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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-59021-000-0Steve BermanTrysts: A Triskaidecollection of Queer and Weird Stories
  ''978-1-59021-002-4Dudley WrightVampires and Vampirism: Legends from Around the World (Classics of Preternatural History)
2002978-1-59021-008-6John D. SeymourIrish Witchcraft & Demonology (Classics of Preternatural History)
2010978-1-59021-010-9Beth BernobichA Handful of Pearls & Other Stories
2008978-1-59021-011-6Malcolm BoydA Prophet in His Own Land: A Malcolm Boyd Reader (White Crane Wisdom)
2002978-1-59021-012-3Arthur Edward WaiteThe Book of Ceremonial Magic
2004978-1-59021-014-7Mary Anne MohanrajSilence and the Word
2008978-1-59021-015-4Toby JohnsonGay Perspective: Things Our Homosexuality Tells Us about the Nature of God and the Universe (White Crane Spirituality)
2005978-1-59021-017-8Toby JohnsonSecret Matter
2004978-1-59021-019-2Ragan FoxHeterophobia
  ''978-1-59021-022-2Toby JohnsonGay Spirituality
2005978-1-59021-023-9Andrew RamerTwo Flutes Playing: A Spiritual Journeybook for Gay Men (White Crane Spirituality)
  ''978-1-59021-024-6Mark ThompsonGay Spirit: Myth and Meaning (White Crane Spirituality series)
2008978-1-59021-028-4Steve BermanSecond Thoughts: More Queer and Weird Stories
2015978-1-59021-029-1Ken SmithSpunky Sailor
2002978-1-59021-030-7Suzette Haden ElginPeacetalk 101
2010978-1-59021-031-4Simon SheppardSodomy!
2008978-1-59021-035-2M. ChristianThe Very Bloody Marys
2003978-1-59021-036-9Mary Anne MohanrajThe Best of Strange Horizons: Year One: September 2000-August 2001 (The Best of Strange Horizons, 1)
2011978-1-59021-038-3Elka Cloke · Rajan Khanna · Stephen Osborne · Ruth Sims · Michael G. CorneliusA Study in Lavender: Queering Sherlock Holmes
2010978-1-59021-039-0Gavin AtlasThe Boy Can't Help It: Sensual Stories of Young Bottoms
2008978-1-59021-042-0John J. McNeillSex as God Intended
2011978-1-59021-043-7ErastesMere Mortals
2009978-1-59021-046-8Ruth SimsThe Phoenix
  ''978-1-59021-047-5Richard AltherThe Decade of Blind Dates
2009978-1-59021-049-9Tamara AllenWhistling in the Dark
2006978-1-59021-052-9Will LudwigsenCthulhu Fhtagn, Baby! and Other Cosmic Insolence
2008978-1-59021-053-6Steve BermanVintage: A Ghost Story
  ''978-1-59021-057-4Salvatore SapienzaSeventy Times Seven: A Novel
2015978-1-59021-060-4Walter L. Williams · Toby JohnsonTwo Spirits: A Story Of Life With The Navajo
2009978-1-59021-063-5R. W. DayA Strong and Sudden Thaw
2010978-1-59021-064-2R. W. DayOut of the Ashes
2007978-1-59021-065-9Malcolm BoydTake off the Masks (White Crane Wisdom)
2015978-1-59021-067-3Don ClarkSomeone Gay: Memoirs
2008978-1-59021-068-0Sacchi Green · Rakelle ValenciaHard Road, Easy Riding: Lesbian Biker Erotica
2003978-1-59021-100-7Mary Anne MohanrajA Taste of Serendib
2010978-1-59021-108-3R. Jackson · Daniel M. Jaffe · Jay Starre · Jay Neal · Dale Chase · Thom WolfBearotica: Hot & Hairy Fiction
2011978-1-59021-112-0C. E. GatchalianCrossing & Other Plays
2015978-1-59021-115-1Nathan GohBlame It On The Raging Hormones
2011978-1-59021-121-2Timothy WangSlant: A Novel
2015978-1-59021-132-8Tom CardamonePumpkin Teeth
2009978-1-59021-134-2Connie Wilkins · Steve Berman · Catherine Lundoff · Simon Sheppard · Dale ChaseTime Well Bent: Queer Alternative Histories
  ''978-1-59021-135-9Don ClarkLoving Someone Gay
2010978-1-59021-137-3Meredith Schwartz · Steve Berman · Rose Fox · JoSelle Vanderhooft · B.A. TortugaAlleys & Doorways: Stories of Queer Urban Fantasy
  ''978-1-59021-138-0Steven ReignsInheritance
2008978-1-59021-139-7Mark AbramsonBeach Reading
2009978-1-59021-140-3Mark AbramsonCold Serial Murder (Beach Reading)
  ''978-1-59021-141-0   ''Russian River Rat (Beach Reading)
2010978-1-59021-142-7   ''Snowman (Beach Reading)
2011978-1-59021-143-4   ''Wedding Season (Beach Reading)
2012978-1-59021-144-1   ''California Dreamers (Beach Reading)
2009978-1-59021-147-2Dan StoneThe Rest of Our Lives
2016978-1-59021-148-9John J. McNeillFreedom, Glorious Freedom: The Spiritual Journey to the Fullness of Life For Gays, Lesbians, and Everybody Else
2009978-1-59021-149-6Steve BermanBest Gay Stories 2009
2012978-1-59021-165-6Elliott MackleIt Takes Two
2011978-1-59021-175-5Ron J SureshaThe Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin: Stories, Jests, and Donkey Tales of the Beloved Persian Folk Hero
2019978-1-59021-179-3L A Fields · Tyson KadwellGay a Day
2010978-1-59021-183-0Andrew RamerQueering the Text: Biblical, Medieval, and Modern Jewish Stories (White Crane Wisdom)
2015978-1-59021-191-5Steve BermanBest Gay Stories 2008
2009978-1-59021-204-2Lev RaphaelLet's Get Criminal: A Nick Hoffman Mystery (Nick Hoffman Mysteries)
2009978-1-59021-213-4Joseph R. G. DeMarcoMurder on Camac
  ''978-1-59021-217-2Charles JensenThe First Risk
2016978-1-59021-218-9R. JacksonBi Guys: The Deliciousness of His Sex
2011978-1-59021-227-1Sandra McDonald · Jameson Currier · Steve Berman · Kevin Killian · Daniel Allen Cox · Aaron Hamburger · Paul Lisicky · David GerroldBest Gay Stories 2011
2015978-1-59021-235-6Wayne CourtoisA Report From Winter
2011978-1-59021-241-7Charles Rice-Gonzalez · Charles VazquezFrom Macho to Mariposa: New Gay Latino Fiction
2009978-1-59021-242-4Melissa ScottShadow Man (Paragons of Queer Speculative Fiction)
  ''978-1-59021-244-8Ron SureshaBears on Bears: Interviews and Discussions
2014978-1-59021-259-2Ron J SureshaHibernation and Other Poems by Bear Bards
2013978-1-59021-286-8Joseph R. G. DeMarcoA Warning in Blood
2012978-1-59021-292-9Elliott MackleOnly Make Believe (Caloosa Club Mysteries)
2010978-1-59021-304-9Steve BermanBest Gay Stories 2010
  ''978-1-59021-305-6Jameson Currier · Jeff Mann · D. Travers Scott · Jay Michaelson · Lee Thomas · Christopher BramBest Gay Stories 2010
2011978-1-59021-309-4Lee ThomasThe German
2010978-1-59021-311-7Tanith Lee · Esther Garber · Judas GarbahDisturbed by Her Song
2011978-1-59021-324-7Livia LlewellynEngines of Desire: Tales of Love & Other Horrors
2015978-1-59021-325-4Elliott MackleHot Off the Presses
2011978-1-59021-326-1Elliott MackleCaptain Harding's Six-Day War
2010978-1-59021-328-5Ken SmithCowboys Can Fly
2012978-1-59021-329-2Elliott MackleCaptain Harding and His Men
2011978-1-59021-337-7L-J BakerPromises, Promises: A Romp with Plenty of Dykes, a Unicorn, an Ogre, an Oracle, a Quest, a Princess, and True Love with a Happily Ever After
  ''978-1-59021-338-4Mark Thompson · Will Roscoe · Bo YoungThe Fire in Moonlight: Stories from the Radical Faeries 1975-2010
  ''978-1-59021-349-0Jonathan CohenBear Like Me
2014978-1-59021-464-0Ron Jackson SureshaExtraordinary Adventures of Mullah Nasruddin: naughty, unexpurgated stories of the beloved wise fool from the Middle and Far East