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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-58976-010-3Henry Morton StanleyThe Autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley: The Making of a 19th-Century Explorer
  ''978-1-58976-016-5Martin JohnsonCamera Trails in Africa: A Photographer's Safari in British East Africa
  ''978-1-58976-018-9Josiah GreggCommerce of the Prairies: Life on the Great Plains in the 1830's and 1840's
  ''978-1-58976-024-0Jack LondonThe Cruise of the Snark: Jack London's South Sea Adventure
  ''978-1-58976-026-4William L. ManlyDeath Valley in '49: The Autobiography of a Pioneer
2001978-1-58976-036-3Alexander MackenzieThe Journals of Alexander MacKenzie: Exploring Across Canada in 1789 & 1793
  ''978-1-58976-038-7Richard Francis BurtonGoa, and the Blue Mountains: Or, Six Months of Sick Leave
  ''978-1-58976-044-8Henry M StanleyIn Darkest Africa: Or the Quest, Rescue, and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria
  ''978-1-58976-046-2Henry M StanleyIn Darkest Africa: Or the Quest, Rescue, and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria
  ''978-1-58976-047-9Henry Morton StanleyIn Darkest Africa, Volume II
2001978-1-58976-052-3Osborne RussellJournal of a Trapper: In the Rocky Mountains Between 1834 and 1843
  ''978-1-58976-062-2Richard Francis BurtonThe Lake Regions of Central Africa: From Zanzibar to Lake Tanganyika (Volume 1)
  ''978-1-58976-064-6   ''The Lake Regions of Central Africa: From Zanzibar to Lake Tanganyika (Volume 2)
  ''978-1-58976-068-4Tom HornLife of Tom Horn: Government Scout and Interpreter
  ''978-1-58976-070-7David LivingstoneMissionary Travels in South Africa
2001978-1-58976-074-5Zenas LeonardNarrative of the Adventures of Zenas Leonard: Five Years as a Mountain Man in the Rocky Mountains
  ''978-1-58976-076-9Samuel W. BakerThe Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia: And the Sword Hunters of the Hamran Arabs
  ''978-1-58976-078-3Estelline BennettOld Deadwood Days: The Real Wild West of My Childhood
  ''978-1-58976-086-8Richard MauryThe Saga of Cimba: A Journey from Nova Scotia to the South Seas
  ''978-1-58976-090-5Frank Arthur WorsleyShackleton's Boat Journey: The Narrative from the Captain of the Endurance
2001978-1-58976-094-3Nelson LeeThree Years Among the Comanches: The Narrative of Nelson Lee, the Texas Ranger
  ''978-1-58976-102-5Richard Henry DanaTwo Years Before the Mast: And Twenty-Four Years After
  ''978-1-58976-116-2Richard Francis BurtonWanderings in West Africa, Volume 2: From Liverpool to Fernando Po (v. 2)
  ''978-1-58976-120-9Apsley Cherry-GarrardThe Worst Journey in the World: A Tale of Loss and Courage in Antarctica
  ''978-1-58976-124-7David LivingstoneMissionary Travels and Researches in South Africa: Including a Sketch of Sixteen Years' Residence in the Interior of Africa (Volume 2)
2001978-1-58976-128-5Yvonne de Ridder FilesThe Quest for Freedom: A Story of Belgian Resistance in World War II
2002978-1-58976-195-7Samuel W. BakerAlbert N'Yanza: The Great Basin of the Nile
  ''978-1-58976-196-4   ''The Rifle and Hound in Ceylon
  ''978-1-58976-197-1Henry Walter Bates · Henry Walter BotesThe Naturalist on the River Amazons
  ''978-1-58976-208-4Mary WallisLife in Feejee
2003978-1-58976-226-8Henry PlummerThe Boy, Me, and the Cat
  ''978-1-58976-228-2William BlighThe Mutiny on Board H.M.S. Bounty: The Captain's Account of the Mutiny and His 3,600 Mile Voyage in an Open Boat
2003978-1-58976-229-9Elizabeth CusterTenting on the Plains: With General Custer from the Potomac to the Western Frontier
  ''978-1-58976-230-5Richard F. BurtonThe City of the Saints: Among the Mormons and Across the Rocky Mountains to California
2004978-1-58976-236-7Rick WilliamsonCavorting With Cannibals: An Exploration pf Vanuatu
  ''978-1-58976-237-4Albert SonnichsenConfessions of a Macedonian Bandit: A Californian in the Balkan Wars
  ''978-1-58976-238-1Woodes RogersA Cruising Voyage Round the World: The Adventures of an English Privateer
  ''978-1-58976-243-5Eugene Duflot de MofrasTravels on the Pacific Coast: A Report from California, Oregon, and Alaska in 1841 (Historical Adventure and Exploration)
2004978-1-58976-244-2W. H. EdwardsVoyage Up the River Amazon
  ''978-1-58976-248-0Patrick Leigh FermorThe Traveller's Tree: Island-Hopping Through the Caribbean in the 1940's
2007978-1-58976-249-7Philip St. George CookeScenes and Adventures in the Army: Or, Romance of Military Life (Frontier Classics)
2005978-1-58976-254-1Anton MazzanovichTrailing Geronimo: Some Hitherto Unrecorded incidents bearing upon the outbreak of the white mountain apaches and geronimo's band in Arizona, ... and scout at fort grant; also with new m
  ''978-1-58976-256-5Peter H. BurnettRecollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer
  ''978-1-58976-258-9Pierre-Jean De SmetLife, Letters and Travels of Father Pierre-Jean De Smet, S J: 1801-1873
2008978-1-58976-261-9Richard F. BurtonExplorations of the Highlands of Brazil: With a Full Account of the Gold & Diamond Mines
  ''978-1-58976-264-0Ann Axtell MorrisDigging in the Southwest: Archeological Explorations in 1923 Arizona
2011978-1-58976-265-7Ann MorrisDigging in the Yucatan: Archeological Explorations in 1924 Mexico
2008978-1-58976-268-8William Francis ButlerThe Great Lone Land: Narrative of Travel and Adventure in the North-West of America
2011978-1-58976-269-5Harmon HelmericksThe Last of the Bush Pilots: In the Remote Wilderness of Rugged Alaska, a Fearless Breed of Men Cross the Last Frontier
2011978-1-58976-270-1Arthur FrielThe River of Seven Stars: Searching for the White Indians on the Orinoco
2008978-1-58976-271-8William Francis ButlerThe Wild North Land: Being the Story of a Winter Journey, With Dogs, Across Northern North America