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2002978-1-58966-004-5Mary E. MuscariNot My Kid: 21 Steps to Raising a Non-Violent Child
2005978-1-58966-007-6Richard RousseauArt of Stained Glass (William Moerbeke)
2002978-1-58966-010-6Mary E. MuscariNot My Kid: 21 Steps to Raising a Nonviolent Child
2005978-1-58966-014-4Kenneth G. Davis · Eduardo C. Fernandez · Veronica MendezUnited States Hispanic Catholics: Trends and Works, 1990-2000 (Hispanic Theological Initiative Series)
2006978-1-58966-054-0Michael AllsoppModels of Christian Ethics
2005978-1-58966-072-4Kenneth G. Davis OFM Conv. · Leopoldo PerezPreaching the Teaching: Hispanics, Homiletics, and Catholic Social Justice Doctrine (Hispanic Theological Initiative)
  ''978-1-58966-102-8Emmanuel M. KatongoleA Future for Africa: Critical Essays in Christian Social Imagination (African Theology Today)
2011978-1-58966-107-3Jay NathanKazakhstan's New Economy: Post-Soviet, Central Asian Industries in a Global Era
2006978-1-58966-111-0Ada María Isasi-Díaz · Yolanda TarangoHispanic Women: Prophetic Voice in the Church
  ''978-1-58966-112-7Antonio M. Stevens-ArroyoCave of the Jagua: The Mythological World of the Taínos
  ''978-1-58966-113-4William Hallstead · Jack RaceI'll Fly Away: A World War II Pilot's Lifetime of Adventures From Biplanes to Jumbo Jets
2008978-1-58966-114-1Musa W. DubeThe HIV and AIDS Bible: Selected Essays
2006978-1-58966-116-5Ernest Daniel CarrereCreating a Human World: A New Psychological and Religious Anthropology In Dialogue with Freud, Heidegger, and Kierkegaard
  ''978-1-58966-117-2Philip MosleyAnthracite!: An Anthology of Coal Region Drama
2006978-1-58966-118-9Mary MuscariLet Kids Be Kids: Rescuing Childhood
2007978-1-58966-119-6Christopher ShannonConspicuous Criticism: Tradition, the Individual, and Culture In Modern American Social Thought, Revised Edition
2006978-1-58966-120-2Martin Robert Karig IIIHard Coal and Coal Cars: Hauling Anthracite on the New York, Ontario & Western Railway
  ''978-1-58966-123-3Marc B. ShapiroSaul Lieberman and the Orthodox
2004978-1-58966-125-7Robert Tallon · Mario SikoraAwareness to Action: The Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, and Change
2006978-1-58966-126-4Robert Pelton S.S.C.Archbishop Romero: Martyr and Prophet for the New Millennium
2007978-1-58966-127-1Andrew L. GluckDamasio's Error and Descartes' Truth: An Inquiry into Consciousness, Metaphysics, and Epistemology
  ''978-1-58966-131-8Rev. William J. Byron S.J.Individuarian Observations: Essays in Catholic Social Reflection
  ''978-1-58966-132-5John DeelyIntentionality and Semiotics: A Story of Mutual Fecundation (Approaches to Postmodernity)
  ''978-1-58966-134-9Josephine Koeppel O.C.D.Edith Stein: Philosopher and Mystic
2009978-1-58966-143-1C.S.C. Robert S. PeltonAparecida: Quo Vadis?
2010978-1-58966-148-6John DeelyRealism for the 21st Century: A John Deely Reader
2007978-1-58966-153-0Clodagh WeldonFr. Victor White, O.P.: The Story of Jung's "White Raven"
2007978-1-58966-154-7Martin Robert Karig IIICoal Cars: The First Three Hundred Years
2009978-1-58966-156-1Stephen R. PastoreSinclair Lewis: A Descriptive Bibliography, Second Edition
2007978-1-58966-159-2Georges RodenbachBruges-la-Morte
2008978-1-58966-161-5David B. Burrell C.S.C.Aquinas: God and Action
  ''978-1-58966-165-3Marc B. ShapiroStudies in Maimonides and His Interpreters
  ''978-1-58966-166-0Richard BenyoJim Thorpe Never Slept Here: And Other Stories From a Mauch Chunk , Pennsylvania Boyhood (Pennsylvania Heritage Books)
2009978-1-58966-169-1Jesper HoffmeyerBiosemiotics: An Examination into the Signs of Life and the Life of Signs (Approaches to Postmodernity)
  ''978-1-58966-173-8John DeelyAugustine and Poinsot: The Protosemiotic Development (Postmodernity in Philosophy Poinsot Trilogy: Determining the Standpoint for a Doctrine of Signs, Vol. 1)
  ''978-1-58966-174-5   ''Descartes & Poinsot: The Crossroad of Signs and Ideas (Postmodernity in Philosophy Poinsot Trilogy: Contrasting the Way of Signs to the Way of Ideas, Semiotics to Epistemology, Vol. 2)
2009978-1-58966-177-6Susan BrattonChristianity, Wilderness, and Wildlife
  ''978-1-58966-179-0William F. X. MaughanThe Grappling Hook: And Other Stories from the War in Iraq
  ''978-1-58966-184-4Jesper HoffmeyerBiosemiotics: An Examination into the Signs of Life and the Life of Signs (Approaches to Postmodernity)
  ''978-1-58966-191-2William DurandOn the Clergy and Their Vestments: A New Translation of Books 2-3 of the Rationale divinorum officiorum
  ''978-1-58966-196-7Agostino MarchettoThe Second Vatican Ecumenical Council: A Counterpoint for the History of the Council
2010978-1-58966-202-5Peter K. FallonThe Metaphysics of Media: Toward an End of Postmodern Cynicism and the Construction of a Virtuous Reality
2010978-1-58966-209-4Arnine Cumsky Weiss · Carol Weiss RubelThe Choice: Converts to Judaism Share Their Stories
2011978-1-58966-212-4Kathleen Purcell MunleyThe West Side Carbondale, Pennsylvania Mine Fire (Pennsylvania Heritage Books)
  ''978-1-58966-215-5John F. X. KnasasThomism and Tolerance
2010978-1-58966-216-2John DeelyMedieval Philosophy Redefined: The Development of Cenoscopic Science, AD354 to 1644 (From the Birth of Augustine to the Death of Poinsot)