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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-58960-001-0Richard BaxterThe Reformed Pastor
  ''978-1-58960-008-9Jonathan EdwardsFreedom of the Will
2000978-1-58960-013-3John BunyanPilgrim's Progress in Modern English
  ''978-1-58960-014-0Dean John W. BurgonThe Last Twelve Verses of Mark
  ''978-1-58960-015-7Alexander CarsonBaptism, It's Mode and Subjects
2001978-1-58960-019-5Jean DailleExposition of Philippians
  ''978-1-58960-026-3Jonathan EdwardsThe Religious Affections
2001978-1-58960-027-0Patrick FairbairnExposition of Ezekiel
  ''978-1-58960-057-7Abraham KuyperSacred Theology
  ''978-1-58960-063-8Walter MarshallThe Gospel Mystery of Sanctification
  ''978-1-58960-070-6Arthur W. PinkExposition of First John 1 & 2
  ''978-1-58960-074-4Charles Haddon SpurgeonThe Soul-Winner
2001978-1-58960-100-0Arthur W. PinkPractical Christianity
2007978-1-58960-123-9Thomas BostonThe Crook In The Lot
2012978-1-58960-152-9Arthur W. PinkExposition of First John 1 & 2
2001978-1-58960-188-8Patrick FairbairnCommentary on the Pastoral Epistles
2012978-1-58960-191-8W. G. T. SheddTheological Essays
2001978-1-58960-195-6Arthur W. PinkEternal Security
2002978-1-58960-271-7Martha FinleyElsie's New Relations, Book 9 (Elsie Dinsmore Collection)
1997978-1-58960-278-6Martha FinleyElsie Yachting with the Raymonds, Book 16 (Elsie Dinsmore Collection)
1996978-1-58960-283-0   ''Elsie's Journey, Book 21 (Elsie Dinsmore Collection)
2002978-1-58960-306-6Richard C. TrenchNotes on the Parables of Our Lord
  ''978-1-58960-309-7Arthur W. PinkExposition of Hebrews, Vol. 1 of 2
  ''978-1-58960-310-3   ''The Exposition of Hebrews, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-58960-312-7   ''Gleanings in Exodus
  ''978-1-58960-313-4   ''The Holy Spirit
2002978-1-58960-314-1Thomas Jr. WatsonA Body of Divinity
2003978-1-58960-354-7John BunyanThe Holy War In Modern English
2009978-1-58960-356-1Jay P. Green Sr.The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible with Strong's Concordance Numbers, Vol. 1: Genesis-Ruth
  ''978-1-58960-357-8Inte Jay P Green SrThe Interlinear Bible Hebrew Greek English, Volume 2 of 4 Volume Set
  ''978-1-58960-358-5Sr, Jay P GreenInterlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, Psalm 55 - Malachi, Volume 3 of 4 Volume Set: With Strong's Numbers
2007978-1-58960-365-3John BunyanVisions of Heaven and Hell
  ''978-1-58960-370-7Arthur W. PinkComfort for Christians
2007978-1-58960-375-2Arthur W. PinkTen Commandments
  ''978-1-58960-392-9   ''Divine Inspiration of the Bible
2009978-1-58960-433-9Glea Arthur W. PinkGleanings in Exodus
2006978-1-58960-472-8Jay P. Green Sr.KJ3 Literal Translation New Testament
2008978-1-58960-487-2John BunyanPilgrim's Progress In Modern English
  ''978-1-58960-488-9Jonathan EdwardsThe Freedom of the Will, Jonathan Edwards
2012978-1-58960-490-2John A BroadusOn the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons
2009978-1-58960-500-8Elsi Martha FinleyElsie Dinsmore - Collector's edition, Book 1 of 28 Books
  ''978-1-58960-506-0   ''Elsie's Widowhood - Collector's Edition, Book 7 of 28 Book Series, Martha Finley, Paperback
  ''978-1-58960-608-1Inte Dr. Maurice Robinson · Inte Jay Patrick Green Sr.The Interlinear Bible: Hebrew-Greek-English, Vol. 4: New Testament
2018978-1-58960-630-2Charles V. TurnerBiblical Bible Translating, fourth edition, chArles Turner, Ph.D.: The Biblical Basis for Bible Translating