OlsonWomen of the Old Testament
2007978-1-59038-796-2Marie RicksProject: Organization
2007978-1-59038-798-6Rachel Ann NunesFlying Home
  ''978-1-59038-799-336th Annual Sidney B. Sperry SymposiumLiving the Book of Mormon: "Abiding by Its Precepts"
  ''978-1-59038-800-6Obert SkyeLeven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want
  ''978-1-59038-802-0Emily Belle Freeman21 Days Closer to Christ
2008978-1-59038-804-4Joseph WalkerChristmas on Mill Street
2007978-1-59038-805-1Andrew C. SkinnerTemple Worship: 20 Truths That Will Bless Your Life
  ''978-1-59038-809-9Ardeth G. KappThe Joy of Believing
2007978-1-59038-812-9Jason F. WrightThe Wednesday Letters
2010978-1-59038-813-6Sheri DewGod Wants a Powerful People
2007978-1-59038-818-1Various speakersOur Savior [A Fourteen-Part Course on the Life of Christ]
  ''978-1-59038-820-4Neal A. MaxwellAll These Things Shall Give Thee Experience
  ''978-1-59038-822-8Obert SkyeLeven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want (Leven Thumps)
2008978-1-59038-831-0James DashnerThe Journal of Curious Letters (Book One of The 13th Reality Series)
2007978-1-59038-835-8Jason F. WrightThe Wednesday Letters
  ''978-1-59038-837-2Jeff BenedictI Am a Mormon
  ''978-1-59038-848-8Merrilee Boyack52 Weeks of Fun Family Service
2008978-1-59038-849-5Jack WeylandAs Always, Dave
2008978-1-59038-851-8Carlfred BroderickThe Uses of Adversity
  ''978-1-59038-852-5Rachel Ann NunesFields of Home
  ''978-1-59038-853-2Jill C. ManningWhat's the Big Deal About Pornography? A Guide for the Internet Generation
  ''978-1-59038-854-9Henry J. EyringMormon Scientist: The Life and Faith of Henry Eyring
  ''978-1-59038-857-0Wendy UlrichForgiving Ourselves
2008978-1-59038-858-7Chris StewartGreat and Terrible:From the End of Heaven
  ''978-1-59038-864-8John BythewayWhat I Wish I'd Known in High School
  ''978-1-59038-865-5Pam H HansenFinding the Angel Within
2007978-1-59038-870-9Marleen S Williams · Dean Belnap · John P LivingstonMatters of the Mind
2008978-1-59038-871-6Deanna Draper BuckMy First Story of the First Easter
  ''978-1-59038-872-3Judy CooleyMom Says I Can
  ''978-1-59038-875-4Neal A MaxwellNot My Will, but Thine
2008978-1-59038-877-8William W. SlaughterTrail of Hope
2007978-1-59038-878-5Merrilee BoyackTeaching Your Children to Fly by Merrilee Boyack (2007-12-26)
2008978-1-59038-880-8S Michael WilcoxOf Lions, Dragons, and Turkish Delight
  ''978-1-59038-885-3Bruce C HafenThe Broken Heart
2007978-1-59038-893-8Gerald N LundHearing the Voice of the Lord
2008978-1-59038-898-3Brandon MullFablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague (Fablehaven)
  ''978-1-59038-899-0   ''Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague
  ''978-1-59038-908-9Nancy Anderson · Leal Littke · Carroll Hofeling MorrisThe Company of Good Women, vol 3: Surprise Packages
  ''978-1-59038-913-3Ally CondieFreshman for President
2008978-1-59038-918-8Alonzo L. GaskillOdds Are, You're Going to Be Exalted: Evidence That the Plan of Salvation Works
  ''978-1-59038-919-5Robert L. MilletHolding Fast: Dealing with Doubt in the Latter Days
  ''978-1-59038-921-8Steven Craig HarperMaking Sense of the Doctrine & Covenants: A Guided Tour Through Modern Revelations
  ''978-1-59038-922-5Obert SkyePillage
  ''978-1-59038-925-6Merrilee BoyackToss the Guilt and Catch the Joy: A Woman's Guide to a Better Life
2008978-1-59038-926-3Truman G. MadsenThe Temple: Where Heaven Meets Earth
  ''978-1-59038-928-7David BowmanWho's Your Hero? Vol. 4: Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children
  ''978-1-59038-930-0Susan Arrington MadsenI Walked to Zion
  ''978-1-59038-931-7Deanna Draper BuckMy First Article of Faith Book
  ''978-1-59038-932-4John BythewayHow to Be an Extraordinary Teenager
2008978-1-59038-933-1Brandon MullThe Candy Shop War
  ''978-1-59038-936-2Brent L. TopWhat's On the Other Side? What the Gospel Teaches Us about the Spirit World
  ''978-1-59038-939-3Gerald N. LundFishers of Men (The Kingdom and the Crown)
  ''978-1-59038-940-9   ''Come unto Me (The Kingdom and the Crown)
  ''978-1-59038-941-6   ''Behold the Man (The Kingdom and the Crown)
2008978-1-59038-942-3Susan Evans McCloudThrostleford
  ''978-1-59038-962-1J. Scott SavageFarworld, Book 1: Water Keep (Far World)
  ''978-1-59038-963-8Obert SkyeLeven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra (Leven Thumps)
  ''978-1-59038-964-5Jason F. WrightRecovering Charles
  ''978-1-59038-966-9Rachel Ann NunesEyes of a Stranger
2008978-1-59038-967-6Emily FreemanThe Woman at the Well
2009978-1-59038-970-6Brandon MullThe Candy Shop War
2008978-1-59038-975-1S. Michael WilcoxWhen All Eternity Shook: Finding Hope and Healing in the Saviors Sacrifice
  ''978-1-59038-979-9Obert SkyeLeven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra (Leven Thumps (Audio))
  ''978-1-59038-987-4Dean HughesPromises to Keep: Diane's Story
  ''978-1-59038-989-8Allyson Braithwaite CondieReunion
  ''978-1-59038-990-4Deborah Pace RowleyThe Miracle of the Wooden Shoes
2008978-1-59038-991-1David BowmanBeyond Bethlehem: A Book of Mormon Christmas by David Bowman (2008) Board book
  ''978-1-59038-993-5John BythewayThe John Bytheway Collection
  ''978-1-59038-994-2Chris StewartThe Great and Terrible, Volume 6: Clear As the Moon
2009978-1-59038-998-0James B. Allen · Ronald K. Esplin · David J. WhittakerMen with a Mission: The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the British Isles, 1837-1841