Americana Publishing

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-58943-004-4Cynthia DavisIt Is I, Joseph
  ''978-1-58943-060-0Ann EdenfieldFamily Arrested: How to Survive the Incarceration of a Loved One
2004978-1-58943-063-1Dennis HenningHiding Under the Table
  ''978-1-58943-103-4Dennis Henning · Patricia WoodsHiding Under The Table
2005978-1-58943-121-8Jerry AhernThe Reprisal (The Survivalist)
  ''978-1-58943-123-2Jerry AhernThe Rebellion (The Survivalist)
  ''978-1-58943-130-0Jeffrey LordIce Dragon (Richard Blade)
978-1-58943-164-5Matthew S. HartCody's Law Collectors Ser V 4
978-1-58943-165-2Axel KilgoreMercenary Collectors Ser V 1
978-1-58943-166-9   ''Mercenary Collectors Ser V 2
978-1-58943-167-6   ''Mercenary Collectors Ser V 3
978-1-58943-168-3   ''Mercenary Collectors Ser V 4
978-1-58943-169-0   ''Mercenary Collectors Ser V 5
978-1-58943-170-6Axel KilgoreMercenary Collectors Ser V 6
978-1-58943-176-8The Killer Genesis
978-1-58943-181-2Louis TridicoDelta Code Collectors Ser V 1
2004978-1-58943-183-6Loren D. EstlemanAmos Walker Mys. Collectors Ser V 1
  ''978-1-58943-184-3Loren D. EstlemanAmos Walker Mys. Collectors Ser V 2
978-1-58943-185-0Andy StrakaFrank Pavlicek Mysteries Collectors Edition
978-1-58943-195-9Andy StrakaFrank Pavlicek Mysteries Collector's Edition
2005978-1-58943-211-6Matthew S. HartComanche Code
  ''978-1-58943-222-2Michael D. CooperTerror from Space
  ''978-1-58943-223-9   ''The Last Command
2004978-1-58943-225-3Jerry AhernThe Doomsayer (The Survivalist)
978-1-58943-229-1Mack MaloneyZero Red
2005978-1-58943-236-9Jerry AhernThe Doomsayer (The Survivalist)
  ''978-1-58943-237-6   ''The Web (The Survivalist)
2005978-1-58943-238-3Jerry AhernThe Web (The Survivalist)
  ''978-1-58943-239-0   ''The Savage Horde (The Survivalist)
  ''978-1-58943-240-6   ''The Savage Horde (The Survivalist)
  ''978-1-58943-245-1William W. JohnstoneThe Daring Quest: Rage of Eagles
  ''978-1-58943-246-8William W. JohnstoneEyewitness to History: Rage of Eagles
978-1-58943-251-2Dana Fuller RossWagons West Collectors Ser V 1
978-1-58943-252-9Dana Fuller RossWagons West Collectors Ser V 2
978-1-58943-265-9Trevor ScottJake Adams Collectors Series V 1
978-1-58943-305-2Adam RutledgeThe Patriots Collectors Series V 1
2005978-1-58943-328-1Mack MaloneyBattle at Zero Point
2005978-1-58943-360-1Hank MitchumAbilene
2005978-1-58943-361-8Hank MitchumDeadwood
  ''978-1-58943-362-5   ''Tucson
978-1-58943-451-6Dana Fuller RossWagons West Collectors Ser V 1
978-1-58943-463-9   ''Wagons West Frontier Trilogy, Complete
978-1-58943-464-6   ''Wagons West Empire Trilogy, Complete