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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-58961-039-2John ReizerChiropractic Made Simple
2003978-1-58961-104-7Andrew BargerCoffee with Poe
  ''978-1-58961-138-2Christopher KnowlesClash City Showdown
2004978-1-58961-212-9Gudo Wafu NishijimaA Heart to Heart Chat on Buddhism with Old Master Gudo
2005978-1-58961-215-0Paul Ch NgJump Starting with Microsoft Visual Basic .Net
2006978-1-58961-221-1Vanda SomdjeuA Second Chance
2004978-1-58961-229-7Hilary JacobsonMother Food For Breastfeeding Mothers
  ''978-1-58961-232-7Ron ChapmanWhat A Wonderful World: Seeing Through New Eyes
  ''978-1-58961-237-2Thomas SchultzC and the 8051
2005978-1-58961-248-8Brian F. LynchHow to Get Where You Want to Go
  ''978-1-58961-255-6Myriam MaytorenaLife With Mother
2004978-1-58961-261-7Dana DunnanBurning At The Grassroots: Inside The Dean Machine
2004978-1-58961-269-3Michael ZigarelliManagement by Proverbs, Second Edition
  ''978-1-58961-271-6Klaus SchmidMyopia Manual: An Impartial Documentation of All the Reasons, Therapies and Recommendations
  ''978-1-58961-276-1Robert G. FerrellTangent
2006978-1-58961-285-3Nathan FrazerDo You Believe in Miracles?
2004978-1-58961-292-1Michael ZigarelliFaith at Work
  ''978-1-58961-342-3Jim Clem · Eleanor ClemBuen Camino
2005978-1-58961-344-7Clyde W. FordRed Herring
  ''978-1-58961-355-3Marlene E. StoryIf You Want To Dance With The Lord, You Have To Let Him Lead
2005978-1-58961-356-0Kimberly Wise · Richard LevineWise Practice: Affective Education in the Inner City
  ''978-1-58961-360-7John Reizer15 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Chiropractor
  ''978-1-58961-367-6Aline ZoldbrodSex Smart
  ''978-1-58961-369-0Abram BrummettAwakening of the Spirit
  ''978-1-58961-374-4Francis T. SgangaThe Diary of a Dying Man
2005978-1-58961-375-1Francis T. SgangaThe Diary of a Dying Man
  ''978-1-58961-379-9B. Michael AllenMy Education As a Vampire
  ''978-1-58961-381-2Virginia Snyder LeeAn Eyeful of Trifle
  ''978-1-58961-393-5Henry D. SmithThird Right
  ''978-1-58961-397-3Dave GuerraSuperperformance
2006978-1-58961-435-2Tristan J LooStreet Negotiation--How To Resolve Any Conflict Anytime
2006978-1-58961-487-1John L. ReizerTeaching Your Patients Chiropractic
2007978-1-58961-512-0Steve L. RobbinsTeachable Moments: Short Stories to Spark Diversity Dialogue
  ''978-1-58961-533-5Steve L. RobbinsTeachable Moments
2008978-1-58961-539-7Brother TDeceived
2007978-1-58961-541-0Rory CumminsThe Guide To Winning Hold 'em Online