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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-59018-006-8Anne W. SharpIndigenous Peoples of North America - The Inuit
  ''978-1-59018-014-3Jann EinfeldLife in the Australian Outback (Way People Live)
  ''978-1-59018-018-1Todd HowardDrug Education Library - Heroin
2005978-1-59018-032-7Christina M. GirodMexico (Teens Around the World)
  ''978-1-59018-034-1Michelle PaymarTeens Around the World: Teens in South Korea
2003978-1-59018-054-9Gina DeAngelisAirplane Crashes (Manmade Disasters (Lucent))
  ''978-1-59018-079-2Jennifer C. MartinKorean Americans (Immigrants in America)
2002978-1-59018-081-5Andy KoopmansThe Importance of Bruce Lee
2002978-1-59018-100-3Gail StewartLife in Elizabethan London: Elizabethan England (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)
2003978-1-59018-101-0James BarterThe Lucent Library of Science and Technology - Black Holes
2002978-1-59018-123-2Stuart KallenThe History of Classical Music (The Music Library)
  ''978-1-59018-124-9Stuart KallenHistory of Country Music (Music Library)
  ''978-1-59018-125-6   ''History of Jazz (Music Library)
  ''978-1-59018-126-3Stuart A KallenThe History of Rock and Roll (The Music Library)
  ''978-1-59018-127-0Stuart KallenThe Instruments of Music (Music Library)
2002978-1-59018-138-6Andy KoopmansMadonna (People in the News)
2004978-1-59018-185-0Philip GavinWorld War II in Europe (World History)
  ''978-1-59018-189-8Janice M.YuwilerFamily Violence (Lucent Overview Series)
2005978-1-59018-190-4Gail B. StewartPolice Brutality (Lucent Overview Series)
  ''978-1-59018-194-2Diane YanceyTerrorism (Lucent Overview Series)
2002978-1-59018-213-0Geoffrey CampbellThe Cold War (American War Library)
  ''978-1-59018-214-7Laurel CoronaThe World Trade Center (Building History)
2003978-1-59018-220-8Cherese CartlidgeThe American Revolution: Patriots of the Revolutionary War (American War Library)
2002978-1-59018-226-0Don NardoAmerican War Library - The American Revolution: Weapons of War
2003978-1-59018-227-7Andy KoopmansLeopold And Loeb (Famous Trials)
2004978-1-59018-265-9Diane YanceyThe Way People Live - Life During the Dust Bowl
2003978-1-59018-267-3Geoffrey A. CampbellThe Lindbergh Kidnapping (Famous Trials)
  ''978-1-59018-284-0Bruno LeoneChuck Yeager (The Importance Of Series)
2004978-1-59018-291-8Gail StewartThe Way People Live - Life Under the Taliban
2002978-1-59018-303-8Christopher HigginsArizona Diamondbacks (Great Sports Teams)
2002978-1-59018-305-2Adrian DaterColorado Avalanche (Great Sports Teams)
2004978-1-59018-323-6John F. WukovitsPeople in the News - Ben Affleck
2003978-1-59018-331-1Raymond H. MillerThe War on Terrorism: The War in Afghanistan (American War Library)
  ''978-1-59018-343-4Melissa AbramovitzWest Nile Virus (Diseases and Disorders)
2005978-1-59018-363-2Clarice SwisherWomen of the Roaring Twenties (WOMEN IN HISTORY)
2003978-1-59018-376-2Gail StewartDefending the Borders: The Role of Border and Immigration Control (The Lucent Library of Homeland Security)
2005978-1-59018-392-2Greg LustedA Nuclear Power Plant (Building History)
  ''978-1-59018-415-8Stephanie LaneEcstasy (Drug Education Library)
2001978-1-59018-416-5Hal MarcovitzInhalants (Drug Education Library)
2005978-1-59018-418-9Hal MarcovitzMethamphetamine (Drug Education Library)
  ''978-1-59018-436-3Thomas StreissguthGenghis Khan's Mongolian Empire (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-1-59018-443-1Debra A. MillerLibya (Modern Nations of the World (Lucent))
2003978-1-59018-448-6DoughertyPeople in the News - Elijah Wood
2004978-1-59018-491-2Debra A. MillerThe Arab-Israeli Conflict (Lucent Library of Conflict in the Middle East)
2004978-1-59018-519-3Ron HortonExtreme Athletes (History Makers) (v. 3)
  ''978-1-59018-538-4Kara HigginsJohnny Depp (People in the News)
  ''978-1-59018-539-1Karen BrandonPeople in the News - Arnold Schwarzenegger
2005978-1-59018-545-2Marcia Amidon LustedThe Chunnel (Building History)
2004978-1-59018-553-7James BarterIdi Amin (Heroes and Villains)
  ''978-1-59018-565-0Don NardoThe Minoans (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-1-59018-591-9Gail StewartFetal Alcohol Syndrome (Diseases and Disorders)
2005978-1-59018-592-6Melissa AbramovitzMalaria (Diseases and Disorders)
2008978-1-59018-593-3Barbara Sheen BusbyProstate Cancer (Diseases and Disorders)
2005978-1-59018-595-7Louise Chipley SlavicekHeroes & Villains - Alexander the Great
2005978-1-59018-597-1Barbara Lee BloomFeminist Leaders (HISTORY MAKERS)
  ''978-1-59018-606-0R. G. GrantThe Great Depression (How Did It Happen?)
2006978-1-59018-617-6Gail B. StewartArson (Crime Scene Investigations)
  ''978-1-59018-619-0Diane YanceyMurder: Inside the Crime Lab (Crime Scene Investigations)
2004978-1-59018-624-4Debra A. MillerKuwait (Modern Nations of the World (Lucent))
2005978-1-59018-641-1Gail B. StewartForensics (Lucent Library of Science and Technology)
  ''978-1-59018-666-4Marcia Amidon Lusted · Greg LustedBuilding History - The International Space Station
2006978-1-59018-668-8R. T. ByrumFilm (Careers for the Twenty-First Century)
  ''978-1-59018-672-5Kris HirschmannThe Ebola Virus (Diseases and Disorders)
2005978-1-59018-714-2Terri DoughertyOrlando Bloom (People in the News)
2005978-1-59018-715-9Anne E. HillKirsten Dunst (People in the News)
  ''978-1-59018-720-3Terri DoughertyMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (People in the News)
2007978-1-59018-723-4   ''Ben Stiller (People in the News)
2006978-1-59018-734-0Adam WoogThe History of American Folk Music (Music Library)
2005978-1-59018-735-7Adam WoogHistory of Gospel Music (Music Library)
2007978-1-59018-736-4Jennifer SkanckeThe History of Indie Rock (The Music Library)
2006978-1-59018-737-1Stuart A KallenThe History of Latin Music (Music Library)
  ''978-1-59018-738-8Brenden MasarHistory of Punk Rock (Music Library)
  ''978-1-59018-739-5Soren BakerHistory of Rap and Hip-Hop (Music Library)
2005978-1-59018-740-1Stuart A KallenHistory of Reggae (Music Library)
2006978-1-59018-741-8   ''History of World Music (Music Library)
  ''978-1-59018-748-7Debra A. MillerSuicide Bombers (Lucent Terrorism Library)
2005978-1-59018-749-4L.K. Currie-McGheeTattoos and Body Piercing (Lucent Overview Series)
2005978-1-59018-767-8Andy KoopmansThe History of the Blues (The Music Library)
2006978-1-59018-775-3Don NardoBiological Warfare (Hot Topics)
2005978-1-59018-831-6Gail B StewartCatastrophe in Southern Asia: The Tsunami of 2004 (Lucent Overview Series)
2006978-1-59018-832-3Don NardoThe Lucent Library of Science and Technology - The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
  ''978-1-59018-837-8James A CorrickThe Byzantine Empire (World History)
  ''978-1-59018-842-2Stephan CurrieThe Birmingham Church Bombings (Crime Scene Investigations)
  ''978-1-59018-857-6Don NardoAncient Egypt (World History)
  ''978-1-59018-859-0Barbara SheenToxic Shock Syndrome (Diseases & Disorders)
2006978-1-59018-860-6Kate BurnsStudent's Rights (Hot Topics)
  ''978-1-59018-926-9Craig BlohnThe D.C. Sniper Shootings (Crime Scene Investigations)
  ''978-1-59018-932-0Yvonne VentrescaAvril Lavigne (People in the News)
  ''978-1-59018-933-7Gail B. StewartLondon Transit System Bombings (Lucent Terrorism Library)
  ''978-1-59018-934-4Stephen CurrieMurder in Mississippi: The 1964 Freedom Summer Killings (Crime Scene Investigations)
2006978-1-59018-936-8Debra MillerHurricane Katrina: Devastation on the Gulf Coast (Lucent Overview Series)
2007978-1-59018-955-9Diane YanceyThe Case of the Green River Killer (Crime Scene Investigations)
2006978-1-59018-957-3Stuart A. KallenThe Artist's Tools (Eye on Art)
  ''978-1-59018-958-0Peggy J. ParksImpressionism (Eye on Art)
  ''978-1-59018-959-7Hal MarcovitzMarijuana (Drug Education Library)
  ''978-1-59018-962-7Stuart A. KallenRomanticism (Eye on Art)
  ''978-1-59018-969-6William W. LaceRoberto Clemente: Baseball Hall of Famer (The Twentieth Century's Most Influential Hispanics)
2006978-1-59018-970-2Michael V. UschanChe Guevara (The Twentieth Century's Most Influential: Hispanics)
  ''978-1-59018-971-9Debra A. MillerDolores Huerta: Labor Leader (The Twentieth Century's Most Influential Hispanics)
  ''978-1-59018-973-3Rachel LynetteAngelina Jolie (People in the News)
2007978-1-59018-974-0Holly DayShakira (People in the News)
2008978-1-59018-980-1Karen PoveyEnergy Alternatives (Hot Topics)
2007978-1-59018-998-6Don NardoHuman Papillomavirus (Hpv) (Diseases and Disorders)