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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-58939-039-3Rich ZubatyWhat Men Know That Women Don't: How to Love Women Without Losing Your Soul
  ''978-1-58939-065-2Jon E. DoughertyElection 2000: How the Military Vote Was Suppressed
  ''978-1-58939-104-8Cliff NickersonEye of the Whale
2002978-1-58939-133-8Nathalia AryaniPassing Classes with Flying Colors
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2001978-1-58939-166-6Kate StormerFrom the Edges of 9-11
2002978-1-58939-177-2the Raven · Marie ClaireRussian Experiences: Life in the Former USSR and Post-Soviet Russia
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2002978-1-58939-248-9Lynn Brewer · Matthew Scott HansenHouse of Cards: Confessions of an Enron Executive
  ''978-1-58939-257-1Ed RobertsA Poet's Last Stand
  ''978-1-58939-260-1Lisa Goich-AndreadisThe Breakup Diary
  ''978-1-58939-264-9Juliette ShapiroExcessively Diverted: The Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
2008978-1-58939-275-5David M. BrownTransformational Preaching: Theory and Practice
2002978-1-58939-276-2K. Gordon NeufeldHeartbreak and Rage: Ten Years Under Sun Myung Moon
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2002978-1-58939-282-3Scott MalensekThe X-MAS War
  ''978-1-58939-290-8Lynne Henderson Marks · Dominique IsbecqueThe Perfect Fit
2003978-1-58939-311-0Brandon BoydHers is Beauty
2002978-1-58939-349-3Clea SaalThe Clearly Confusing World of Self-Publishing and POD
2003978-1-58939-359-2Linda M. LaRockYou, Too, Can Make Money Selling Good Junk
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  ''978-1-58939-541-1Donald A. Salerno JrRevelation Unsealed
2004978-1-58939-546-6Tania WangDating Asians
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  ''978-1-58939-560-2   ''Everett Kelly's The Atlatl
2004978-1-58939-561-9Everett KellyEverett Kelly's The Atlatl
  ''978-1-58939-562-6Stephen BanisterThe St. Charles House
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2004978-1-58939-592-3Brian WaltersCall to Prayer: My Travels in Spain, Portugal and Morocco
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2004978-1-58939-619-7Nolan Vincent JonesTelecommunications Management
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  ''978-1-58939-649-4David ReidSuffer in Silence
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2005978-1-58939-703-3Clara M. MillerPath to Destiny
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2005978-1-58939-756-9   ''The Eye of the Storm
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  ''978-1-58939-804-7   ''The Sons of the Fathers
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